The share purchase agreement was quickly signed.
The next day, everything was complete and Chu Yunfan successfully took over the company.

Of course, Chu Yunfan was not participating in the management.
He had neither the time nor the energy.

After completing the purchase, Chu Yunfan gave Lu Qingxuan a Qi Replenishing Pill formula that he had prepared beforehand.
This pill could speed up the recovery of True Energy.
Not everyone could cultivate the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method and recover extremely quickly like Chu Yunfan.
To them, Qi Replenishing Pills were essential.

The Qi Replenishing Pill formula that Chu Yunfan gave Lu Qingxuan was about the same as the formulas that were currently popular on the market in terms of cost.
However, the effect was more than double.

Although Qi Replenishing Pills were not expensive, it was something that every monster hunter and mercenary who ventured into the wilderness needed.
At critical moments, it could save their lives.
Thus, the sales volume was large.
If one could obtain such a formula, it would not be difficult for the corporation to rise.

Currently, this formula was enough for Lu Qingxuan to gain a foothold.
She should not put out any others.
Otherwise, it would cause many large corporations to disregard the rules and suppress her.
Even Chu Zhiguo’s Tengda Group had almost caused them to fail, let alone those true corporations.

After obtaining this formula, Lu Qingxuan was overjoyed.
After looking over it, she felt that there was hope for Chu Yunfan to increase the company’s worth to billions.

If there was no secret formula, spending all that money would be useless.
There were too many alchemy companies, and the competition was intense.
Without a secret formula, it was impossible to persist.
This was the fundamental reason why Lu Qingxuan’s company had begun to struggle after reaching a net worth of 100 million.

At this stage, Lu Qingxuan needed to deepen her foundation.
It was difficult to go far by relying on popular pills.
But getting special formulas would take a lot of effort.
She would need to spend a lot of time collecting them and would need to sponsor exploration groups to explore the wilderness.
Through exploring the wilderness, she would be able to find pill formulas that she could use from ancient relics.

The reason why exploration groups were so popular was that they had the support of big companies.
However, the big exploration groups would have long had backers.
They would not care unless it were those billion-dollar companies.
The smaller exploration groups were short of money, but they were weak.
They might not get any returns for a long time.

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This was a process of accumulation.
The most famous financial groups and big companies had a history of decades to hundreds of years.
A behemoth like the Jiangs had developed over the hundreds of years after the catastrophe.
That was because they had their current might.

With Chu Yunfan’s help, this process could be shortened significantly.
To develop within a short period was no problem at all.

With the capital and this formula, Lu Qingxuan was brimming with confidence and enthusiasm.
She worked overtime and rushed out a company expansion plan.
The next day, she handed it to Chu Yunfan to take a look.

Chu Yunfan studied the plan.
It was good—very good.
But whether it could be achieved or not depended on Lu Qingxuan.
It should not be a problem.
As long as Chu Yunfan did well in Federation University, no one on Lu Qingxuan’s side would dare to find trouble with him.

No one dared to underestimate the influence of a Federation University student.

What Chu Yunfan was to do was study hard and grow even stronger.
The more powerful he was, the more protection he could provide.

The company started its expansion and there were many things to do.
Although most of the matters were settled by Lu Qingxuan, Chu Yunfan had many things to look through.
When the gears were in place and started turning, things started to get better.

Ten days later, the company was finally restructured.
Chu Yunfan named it the Shanhe Alchemy Company.

The recruitment of the company was finally complete.
They hired many alchemy trainees with high salaries.
Among them were even two official alchemists.
These two were the rocks of the company, responsible for dealing with the many things that happened during the process of concocting pills.

Chu Yunfan allowed Lu Qingxuan to register a patent for the Qi Replenishing Pill formula.
This way, if others were to obtain the formula, they could not reproduce it.

In modern society, the patent protections were extremely harsh.
Even large financial groups would not dare to step over the line lightly.
The compensation that would follow could cause extreme distress to even large financial groups.

This was the best way for small companies to protect their company’s development.
It was also one of the policies that the Federation had implemented to support the development of small and medium corporations.

Of course, there was an expiry date for patents.
Normally, a patent would be valid for twenty years.
Within the next twenty years, only Shenhe Alchemy could produce it.
If other companies were to produce it, it would be a violation of the patent.
Although other large companies could secretly produce the pills, they could not sell them in large quantities.
It would not matter if they produced some in secret.

After twenty years, when everyone could produce this pill, Chu Yunfan planned to publicize the formula and benefit the entire human race.
By that time, Shanhe Alchemy would already have become one of the large corporations.

Chu Yunfan did not plan to keep it a secret forever.
After all, he had many of these formulas in his mind, so he did not need to worry about making profits.

This was also a way for him to avoid taking risks.
After all, they were not like those big corporations and big families.
Their strength was deep-rooted, and no one could covet them.

They could only use the patent method to block these other big corporations and big consortiums.
Even if great alchemists like Bai Hong, who had friends all over the world, wanted to issue perfect Body Refining Pills, they would have to rely on this method to carry it out.

Of course, Shanhe Alchemy was not even a fraction of Bai Hong’s company.
The initial promotion would not be as sensational and would be slow.
But on the flip side, the rebound would not be that big.

In a few years, Chu Yunfan believed that no one would dare go against him anymore.

Chu Yunfan took advantage of these next few days to enjoy himself and have a rare vacation.
Of course, this vacation was relative.

During this period, Chu Yunfan helped his sister complete her foundation establishment.
He personally refined for her the best Meridians Cleansing Pill.
It was not the perfect quality Meridians Cleansing Pill that he sold to others.
That pill had been made according to the standard formula.
He concocted the best Meridians Cleansing Pill according to what he knew to be best, regardless of the cost.

Chu Yunfan ended up spending more than 30 million on this Meridians Cleansing Pill.
It helped Chu Qingxuan complete the meridians cleansing process.
The effect was outstanding.
In a short time, Chu Qingxuan had broken through to the Blood Renewal Stage.

Chu Qingxuan would be able to break through to the Qi Nourishment Stage in less time than there was in a summer vacation.
This was much more powerful than Chu Yunfan.
Her future was limitless.

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