In the space within the Mountain River Diagram, Chu Yunfan sat cross-legged on a futon and circulated the Emperor Method.
After a long time, he finally let out a breath and opened his eyes.

It was the third base since Chu Yunfan had left the base.
The previous day, he had been ambushed by a group of criminals.
After killing everyone else, he fought with the seventh level Energy Refinement Stage criminal until both sides suffered heavy losses.

The criminal who had passed the seventh level Energy Refinement Stage had not expected Chu Yunfan, a fifth level Energy Refinement Stage warrior, to be so difficult to deal with.
In the end, the criminal was injured by Chu Yunfan’s Broken Flow and was unable to chase after Chu Yunfan.

After an entire day, Chu Yunfan finally recovered from his injuries.
This was because the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method was powerful, coupled with some modern medical methods, small-scale treatment devices, and so on.

Although he was severely injured, Chu Yunfan was not upset.
He felt that it was not a big deal because this serious injury had allowed him to enter a perfect state.

Fighting was the best way to temper oneself, but this was not a path that an ordinary person could take casually.
If it were someone else, they would meet a dead end upon crossing paths with a powerful opponent in the seventh level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
Fighting someone above one’s level sounded simple, but there were only a few who could achieve such a feat because each level was vastly different.

Chu Yunfan thought that it would take at least ten days before he could perfect himself and have the chance to breakthrough.
But now, he had managed it in just three days.
This was also thanks to the blessing of the battle he had just been through.

“I can finally ascend to the next level,” Chu Yunfan said as he let out a breath.

The Thunder Winged Beast was obediently lying beside Chu Yunfan, playing with a huge ball like a big cat.
It was almost impossible to tell that this was one of the fiercest beasts that gave humans the greatest headache.

During this period, the Thunder Winged Beast’s cultivation had improved.
When Chu Yunfan first saw this Thunder Winged Beast, it had just matured and stepped into the first level of the Acquired stage.
But now, it had stepped into the peak of the first level in such a short amount of time.
It would not be long before it broke through to the second level of the Acquired Stage.
Compared to Chu Yunfan, the beast’s improvement speed was not any slower.

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This was because Chu Yunfan had imparted onto the Thunder Winged Beast a cultivation technique of a beast tamer that he had obtained from the Alchemy Emperor’s memories.
It was a cultivation technique called the Beast Emperor Method.
Back in the distant Ancient Zenith Civilization, this had been the cultivation technique of a top-notch beast tamer.

Unfortunately, the Alchemy Emperor never had the opportunity to use it after obtaining this technique.
The beast tamer technique was specially created for monsters and demons.
It could not be used on humans.

On top of that, the Alchemy Emperor had never tamed any spirit beasts.
This technique was stored in his memories and sat there collecting dust.
Now, it was the right time to give it to the Thunder Winged Beast.

Although the Thunder Winged Beast’s intelligence was higher than that of ordinary wild beasts, it still lacked the intelligence of humans.
In other words, its IQ was still a little low.
Even if it got smarter, it would still be unable to learn such a technique.
Simply put, its intelligence was not enough.

But everything was different now.
Chu Yunfan and the Thunder Winged Beast had a telepathic connection.
Chu Yunfan was able to use this connection to teach the Thunder Winged Beast the Beast Emperor Method.

Slowly, the demonic energy within the Thunder Winged Beast began to automatically circulate.
It did not need it to control this flow.
Its cultivation then naturally increased much faster as compared to the natural strength of other monsters.

The lifespan of a monster was much longer than that of a human.
But on the flip side, their cultivation speed was also much slower.
This was because their intelligence had yet to be awakened.
To cultivate to the Innate Stage like the Threetail Silver Fox, they would need to stay alive for several hundred years and luck was indispensable.
Human experts on the other hand would have the opportunity to enter the Innate Stage after just several decades.

But a monster like the Thunder Winged Beast had great potential and had the opportunity to surpass Innate Stage monsters.
If it started using beast cultivation techniques from a young age, its speed would only increase.
However, these techniques were rare, and such and the opportunity to learn one did not come by often.

And Chu Yunfan was not stingy as he piled up all the good things he had upon the Thunder Winged Beast.
After all, it was his greatest trump card to date.

Unlike humans, who still paid attention to cultivation level, comprehension, foundation, and other things, monsters paid no heed to these things.
It was not realistic for these unenlightened monsters to comprehend these things.
Even so, these monsters were unrivaled.

Therefore, Chu Yunfan planned to find a way to earn money as soon as he entered Federation University so that he could advance the Thunder Wing Beast to the Innate Stage as soon as possible.

After confirming that he had fully recovered, Chu Yunfan began to break through to the sixth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
After consuming a Qi Condensing Pill, the medicinal efficacy of the pill transformed into a great amount of True Energy within his body.

Chu Yunfan hurriedly circulated the Emperor Method to mobilize the True Energy and began to digest this huge amount.
He mobilized waves of True Energy to attack the barrier of the sixth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.

The sturdy barrier of the sixth level of the Energy Refinement Stage had been met with continuous attacks recently and cracks had begun to appear.
This was the reason why Chu Yunfan had decided to break through right then and there.
The time for a real breakthrough had arrived.

Chu Yunfan attacked the barrier over and over again.
He tuned out from everything around him.
He was now within the space in the Mountain River Diagram and did not have to worry about the possibility of a surprise attack.
He could wholeheartedly focus on the task at hand.

With every cycle, the True Energy within Chu Yunfan grew stronger.
And the barrier weakened with every cycle as well.

After an unknown period of time, Chu Yunfan’s aura finally reached its peak, and the True Energy contained within his body had also reached its peak.


After the True Energy in Chu Yunfan’s body had reached its peak, it finally broke through.
Instantly, it broke through the barrier and reached a whole new stage.

The sixth level of the Energy Refinement Stage!

Chu Yunfan could clearly feel the increase in his strength—an increase that exceeded the original limit.

However, Chu Yunfan did not stop there.
He continued to circulate the Emperor Method, stabilizing his new cultivation level.
Otherwise, he might fall back to the peak of the fifth level of the Energy Refinement Stage if something went wrong.

After a long time, Chu Yunfan finally stabilized the sixth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
There was no need to worry that it would fall back.

“I’ve finally broken through to the sixth level of the Energy Refinement Stage!”

Chu Yunfan took a deep breath and broke through to the sixth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
He could clearly feel that the quantity and quality of the True Energy in his body had risen to a whole new level.

Compared to a few days ago, Chu Yunfan was now completely different.
If he met Jiang Xuan again, he would only need one move to send Jiang Xuan flying.

It was time to settle the scores.

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