“I’ll probably go for bio-engineering,” announced Tong Xinran.

“I’ve decided that I want to enter the astronomy department.
Observing the boundless starry sky has always been my dream.
I’ve always wanted to know if the stars in the Kunlun Realm are the same as ours,” Ran Jun said.

“I’ll choose the mecha design department.
In the future, all of you will have the opportunity to try out the mechas I design,” Gao Hongzhi said.

Everyone’s gaze turned toward Tang Siyu.

Before speaking, Tang Siyu looked at Chu Yunfan and bit her lower lip.
After seeing Chu Yunfan give her an encouraging look, she said, “I’ll be joining the archaeology department.”

Everyone’s ambitions were varied and none of them were repeated.
However, it was because of this that the exchange was so exciting.

“Our chosen liberal arts department may be different, but it may not be the same case for the martial arts department,” Gao Hongzhi said, “According to my understanding, the liberal arts departments of Federation University adopt a large class structure, with classes taking place one by one.
However, things may be different in the martial arts department.
The martial arts department usually adopts a tutorial system.
At that time, we might get assigned to different instructors from our liberal arts classes.”

“Yeah, I read that as well.
Ordinary students will probably be led by ordinary peak Acquired Stage instructors.
For elite students, they’ll get Innate Stage instructors.
For students like Dong Fanghao, Jiang Pengfei, Liang Haoyu, and the top others, their instructors will be even more amazing.
Those who can teach them are all peak Innate Stage instructors,” Yu Xinyuan said as he nodded.

At Federation University, as in most universities, this was the standard.
The liberal arts department had a large class system, while the martial arts department had a small class system.
This would increase the students’ strength to the greatest extent.

During this process, it was extremely important to come under the tutelage of an appropriate instructor.
The more powerful the instructor was, the more effective the teaching would be.
Then, their future would be limitless.

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On the other hand, the instructors also had to compete for outstanding students.
The more outstanding the students were, the more likely they would be able to achieve good results.
The more powerful the students they taught, the more points they would receive.
And these instructors would have higher chances of exchanging for good things and resources that could not be obtained outside Federation University.

This was a mutually reinforcing process, resulting in stable relationships between the students and the instructors.

Chu Yunfan understood the benefits of this system.
Outstanding students would receive better guidance, and outstanding instructors would also receive more benefits.
Regardless of whether they were students or instructors, as long as they were outstanding enough, they would be able to stand out.

“It’s still too early to talk about this.
There are another two months before the semester starts.
When that time comes, there’ll be another battle for instructors.
Other than the students who were already chosen by these instructors back in high school, we’ll all have to participate in this battle for instructors.
The stronger we are, the more powerful the instructors we’ll attract.
Our future prospects at Federation University will depend on it,” Ran Jun said.

They had passed the college entrance examination, but this was not the final step.
There was still the battle for instructors which would determine the future of these students.

Now that everyone had reached this step, who would be willing to be left behind?

Ran Jun looked at Chu Yunfan and Tang Siyu enviously.
These two were clearly much stronger than the other students.
When the time came, they would definitely be able to enter the tutelage of an elite Innate Stage master.
Those prospects were not something that these peak Acquired instructors could compare to.

The difference between the Innate and Acquired stages was vast.
Although peak Acquired experts were precious existences, Innate experts were transcendental existence.
If they were willing to join the army, they could easily become a general.

But to Chu Yunfan, just becoming the disciple of an elite instructor was not enough.
If he was to find a instructor, he would naturally find the best one.
Otherwise, he would pull further and further away from Dong Fanghao and the others.
Even the instructor that Chu Yuntian had become a disciple of was a powerful figure.
That instructor even had a way to get Chu Yuntian into the university without taking the test.
However, Chu Yuntian rejected the offer.
This was a test and also a form of tempering.

This also meant that Chu Yunfan could not lose out on the instructor competition that would take place in two months.
The opponents that he was competing against this time were not even these thousands of students.
Instead, it would be tens of thousands of students that included the strongest elites in human society.
That was his true stage!

Chu Yunfan looked at Tang Siyu.
Tang Siyu could see the determination in Chu Yunfan’s eyes.
He was just like the Chu Yunfan that she had always known.
Even in the face of the most powerful existences, he would not back down.

Tang Siyu recalled the words that Chu Yunfan had once said.

If he did not win, wouldn’t it be meaningless?

Soon, news from Federation University came again.
It told the students to gather and return to the university.

After two months, these students would return to the Kunlun Realm.
But at that time, the students would have to pay for their own expenses.

The group did not say much else to each other on the way back.
When Chu Yunfan returned home, the first thing he did was to report to his parents that he was safe.

Chu Yunfan being admitted into Federation University had caused the Chu family to explode.

Chu Wencheng and Yang Yayun had not said much about Chu Yunfan’s participation in Federation University’s assessment.
Compared to Chu Yuntian, the other members of the Chu family had never paid much attention to Chu Yunfan.

Therefore, they only found out about it when the assessment results were out.
Moreover, it was Chu Yuntian who had brought it up.

Everyone was stunned.
Forget about Chu Yuntian.
His performance had been outstanding since he was young.
In addition, the Chu family’s resources had largely been given to him.
Therefore, it was only natural that he had gotten into Federation University.

Comparatively speaking, Chu Yunfan who had never shown any outstanding performance left everyone floored.
He had gained admission to Federation University.
The members of the Chu family were shocked.

Chu Yunfan’s grandparents, first uncle, first aunt, third uncle, and third aunt came one after another.
After asking about the truth of the matter, they were still in disbelief.

The first person to accept it was Chu Yunfan’s grandfather.
Chu Dingguo slapped his thigh in glee.
Having Chu Yuntian was already enough.
Now that Chu Yunfan was added to the mix, it was only a matter of time before Chu Dingguo returned to the main Chu family.

Although Chu Dingguo had been chased out of the main Chu family and could not compare to his cousins of the same generation, so what? He had two excellent grandsons.

From the Chu family, only a handful of people were able to get into Federation University every year.
Most would not make it.

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