A loud clashing of metal echoed through the tunnel.


Jiang Lei could hardly believe his eyes.
He was the only one who knew the full power of his sword.
Even an expert of the eighth level of the Energy Refinement Stage would have a headache if they were to encounter him in battle.
It was not that he could not be blocked, but that he should not have been able to be blocked so easily.
Chu Yunfan easily blocked Jiang Lei’s attack with a single hand.

However, this thought only briefly flashed through his mind because Chu Yunfan did not give him any time to stop and think.

Immediately after being blocked, a blade slashed toward Jiang Lei’s face.

Even Chu Yunfan was surprised by his current strength.
After the baptism from the Godhead, the strength that burst out of him had increased by more than half.

Although it was only an increase of 50%, to begin with, Chu Yunfan’s strength was already impressive.
This increase of 50% was equivalent to the strength of others increasing by more than double.

Chu Yunfan’s physical fitness had improved by leaps and bounds.
This made him seem even more terrifying than ever!


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In an instant, Chu Yunfan’s saber slashed down, as fast as lightning.


Jiang Lei pulled back his heavy sword and blocked this saber.
He thought that it would be nothing.
But just as he blocked this incoming saber, a huge force ran through his sword and into his arm.

With a buzzing sound, the heavy sword in his hand almost fell out of his hand.
His palm had instantly shattered.
After all, a human’s hand was made of only flesh and blood.
When strength reached a certain level, it would cause one to be severely injured.

Jiang Lei had experienced hundreds of battles.
Especially after being in Exile Zone 66 for more than half a month.
He was no longer the same as before.
Seeing that the heavy sword was about to fall out of his hand, he hurriedly grabbed it.
It was followed by a mix of numbness and intense pain.
But he had no time to react as another slash came down.


This time, the pain and numbness that came felt even more intense than before.
It was like a tidal wave, surging wildly.
He finally could not hold on to his sword any longer.
And with a bang, it was sent flying.
Then, Chu Yunfan slashed down again.
This time, the slash landed directly on Jiang Lei’s armor.


A loud sound of metal colliding was heard and Jiang Lei went flying.
Although armor offered protection, Jiang Lei had on light armor which offered only a certain degree of protection.
Against such a terrifying slash, he possessed not a shred of ability to retaliate

Jiang Lei crashed into the wall of the mine, causing the entire wall to shake.
Dust fell from the ceiling.
Then, he slid down the wall.
He struggled to get up, but it was in vain.
The bones in his body seemed to have been broken by this slash.
His light armor had also been slashed open by Chu Yunfan’s attack.
His skin and flesh had also been cut open.
Although it had yet to expose his bones, this still attested to Chu Yunfan’s strength.
If not for the armor’s protection, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

Jiang Lei’s next thought was of escape.
He wanted to use the emergency button on his armor to send a distress signal, but he was too slow.
Chu Yunfan would give him no such chance.
Chu Yunfan took a step forward and a black light flashed past Jiang Lei.

Jiang Lei’s head was cut off, an expression of disbelief frozen on his face.
He had not thought that he would lose, and it was such a tragic defeat.
It was simply too tragic to look at.

After Chu Yunfan killed Jiang Lei, he picked up Pan Xiuwen and Jiang Pengfei’s corpses and threw them into the Mountain River Diagram.
He would later find a random place to dispose of them.
In such a place as Exile Zone 66, it would not be long before their corpses would be swallowed by the monsters.


From afar came the sound of hurried footsteps and shouts.
Chu Yunfan could discern that the person in the lead was Jiang Pengfei.
Chu Yunfan stepped into the Mountain River Diagram to hide.

In just a few short breaths, Jiang Pengfei arrived at the place where Chu Yunfan had been standing.
Behind him were a few other students from other schools.

Jiang Pengfei stopped in his tracks, and a puzzled expression appeared on his face.
He had clearly seen that there was someone here just now, but when he arrived, there was no one there.
He could not have been mistaken.
He was certain of it.
But when he arrived, there was just no one there.

Jiang Pengfei simply did not believe that someone could disappear right under his nose.
It was impossible.
It was not very spacious here.
There was nowhere to hide even if someone wanted to.
Therefore, he could only think that he might have been wrong after all.

However, Jiang Pengfei noticed signs of a huge battle beneath his feet.
There were traces of battle everywhere, including traces of fresh blood staining the ground of the mine.

A strange feeling permeated the place!

“Forget it, let’s get to the spirit stones.
We can’t let Dong Fanghao or Liang Haoyu get there first.”

Jiang Pengfei recalled something even more important.
Although the three of them were working together to attack the mine, they each had their own agenda.
What benefits they managed to obtain from this excursion depended on their own ability.

Everyone understood that this taking over of the mine was a competition among the trio.
The second-class experts would also be able to get their hands on some spirit stones, while the weaker students would not even think of aiming for the stones.

The weaker students would focus their aim on these condemned criminals instead.
Their points were not completely safe yet, and they needed to make a final gamble.

Jiang Pengfei and the others quickly disappeared down the mine tunnel and entered the mine hall.
However, as they moved along, they looked back numerous times, as if unwilling to believe that they had been mistaken.
It was obvious that they had confidence in themselves, and at the same time, they were on high alert at the moment.

After confirming that Jiang Pengfei had left, Chu Yunfan exited the Mountain River Diagram.
He looked at Jiang Pengfei’s corpse and sneered.
Perhaps there were other gains to be gotten in other mines, but it was impossible to gain anything here.
The only spirit stones left were the ones that had made up the circle core, and Chu Yunfan had taken them all away.
All the other spirit stones in the mine should have been absorbed by the spirit gathering circle.

Even if someone were to dig them out, the stones would all be trash.

Therefore, Jiang Pengfei was destined to find nothing.

Thinking of this, Chu Yunfan smiled, and then hurriedly flew out of the mine.
Not long after, he heard Jiang Pengfei’s furious roar.

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