As Chu Yunfan exited the mine, he realized that the battle outside had entered the final stage.
The students had obtained an overwhelming advantage.
Each criminal was faced with two or three students who were fighting over who would kill them.
There were many who did not bother fighting over this.

As these criminals died, they were aggrieved.
They had become wild monsters for these students to earn points.
One by one, they unleashed their explosive power before they died and successfully cut down many students.
Although the students were protected by armor, they still sustained serious injuries.
Every minute, someone would be hacked.

In the distance, Chu Yunfan saw that his teammates had formed a small team, surrounding and attacking a criminal.
This criminal was very powerful.
He was able to suppress everyone by himself.

The difference in their cultivation levels was too great.
This criminal was at least at the eighth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
He was even more terrifying than Jiang Lei who was killed by Chu Yunfan earlier.

And everyone was physically and mentally exhausted after having gone through such a tough and long battle.

Having not seen each other for some time, all of Chu Yunfan’s teammates had increased in strength.
Tang Siyu had stepped into the peak of the fifth level of the Energy Refinement Stage while the others had stepped into the fourth level.
And because they had the advantage in numbers could they fight back.
Otherwise, they would have long been killed by this criminal.

And without a doubt, Tang Siyu had become the main force in the fight, while Gao Hongzhi and the others supported her.
During the time Chu Yunfan had been away, everyone had gotten used to Tang Siyu being the core of their team.
They had honed their own methods of cooperation.

However, it was clear that the difference in strength between the two sides was too great.
Even though they had the advantage in numbers, they were in danger nonetheless.

Chu Yunfan was about to make a move when he suddenly realized that Tang Siyu seemed to have entered an extreme stage.
He was familiar with this situation.
It was a sign that she was about to break through under extreme pressure.

This kind of breakthrough in the nick of time was something that most people could only hope for.
Moreover, when breaking through, it was extremely dangerous.
It was a typical example of how one should not enter a tiger’s den to get its cub.

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Chu Yunfan had broken through several times before.
But if he was given the choice to break through normally, he would not want to break through at the last minute.
Every breakthrough was a risk.

Thus, Chu Yunfan did not immediately intervene.
Instead, he quickly approached.
This was a rare opportunity for Tang Siyu.

Finally, a change occurred.
Tang Siyu had made a breakthrough.
The energy in her body suddenly became much stronger, and the True Energy that she had been exhausted suddenly soared again.

However, it was because of this sudden breakthrough that Tang Siyu paused slightly.
Although there was just the slightest incoordination of her movements, for that experienced eighth-level Energy Refinement Stage criminal, it was the greatest of opportunities—a chance to kill Tang Siyu.

It was not that this criminal felt that he could not win against Tang Siyu.
He was just afraid of wasting time.
If this continued, more and more students would come.
At that time, it would be useless even if he could turn the sky upside down.
An Acquired Stage expert would not be able to escape from the encirclement of so many students, let alone him.


Gao Hongzhi roared and attacked with his spear.
He wanted to save Tang Siyu, but he was unable to keep up with the criminal’s speed.

Suddenly, an explosive roar was heard.

“Broken Flow!”

Chu Yunfan roared and slashed down with his saber.
It was as if he wanted to split the entire world apart.
A terrifying saber ray slashed out, and the air seemed to freeze, as the power of Heaven and Earth surged into this attack.


The eighth-level Energy Refinement Stage criminal was struck and was instantly cut into two halves.
There was no retaliation.
Or rather, he had not expected such a terrifying attack to suddenly appear from the side.

“I-It’s Yunfan!” Gao Hongzhi exclaimed in joy.

Sure enough, as everyone looked, they spotted Chu Yunfan who was not far away.

After this slash, his physical strength was severely exhausted.
He swallowed a bottle of energy elixir to replenish his strength.
Of all his moves, this was the only one that he had complete confidence in successfully killing this eighth-level Energy Refinement Stage criminal.
Any other move and the criminal would have dodged it.

Chu Yunfan knew how dangerous an expert of this level was.
In a moment of desperation, this was the only move he could have used.

The effect was obvious.
If this move hit its mark head-on, the probability of Chu Yunfan severely injuring this eighth-level Energy Refinement Stage criminal was very high.
However, it should have been difficult to kill the criminal with just this move.
It was almost impossible.
However, using this move as a sneak attack had an outstanding effect.

Chu Yunfan walked toward his teammates.
The first thing he did was sit down cross-legged.
Then, he began to circulate the Emperor Method to recover his stamina and True Energy.
Meanwhile, Gao Hongzhi, Ran Jun, Tong Xinran, and Yu Xinyuan immediately surrounded and guarded Chu Yunfan who was recovering and Tang Siyu who was breaking through.

Not long after, Chu Yunfan was the first to open his eyes.
He had recovered most of his stamina and True Energy.
The recovery effect of the Emperor Method was truly amazing.
It was far better than other cultivation techniques.

Opposite him, Tang Siyu had her beautiful eyes closed, and her long eyelashes fluttered ever so slightly.
She was in the stage of breaking through the consolidation stage.

The consolidation stage was the most important when one had just broken through.
Otherwise, their cultivation level would not advance but would regress instead.

After a long time, when she opened her eyes.
What entered her sight was Chu Yunfan’s face.
She immediately thought that she was hallucinating.
Then she recalled the sound of the Broken Flow that she had heard earlier.

“Did you save me?” Tang Siyu asked.

“Yes, it was a dangerous situation just now.
If Yunfan hadn’t come in time, the consequences would be serious.
We wouldn’t know how to face Yunfan if that had happened,” Gao Hongzhi said.

“I just so happened to be passing by,” Chu Yunfan said with a smile.

Tang Siyu’s red lips parted, but no words came out.
Her eyes were full of trust as she looked at Chu Yunfan.

“All Right, since you’ve recovered, let’s start earning points.
This is our last chance.
I’ll lead the way!” Chu Yunfan said with a laugh.

“You have to be careful.
I saw Jiang Pengfei and Jiang Lei earlier,” Gao Hongzhi warned.

“It’s fine.
Don’t worry.
They must’ve gone to snatch the spirit stones.
They won’t bother me for a while.”

There were too many people around.
Chu Yunfan held his tongue and just laughed.

Then, Chu Yunfan led everyone and they all began to rapidly accumulate points.

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