Their strength was far inferior to that of the Thunder Winged Beast!

There was a huge gap between the peak of the Energy Refinement Stage and the Acquired Stage.

Various thoughts flashed through Chu Yunfan’s mind.
Suddenly, he came to a realization.

The Monster Cult!

Chu Yunfan recalled that the strength these two people possessed was enough for them to be acknowledged as outstanding criminals.
Even if they were both Acquired Stage criminals, there was no need to be afraid of them.

Besides these criminals in the Acquired Stage, there could only be the cult that had attacked the mine before disappearing.

The Monster Cult only had a few members, so it was impossible for them to fight head-on with the Federation Government.
Otherwise, the cult would disappear in just a few months.

In other words, those who appeared here were likely to be experts from the cult!

Chu Yunfan’s eyes flashed with killing intent.
Between him and the Monster Cult, it was a matter of life and death.
When he saw the Monster Cult, all he could think about was killing them.
Only after that would he be able to think clearly.

“Let’s go.”

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Chu Yunfan stowed away the Thunder Winged Beast and headed deeper into the mine.
His pace quickened.

Soon, Chu Yunfan passed through the tunnel and arrived at the depths of the mine.
Immediately, he saw a spell circle in operation.
It was a spirit gathering circle.
The circle extended across the entire mine.
It was extracting the Spirit Energy within the spirit stones in the mine.
It could then be infused into a person’s body.

Chu Yunfan possessed the Alchemy Emperor’s memories.
Although the Alchemy Emperor had not been well versed in spell circles, he had a basic understanding of the subject.

This spell circle was rather crude.
It could not fully absorb all the Spirit Energy here.
Most of the Spirit Energy would dissipate and be wasted.
However, there was no doubt that this was a good way to quickly increase one’s strength.

Someone had beaten them to it!

This time, the top high schoolers from the three base cities worked together to gather students to attack this mine for the spirit stones within.
Who would have thought that someone would beat them to it?

In the hall, there were dozens of spirit stones scattered in the spell circle’s core.
Although they were low-grade spirit stones, they were still worth a huge fortune.
Any one of them would cost at least 200,000 to 300,000 yuan.
At most, it would cost at least a million.
Totaling up the value of these spirit stones, they would come to at least 20 to 30 million yuan.

“Someone actually managed to find this place.
Looks like I have to leave.
Jiang Pengfei, Dong Fanghao, and Jiang Haoyu should be here soon.
I might run into some trouble if that happens.”

A figure in the center of the spell circle slowly stood up.
It was a devilishly handsome young man around the age of ten.
A terrifying aura erupted from his body.
He was the one who was absorbing the Spirit Energy from the circle.

“You want to leave? It’s too late!” Chu Yunfan shouted.
He could tell that this youth had used the spirit gathering circle to break through to the Acquired Stage.
He had wasted countless spirit stones just to break through to the Acquired Stage.
Seeing such an action, even Chu Yunfan who was used to squandering felt an ache in his heart.

However, what Chu Yunfan felt more of at this moment was killing intent.
An expert in the Acquired Stage who was barely in his teens naturally held extraordinary significance within the cult.
It was similar to how Dong Fanghao and the others were to society.
Moreover, the human and material resources within the cult could not be compared to society, which boasted a population of several billion people.

Killing one of these elites would result in a great loss.

The youth glanced at Chu Yunfan and sneered.
“I don’t have time to play with you.
Blood Bat, I’ll leave this to you.
I don’t want a shadow following me.”

That youth did not even spare a glance at the remaining energy in the spirit gathering circle.
He had broken through to the Acquired Stage.
His goal had been accomplished.
It was not in vain for him to use the power of the cult to incite the criminals to revolt and buy him time.
So many spirit stones were worth a fortune.

Although the youth was conceited, he knew that if he encountered Dong Fanghao and the other two, he might walk away with nothing.
If the three of them worked together, he might also die here.

There was no doubt that the spirit stones here would be the target of those three.
If the youth lingered here any longer, the consequences would be hard to predict.

The youth decisively chose to retreat!

As soon as the youth finished speaking, a peal of strange laughter suddenly sounded from above the main hall of the mine.

“Master, you can leave in peace.
I’ll look for you after I’ve gotten rid of this little shadow.”

Chu Yunfan raised his head and saw a blood-colored figure hanging upside down from the ceiling of the main hall.
This figure was big and tall, but it hung upside down above the mine like a bat.
Blood-colored energy flowed throughout his entire body and he exuded a dangerous aura.

Chu Yunfan sucked in a breath of cold air and his eyes revealed a shocked expression.

“A monster hybrid!”

Chu Yunfan had only ever read about such humans on the internet.
It was said these hybrids were the main attacking force of the cult.
After they erased the memories of their captives, they would fuse these captives with the genes of a monster and transform them into monster hybrids.
The death rate during the fusion process was extremely high.
If there were ten of them being transformed, there might not even be one that survives the process.
However, compared to the cost of nurturing an expert, this method was much cheaper.

The cult did not care about preserving the lives of humans.
The fusion process was extremely bloody and cruel.
There were many videos regarding this process on the internet.
They were videos that were found after the elite special forces of the Federation Government had broken into the cult’s base.

Because of the confrontation with the cult, Chu Yunfan had been looking for information about them recently.
Things that he had never realized before slowly come to the surface.

Chu Yunfan had seen these videos and understood how terrifying it was to forcefully fuse the monster genes into a human body.
Recalling the scene of those people wailing in the video, Chu Yunfan felt his hair stand on end.

However, these modified humans that were transformed through this method would come to possess great strength.
Their strength would vary according to the monster gene they had been fused with, but it was difficult for them to develop further beyond that.
However, the cult only needed cannon fodder.
There was no need for these hybrids to develop any further.

The people that would truly be nurtured by the cult were as rare as phoenix feathers and qilin horns.
For example, the youth who stood in front of Chu Yunfan.

This hybrid had a strong monster aura.
Moreover, he looked very different from an ordinary person.
He possessed the characteristics of a monster, so it was difficult to see such a person in the city.

The people of the cult who were active in the city were basically brainwashed, ordinary people.
Only in places far away from the city could one see these hybrids.

And now, Chu Yunfan was faced with this terrifying monster hybrid.

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