“Please, ask away,” Yao Xueyi immediately said.

“I don’t want to provoke the Jiangs, but it seems like I already have.
Jiang Pengfei wants me to see me in person and then decide on whether I live or die,” Chu Yunfan said with a smile, “It seems that there’s no room for reconciliation.
Since Jiang Xuan is unable to bring me back this time, the next person who’ll surely come is Jiang Pengfei himself.
I don’t want to surrender, but I’m no match for him.
I’m going to leave this place for a while and would like to entrust my teammates into your care.”

“All right,” Yao Xueyi nodded and said, “Although I’m not as powerful as Jiang Pengfei, I still have sway.
Not everyone is like you.
Even if Jiang Pengfei comes personally, he’d still show me some respect.”

Yao Xueyi agreed without hesitation.
Some things did not need to be said.

Chu Yunfan had taken all of this into account.
He knew the strength the Jiangs possessed, but other than someone like him who had no other choice, those who were to oppose the Jiangs and the Charlies had to have some ability.

Just as Yao Xueyi had said, not everyone dared to be ruthless like Chu Yunfan.

“You’re going to leave?” Tang Siyu stepped forward and asked.

For now, I can only hide from him.” Chu Yunfan nodded.
Unless he was willing to expose the Thunder Winged Beast, his only option was to hide from Jiang Pengfei.

The beast was Chu Yunfan’s biggest trump card.
Unless forced to, he was not willing to reveal it.

Of course, if Jiang Pengfei pushed him to that extent, he would be very sorry.
When that time came, Chu Yunfan could summon the Thunder Winged Beast and kill anyone who stood in his way.
Chu Yunfan was not afraid of anyone in Exile Zone 66.

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“This is all because of me…” Tang Siyu muttered as she looked at Chu Yunfan.

“You’re just an excuse.
Besides, I just can’t afford to provoke him right now.
It’s not like I won’t be able to provoke him for the rest of my life,” Chu Yunfan said.
He then looked toward Gao Hongzhi and the rest.
“Everyone, because of an incident, I’ll have to leave the base.
Don’t give me that look.
I’m not going to die.
Moreover, the assessment will end in twenty days.
When the time comes, we’ll meet again.”

“That’s right, this is all your fault.
Why is your life so tragic? D*mn it, you obviously provoked someone you can’t afford to offend and are now leaving to avoid being in the limelight.
You make it seem like you’re going to die,” Gao Hongzhi jokingly scolded as he went up and punched Chu Yunfan in the chest.

Ran Jun and the others nodded.

“Everyone, I’ll take my leave first.
I’ll send a message when I can.”

As Chu Yunfan said this, he leaped up and flew to the top of the building.
With another leap, he jumped out of the base.

Looking at Chu Yunfan’s disappearing figure, Tang Siyu clenched the sword in her hand tightly.
Then, she turned around and left without saying a word.

“Where are you going?” Gao Hongzhi hurriedly asked.

“To practice.”

Tang Siyu jumped over the base’s wall without another word.

The other team members looked at each other, then sighed and followed after Tang Siyu.

After everyone had left, Yao Xueyi too disappeared.

After Chu Yunfan left the base, he did not feel that he was running away.
To others, this place was undoubtedly Hell.
But to him, it was Heaven.

Without the company of others, Chu Yunfan was able to unleash his full strength.
He did not have to worry about others, and instead could crazily absorb the Spirit Energy in the environment and use it for his cultivation.

Chu Yunfan was no longer afraid.
The speed at which the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method absorbed and refined the Spirit Energy around him was much faster than ordinary cultivation techniques.
The Spirit Energy on Earth was too thin and had a limited amount.
Even in a high-end residential area like the Spirit Moon Community where Spirit Energy collected by spirit gathering formations was much denser than in other places, it was still limited.
But it was different here.
The Spirit Energy here was denser than everywhere else in the Kunlun Realm.

It was the most suitable place for Chu Yunfan to cultivate!

As Chu Yunfan ran, he circulated the Emperor Method and rapidly absorbed the Spirit Energy around him.
With each leap, he could fly a couple of feet at a time.
Slowly, Chu Yunfan’s movements became faster and faster.
It almost looked like he was teleporting.

Unknowingly, Chu Yunfan felt that he had broken through.
He thought that his cultivation base would be the first to breakthrough.
He never would have guessed that he would have a breakthrough in his Qinggong.
He had broken through from the fourth change to the fifth change in the Heavenly Deity Nine Transformations.

At this moment, those in the Energy Refinement Stage would be able to catch up to him.
Even those in the Acquired Stage would find it difficult.




Chu Yunfan felt the aura in his body constantly circulating.
After making a breakthrough in the Heavenly Deity Nine Transformations, he felt that the display of his power had been further perfected.
He was not far away from a breakthrough.
He could feel that when reached that stage, he would have a chance to break through to the sixth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.

When that time came, even if Jiang Lei were to come, Chu Yunfan would have the strength to give him a run for his money.
But with Jiang Pengfei, Chu Yunfan was still not confident.

Although the Thunder Winged Beast was one of Chu Yunfan’s strengths and trump cards, he did not want to borrow an external force unless it was absolutely necessary.
He knew very well that he would only be considered truly powerful when he broke through.
He could not rely on external forces to help him.

However, Chu Yunfan did not expect the Jiangs’ revenge to come so quickly.
Jiang Pengfei had acted rather quickly.

The day after Chu Yunfan left the base, Jiang Pengfei arrived.
He did not touch Chu Yunfan’s team members.
He was too proud and had to take Yao Xueyi into consideration.

Gao Hongzhi sent a message to Chu Yunfan after he found out.

A character like Jiang Pengfei would not target Chu Yunfan all day long.
Unless the fact that Chu Yunfan had killed Jiang Yusheng was exposed, it was unlikely that Jiang Pengfei would come after him.

However, just because Jiang Yusheng did not chase after Chu Yunfan did not mean that Jiang Pengfei could not do anything to him.
Chu Yunfan’s refusal had clearly made Jiang Pengfei angry.
This was the first time that Chu Yunfan was witnessing the terrifying influence of a top-tier family.
It had even affected the assessment in Exile Zone 66.

The next day, Chu Yunfan was ambushed.
They were all criminals and were top experts.
The strongest one was at the seventh level of the Energy Refinement Stage, which was even stronger than Chu Yunfan.

Although Chu Yunfan had previously killed other criminals, the expert at the seventh level of the Energy Refinement Stage forced Chu Yunfan to use his Broken Flow.
The result was that both sides suffered heavy losses.

Neither side was able to kill the other!

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