Bai Ling’er’s beautiful eyes were as bright as the surface of a lake.
Her long lashes fluttered as she looked at Chu Yunfan, looking intensely for a shocked look on his face.

During the last year, she had worked hard and finally jumped from alchemy trainee to junior alchemist.
From there, she managed to obtain a spot in Federation University’s special admissions list.
And the university was not in the habit of casually giving out spots for specially recruited students.

Even though Bai Ling’er was the granddaughter of the alchemy expert Bai Hong, Federation University would not specially open a back door just for this.
Bai Hong may be powerful, there are many other powerful people in this world.
If the university were to open a back door for every single one of them, it would not have the reputation it currently possessed.

Bai Ling’er was recruited because of her ability.
At her age, becoming a junior alchemist was a miracle.
This was why even though Bai Hong had many descendants, he only mentored Bai Ling’er.
Her talent in alchemy was so outstanding that it was hard to imagine.

Bai Ling’er finally managed to vent out her frustrations.
Back then, she had been easily surpassed by Chu Yunfan.
Now, he was still an alchemy trainee and she was already a junior alchemist.
She had thrown Chu Yunfan’s shadow off of her.

Bai Ling’er had never wanted so much to defeat a person in alchemy before.
She held her breath, waiting to see a look of shock overcome Chu Yunfan’s expression.

But in the face of this news that should be very shocking, Chu Yunfan only replied with an indifferent “oh.”

“Oh? What oh?!”

Bai Ling’er wished she reach through the phone and strangle this pretentious b*stard to death.

“I’m a junior alchemist.
Not a trainee like you.
I’m a real alchemist!” Bai Ling’er said.

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“Yeah, I got that.” Chu Yunfan said indifferently.
He was surprised.
Bai Ling’er had great talent in alchemy.
If she were to be admitted as a junior alchemist in a few more years, that would already be shocking, not to mention being accepted now.
She was definitely outstanding among her peers.

In Chu Yunfan memories, the Alchemy Emperor had achieved such accomplishments at this same age.
Bai Ling’er only had the guidance of Bai Hong the alchemy expert while the Alchemy Emperor had behind him a large alchemy clan.

From the looks of it, Bai Ling’er’s talent was indeed extraordinary.
Her future was limitless.
However, Chu Yunfan had the memories of an Alchemy Emperor.
How could he be surpassed by a child?

Bai Ling’er only had one thought in her mind, ‘No one can stop me.
I will kill this fellow.
I will defeat him!’

“You aren;t an adult yet, right? This achievement is pretty good.”

As Chu Yunfan said this, he looked like an experienced senior with a carefree expression.
But this was the look that Bai Ling’er hated the most.

Would it kill you to show a shocked expression?

“I’m already fifteen,” Bai Ling’er corrected him with a straight face, “Although I’m not an adult yet, I’m almost there.”

“Not bad, Master Bai.
Is she related to the third thing you mentioned?” Chu Yunfan said.

Bai Hong nodded and said, “That’s right, it’s about her.
Ling’er was specially admitted into the alchemy department of Federation University.
I checked and found that you’re also applying to the alchemy department.
When the time comes, I hope you’ll look after her.
After all, Ling’er here spends most of her energy on alchemy.
Although she has some talent in martial arts, she has just entered the Qi Nourishment Stage.
She probably isn’t even on par with the liberal arts students of the university.
I’m afraid that she might get bullied.
Please help me look after her.”

Chu Yunfan gave Bai Hong a look of puzzlement.
Bai Ling’er being bullied? Now that would be a historical event.
With an elder like Bai Hong, she was considered a top-notch second generation of the wealthy-class.
Even in a place like Federation University many such people were gathered, there few people would dare provoke her.

This group of second generation descendants were divided into ranks.
Bai Ling’er was clearly in the higher ranks.
With Bai Hong’s connections and her talent, it was not that no one dared provoke her, but there were not many who could.
Moreover, even if one had the ability to do so, they would not make an enemy for no reason.
Furthermore, the enemy would be a great alchemy expert like Bai Hong.

Bai Hong has been deeply rooted into the federation for many years.
God knows how many experts owed him favors.
Recently, he released a portion of the alchemic reaction formula and created perfect Body Refining Pills.
He was currently in the limelight and his prestige among society was at an all time high.
Who would be so blind as to provoke him?

Though Bai Hong was asking this personally, Chu Yunfan still could not believe his ears.

“I don’t think there’s a need for that.
With your reputation, Master Bai, I think it’s more appropriate for her to protect me,” Chu Yunfan said straightforwardly.

“At least you have some self-awareness,” Bai Ling’er said bluntly.

“Actually, I plan to have Ling’er hide her identity when she enters the university,” Bai Hong said.

Chu Yunfan looked at Bai Hong with a puzzled expression.
What was going on?

Entering with a disguise?

The citizens of the city really knew how to play!

“Why?” Chu Yunfan finally asked.

“Because she’s young.
I’ve brought her around with me ever since she was just a young girl.
She’s spoiled and doesn’t know how to guard against others.
Although I’m no big shot, I’m worried that if others were to know her identity, they would deliberately get close to her.
She doesn’t have the ability to distinguish right from wrong, so it’s better if she enters Federation University anonymously.
This is actually a form of protection,” Bai Hong said.

“Elder, I’ve already said that I can distinguish between good and bad people,” Bai Ling’er said begrudgingly.

“Stop this foolishness.
With how little insight you have, you wouldn’t even know when you’re being sold and would help your kidnappers count the money,” Bai Hong said bluntly.


When Chu Yunfan heard this, he finally understood.
Bai Ling’er was still young and was not strong enough to protect herself.
She was probably inferior to even the liberal arts students of Federation University.
In addition, she did not have much experience and would not know how to guard against others.
It would be easy for anyone with ulterior motives to take advantage of her.

In that case, it would be better for her to hide her identity as Bai Hong’s granddaughter when entering the university.
She would be safest that way.
However, Bai Hong still could not rest easy, so he seeked out Chu Yunfan and implored him to take care of Bai Ling’er while they were on campus.

Bai Hong had more confidence in Chu Yunfan than in his granddaughter.
From the various events that had happened to Chu Yunfan, he seemed to be easy to get along with but definitely not someone to be taken lightly.
Most importantly, Chu Yunfan was trustworthy.

“In that case, no problem then.
We’ll both be classmates in the same department, after all,” Chu Yunfan agreed after some thought.

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