“Go! Whoever kills him will be able to escape from this d*mned cage and obtain a new life!” Xie Feiying roared.
He barely even blinked as his subordinate was killed.
He did not feel anything.

These subordinates he had found over the past few days had been gathered together for benefits.
If it was not for the Jiang family’s bounty, why would they be so obedient?

‘If Chu Yunfan killed them, so be it,’ the criminal leader thought, ‘It would be better if I’m the only one left.
That way, I can keep all the rewards.’

When these criminals heard this, they hurriedly pounced on Chu Yunfan.
Their eyes were filled with incomparable greed.
To them, Chu Yunfan not only represented money but also the hope of escaping and ascending to Heaven.

For the sake of money and survival!

These condemned criminals were like monsters—frenzied and vicious!

But Chu Yunfan showed them who’s boss.
Sometimes, differences in strength could not be made up by how vicious one was.

Facing the tide-like attacks of these criminals, Chu Yunfan was not the slightest bit afraid.
His three exquisite movement techniques—the Heavenly Deity Nine Transformations, the Nine Cyclone Phantoms, and the Wind-haze Form—came out in full force.

These criminals discovered that every time they were about to land an attack on Chu Yunfan, he would always inconceivably be able to dodge them.

Every time Chu Yunfan dodged, he would launch a counterattack.
Unlike them, Chu Yunfan never missed a single attack.
Every time he attacked, he would bring forth a flower of blood.
Each slash killed one criminal.

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Chu Yunfan was fast.
Every time he attacked, he was as fast as lightning.
His momentum was like a thunderstorm.
Only one attack.
One attack was enough to solve any of his problems.

Not a single one of these criminals could withstand Chu Yunfan’s attack.

Their strength and Chu Yunfan’s were too far apart.
Before they could react, they were already killed.
Even if they managed to react in time, they were sent flying by his saber.
In the end, they were still met with death.

Without the protection of armor, these criminals were weak.
Especially in this kind of life and death battle, a single mistake would mean death.

In a short while, more than half of them had died.
The remaining were frightened by Chu Yunfan’s fierce battle tactics.
Although they wanted to survive and earn money, they felt no need to risk their lives for it.
They quickly understood that the gap between them and Chu Yunfan was a little too big.
They were not even able to block a single move from Chu Yunfan.

These criminals instantly changed their strategy.
From being the main attackers, they changed position to flank the sides.
They stopped fighting Chu Yunfan head-on.

Xie Feiying took over as the main attacker.
The saber in his hand was like a giant python, lunging toward Chu Yunfan.

The reaction of Chu Yunfan’s saber was not any slower.
It looked like a black flood dragon.




Crisp clashing sounds could be heard.
The fight between the two parties was getting faster and faster.
Xie Feiying’s saber technique was fast and incomparably sharp.
Chu Yunfan did not fall behind.
Both sides were extremely fast.


Another shocking collision occurred.
Xie Feiying kept retreating.
He could not find a foothold.
It was as if he had been electrocuted.
Both of his hands trembled.

The series of collisions seemed fierce.
But in reality, every time they collided, Xie Feiying felt like he had been electrocuted.
He had sustained heavy injuries.
If he had not experienced hundreds of battles prior, he probably would have dropped the saber in his hand by now.

As for the remaining criminals, they could only watch this fierce exchange of attacks.
Sparks flew out from the two sabers, and they saw that Xie Feiying’s palm was already a bloody mess.

They all looked on in shock.
Xie Feiying’s performance should not be like this.

It was a battle between a seventh level of the Energy Refinement Stage and a sixth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
And the sixth level of the Energy Refinement Stage was winning.
No matter how they looked at it, this scenario was not right.

“I didn’t expect you to grow to such a level in just a few days.” Xie Feiying looked at Chu Yunfan, his eyes filled with disbelief.
Everything became clear to him as he and Chu Yunfan fought.

Although both sides had suffered heavy injuries previously, it had been a fluke.
Taking advantage of the fact that he had been completely unprepared, Chu Yunfan had used a big move on Xie Feiying and successfully got away.
But that was not the case now.

In just a few short days, Chu Yunfan had made incredible progress!

Chu Yunfan had gone from needing to use all his strength to fight Xie Feiying and injuring both of them, to now being able to easily injure Xie Feiying.

“A few days is enough for everything to change.
Since you’ve come prepared to kill me, you should also be prepared to die!” Chu Yunfan shouted and charged forward again.
The saber in his hand slashed down fiercely.

Xie Feiying roared as the saber in his hand swept out once more.

The two rays of saber light collided against one other in mid-air.


Another loud boom rang out as Xie Feiying’s arm trembled violently.
Accompanied by a spurt of blood, he could no longer hold on to the saber in his hand and it was sent flying.

Xie Feiying frantically retreated.
He had rich combat experience and knew that this was the most dangerous moment.
But to his surprise, Chu Yunfan’s was even faster than he had imagined.

Chu Yunfan called upon the Heavenly Deity Nine Transformations, and with a single step, appeared right in front of Xie Feiying.
His Shadowless Saber swept out, accompanied by a black saber light.


Xie Feiying was struck once again.
This time, he was not so lucky.
He was not able to escape.
This time, he was chopped into two halves and fresh blood spurted out.

The blood splattered all over the ground.


The remaining criminals instantly turned tail and ran.
They did not dare stay any longer and hurriedly fled in different directions.
They were all experienced veterans and knew that they should not run together.
If they did that, meeting a big killer god like Chu Yunfan would spell their doom.

If they ran separately, these criminals stood a better chance of getting away.
As for who Chu Yunfan caught up to, they could only blame their bad luck and could not blame anyone else.
It was much better than being completely wiped out.

However, these criminals had underestimated Chu Yunfan’s speed.

Chu Yunfan’s Heavenly Deity Nine Transformations had already advanced to the fifth transformation.
In the Energy Refinement Stage, there was almost no one who could compete with him in terms of speed.




One swipe after another, Chu Yunfan caught up with these condemned criminals and killed them all.

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