This ‘human’ looked like a human, but his entire body was blood red.
One could only vaguely see the expression on his face.
He had a blood-red face and fangs.
He looked extremely ferocious, and his feet were like the claws of a bat.
This hybrid was able to claw into the rocks of the mine.
If one were to be scratched by this hybrid, their head would probably be separated from their body.

The devilish handsome youth merely sneered at Chu Yunfan before pushing open a door at the back of the hall.
There was a passageway beyond the door.
It was clear that this passageway had been dug out long ago.
He had long been prepared.

From the youth’s point of view, killing Chu Yunfan would be as easy as flipping a switch.
It was just that it was not the time to stir up trouble.

“Don’t go!” Chu Yunfan shouted.
With the combined strength of the Thunder Winged Beast and him, there was a chance for him to keep that devilish handsome youth here.
He would definitely not let go of such an opportunity.

At this moment, the blood-colored human, Blood Bat, let out a sinister laugh.
In the blink of an eye, he pounced toward Chu Yunfan, blocking Chu Yunfan’s path of pursuit.

The hybrid descended.
His huge claws were like two steel claws, swooping down toward Chu Yunfan’s head.
Chu Yunfan’s head was about to be sliced off.

Chu Yunfan suddenly stomped the ground, dodging this terrifying attack!

In that short period, that devilish handsome youth had already disappeared into the passageway.

Looking at Blood Bat that was blocking his way, Chu Yunfan’s expression turned cold as he said, “Since that’s the case, there’s no other way.
I’ll deal with you first.”

“Hehe, deal with me?” Blood Bat said as he cackled and looked at Chu Yunfan, “Looks like I was too merciful.
You’re pretty strong, so your blood should also taste pretty good.”

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Blood Bat turned into a blood-colored figure and swept towards Chu Yunfan.
A sinister smile appeared on Blood Bat’s face.
He would have no problems dealing with these students.
They were weak.

The speed of the Energy Refinement Stage was far inferior to that of the Acquired Stage!

Although Blood Bat had relied on the monster fusion technique to step into the Acquired Stage, he had stepped into the Acquired Stage nonetheless!

Just as Blood Bat was about to grab Chu Yunfan and squeeze him to death, an azure figure suddenly swept over like an azure lightning bolt.

Blood Bat turned pale with fright and instantly retreated.
He moved quickly.
In an instant, he had jumped back several feet.
However, this azure lightning bolt was much faster than him.

Blood Bat was extremely fast.
However, compared to the Thunder Winged Beast which was known for its speed, the beast was far faster.
The wind and thunder attributes of the Thunder Winged Beast greatly increased its speed.


In an instant, the Thunder Winged Beast arrived right in front of Blood Bat.
At this moment, Blood Bat finally saw the Thunder Winged Beast’s real body.

“What? A Thunder Winged Beast?!” Blood Bat roared, and the demonic energy in his body gathered together, turning into a blood claw that swept toward the Thunder Winged Beast.

Countless bolts of demonic energy started crackling all over the Thunder Winged Beast’s body.
This blood claw attack exploded instantly.
Then, the Thunder Winged Beast’s huge body crashed into Blood Bat’s body.

Blood Bat was much taller than the average person.
He was more than two meters tall.
But in front of the Thunder Winged Beast, he was no different from a piece of paper.
He was instantly sent flying like a kite with a broken string.


Blood Bat spat out a mouthful of blood and he rolled to the side.
A hint of shock flashed across his face.
He had relied on the monster fusion technique to step into the Acquired Stage.
It was more than enough to bully an Energy Refinement Stage expert.
But if he were to fight a real Acquired Stage expert, this strength would still not be enough.
Moreover, the Thunder Winged Beast had already stepped into the second level of the Acquired Stage.
Even among experts of the same level, the Thunder Winged Beast’s power was among the most difficult and terrifying

After realizing the truth, Blood Bat no longer cared why Chu Yunfan had such a terrifying trump card like the Thunder Winged Beast.
He only wanted to escape this battle.
The battle that he thought would be simple turned into a life and death battle.

Blood Bat bit his tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood.
The demonic energy and flesh all over his body started to burn.
He was burning his life essence and his speed suddenly increased as he flew toward the small door at the back of the mine.

After reaching the Acquired Stage, Blood Bat was already from the Energy Refinement Stage.
He could cultivate many techniques and could transform from an extraordinary person to a non-human.

Blood Bat was fast, but the Lightning Wind Wing Beast was even faster.
With a long howl, it transformed into a blue bolt of lightning and pounced out.


The Thunder Winged Beast pounced on Blood Bat.

Blood Bat’s body was very sturdy.
If it were any other ordinary human, they would not have been able to endure the beast’s attack.
The beast’s slap attack would have sent their head flying.

Blood Bat was seriously injured.
Although a hybrid was much stronger than ordinary martial artists and their recovery speed was not something that ordinary people could compare with, it was impossible for them to recover immediately.
Not to mention that there was the Thunder Winged Beast that was right on top of him.

At this moment, the Thunder Winged Beast finally revealed its true terror.
Although it could not use its divine ability yet and could only rely on its physical body to fight, it was already very terrifying.

Blood Bat struggled, but in the end, he was ruthlessly pinned to the ground by the Thunder Winged Beast’s claw, unable to move.
Terrifying demonic energy that carried the power of thunder surged into his body, making him unable to move.
His sternum was also smashed to pieces by the Thunder Winged Beast.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye.
Blood Bat was completely subdued by the Thunder Winged Beast.

Blood Bat had not expected that he would be so weak.
He racked his brains.
After going through countless difficulties and dangers, he had finally obtained power after narrowly escaping death.
In the eyes of a true expert, he was so weak that he could not even withstand a single blow.

“Speak, who was that fellow? What’s his status in the cult? Where did he run off to? Are there any other strongholds in Exile Zone 66?” Chu Yunfan asked as he stood in front of Blood Bat, staring at him coldly.

Blood Bat looked at Chu Yunfan.
He could see Chu Yunfan’s hatred and killing intent toward the cult.
Such hatred was rare among students.
Most students were filled with righteous indignation and were extremely fearful.
There were very few people like Chu Yunfan.

“Hehe, you’ll never find out!” Blood Bat sneered.

Then, a terrifying power suddenly surged out of his body.
With a bang, he exploded into a ball of blood-colored energy.

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