“You want me to help you fulfill Grandfather’s wish?” Chu Yunfan asked as his eyes lit up.

He instantly understood Chu Yuntian’s goal.
Regardless of whether Chu Yunfan wanted to defeat Chu Yuntian, they had to perform well in the ancestor worship ceremony.
If their performance was outstanding—unless the people in the main family tree were blind—they would never let such good seedlings go.

The families of modern society were completely different from the past.
Bloodline was only a standard of measurement.
They were the descendants of the Chu family.
To the ancestor, who was nobler than who? Who was not his descendant?

The most important selection criteria were one’s talent and ability.
Direct descendants could gain advantages.
But if the distant descendants of the branch could show their mettle, they would also be able to receive the family’s nurturing.

The resources that Chu Yuntian had obtained since he was young were partly provided by his nuclear family and partly by his relatives.

Chu Yuntian’s motive for doing this was obvious.
He wanted to borrow Chu Yunfan’s strength to set this matter in stone.

Unlike Chu Yuntian who had been loved by his grandparents since he was young, Chu Yunfan cared little for this.
However, Chu Yunfan still remembered the good of the two elders and would try his best to fulfill his grandfather’s wish.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan was relieved of a lot of things.
It was not that he had forgiven Chu Yuntian.
It was just that he did not want to fuss about it anymore.
There was no need to.

“Does it matter? If you want to defeat me, this is your best chance,” Chu Yuntian said, “So, you should perform well when the time comes.
My goal is to defeat all the disciples of the main family and the branch families.
If you want to defeat me, come try then.”

Chu Yuntian turned around and left, slowly disappearing into the night.

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“Chu Yuntian, after the ancestral worship ceremony, no matter who wins or loses, the grudge between you and me will be written off,” Chu Yuntian said in a clear voice.

In the night, Chu Yuntian paused.
Then, he continued to walk forward without looking back.

After Chu Yunfan said this, he felt as if he had been relieved of a heavy burden.
This matter had once been a knot in his heart that he could not untangle, but today’s words had undone this knot.
It was not that he pretended not to care, but that he had truly let go.
All this was unnecessary.
His future would not be limited to this small world.

And when Tang Siyu and the others saw that the two cousins had finished talking, they returned and discovered that Chu Yunfan was different from before.
They could see that he was developing in a better direction.

The next day, the thousands of students dispersed and returned to their respective bases.
Over the last few days, the students had not given up either.
In their frenzied cultivation, they searched for criminals that escaped the net and hunted monsters to temper themselves.
They took advantage of every last moment they had left to improve themselves.

They knew that regardless of whether they were admitted to Federation University or not, the competition to enter any university would be intense.
It was far more intense than high school.
If they worked hard now, it would be easier for them to enter a university later.

A few days passed in the blink of an eye.

On a battlefield in the wilderness, the people who were engaged in battle did not have the time to catch their breath.
They heard a beep and the news of the final admission came.

Chu Yunfan and his team were nervous.
Other than Chu Yunfan and Tang Siyu who were guaranteed admission to Federation University, Gao Hongzhi, Ran Jun, Yu Xinyuan, and Tong Xinran were nervous.

Chu Yunfan looked at the message.

[Chu Yunfan, congratulations on gaining admission to Federation University and joining our family!]

Sure enough, there were no surprises.
Chu Yunfan had killed so many experts, so it was impossible for him to fail.

Tang Siyu too looked at the message she had received.
Sure enough, she had also got into Federation University.
An expression of relief appeared on her delicate and pretty face.

“Hahaha, Yunfan! I passed!”

Gao Hongzhi carefully looked at his message and was instantly over the moon.
He enveloped Chu Yunfan in a tight hug.
Just as he was about to report to Tang Siyu, Chu Yunfan held him back.

“That’s enough.”

Gao Hongzhi mumbled under his breath.
No one heard what he said.
Tang Siyu, who was watching from the side, covered her mouth and snickered.

Tong Xinran and the others also took a look and realized that they had passed.
They were instantly elated.
Even if they were the elite scholars who dominated their district, there was still a high chance they would be eliminated.
This was because those who could participate in this assessment were on par with them, and the elimination rate was extremely high.

Under normal circumstances, out of the three of them, at least one or two of them would have been eliminated.
But none of them had been.
And it was all thanks to Chu Yunfan.
If it were not for him, they might have been eliminated.

“Thank you!” The three of them bowed to Chu Yunfan in unison and said.

They were different from Gao Hongzhi.
It was needless to say what kind of relationship Gao Hongzhi had with Chu Yunfan, as long as they understood it in their hearts.
However, they were not that close to Chu Yunfan and felt the need to thank him.

“You guys are too polite.
I’m also indebted to everyone.
In the future, we’ll be college mates.
There’ll be many opportunities for us to meet,” Chu Yunfan said.

“Oh right, what department are you applying to, Chu Yunfan?” Tong Xinran asked as she stepped forward.

Of course, Federation University was not a place that only trained martial artists.
It was a place that trained all-rounded talents.
In addition to supporting the students’ cultivation, it also honed the students’ skills.

“I want to study alchemy,” Chu Yunfan said without even thinking.

Chu Yunfan had long contemplated this.
Firstly, alchemy was his strong point.
Learning alchemy would allow a lot of time for cultivation.
His intention was to have a breakthrough in martial arts.

Secondly, he wanted to see the difference between the alchemy of modern humans and the alchemy of the Ancient Zenith Civilization.
Only by learning from each other’s strengths could he improve.

“The alchemy department.
Looks like we won’t be classmates.
I’ll probably apply for the battleship command department.
When the time comes, I’ll become a soldier.”

To everyone’s surprise, Yu Xinyuan wanted to become a soldier.

However, many soldiers came from Federation University.
This was not surprising.

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