Behind this stocky youth stood about half a dozen people, each possessing extremely powerful auras.

“Who are you?” Chu Yunfan looked at the people who had suddenly arrived and frowned.

These people were all very powerful, comparable to the members of Yao Xueyi’s team.
They were in the fourth level of the Energy Refinement Stage, some even in the fifth.

And the strongest of them, the stocky youth, was as strong as Yao Xueyi.
He was at the peak of the sixth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.

“Look this on my shoulder.
Do you understand now?” the stocky youth said with a hint of arrogance on his face as he pointed at the shoulder of his armor.

“You’re a Jiang?” Chu Yunfan instantly became vigilant.

The other members of his team also became solemn.
Although Ran Jun, Tong Xinran, and Yu Xinyuan did not know what grudges Chu Yunfan had with the Jiangs, they knew that the Jiangs had put out 50 million yuan for his head.

Chu Yunfan and the Jiangs had a big conflict.
And over the past few days, Chu Yunfan had taken care of all those who came forth from the Jiangs.
How could they just sit and watch?

“That’s right.
I’m a Jiang.
My name is Jiang Xuan,” the stocky youth proclaimed.

Chu Yunfan thought of something.
A big family like the Jiangs was truly not something a small family like the Chus could compare to.
The Jiangs produced talent after talent and this was just in this year’s batch of third-year high schoolers.
Apart from Jiang Lei, there had appeared Jiang Xuan and Jiang Yusheng.
Any one of them could become a prominent existence anywhere.
After many years, no one would be able to keep track of how many experts the Jiangs had produced.

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“Are the Jiangs not done yet?” Tang Siyu said.

“You must be Tang Siyu.
Although it’s just a marriage alliance, I advise you to stay away from this guy.
The closer you are to him, the more it’ll hasten his death.
This concerns the Jiang and Tang families’ reputations.
Do you think we’ll take it lightly?” Jiang Xuan said.

“Are you here for that Jiang Lingxiao matter?” Chu Yunfan asked.

“Brother Lingxiao’s matter is just one of the reasons we’re here.
The person who wants to see you this time is Jiang Pengfei,” Jiang Xuan said, “I’m here to take you to him.
Don’t worry.
Brother Pengfei hasn’t proclaimed that he wants to take your life.
In Brother Pengfei’s words ‘I want to see him first.
I’ll decide after that whether to kill him or not! ’”

“Ha, if he wishes to kill me, I’d be given no other choice but to submit, right?” Chu Yunfan said as he sneered.

“Of course.
Brother Pengfei is the strongest in Ouhua City’s Jiang family branch.
He’s also the top high schooler in Ouhua this year.
If he wants to kill you, do you think you’ll be able to get away? It’d just be a useless struggle,” Jiang Xuan said like it was a matter of fact.

“What? That Jiang Pengfei?” Ran Jun’s face paled.
“How could it be him!”

“Is this Jiang Pengfei strong?” Gao Hongzhi asked.

There are a total of three base cities participating in Federation University’s assessment.
They are Donghua, Nanhua, and Ouhua City.
The number one high schooler in these three base cities are the top three candidates in this assessment.” Ran Jun nodded solemnly.
“In Donghua is Dong Fanghao.
You saw him on the spaceship.
The number one in Ouhua is Jiang Pengfei, and the other is Liang Haoyu of Nanhua.
These three are extremely powerful.

“Let’s not even talk about the other two.
It’s said that Jiang Pengfei is a mixed-blood descendant from Central Europe.
His maternal side has the blood of a European.
He is extremely talented.
He’s probably not inferior to our Donghua’s number one, Dong Fanghao.
I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I heard that he has already stepped into the Acquired Stage,” Ran Jun explained.

At the mention of Jiang Pengfei, even someone as arrogant as Ran Jun had to admit that people were different from one another.
Ran Jun had just entered the Energy Refinement Stage, while Dong Fanghao and Jiang Pengfei had already reached their current stage a year ago.

The improvement they probably made after one year was unimaginable.

After hearing Ran Jun’s words, everyone’s expression turned solemn.
They clearly understood how terrifying Jiang Pengfei was.
In this batch of students, Jiang Pengfei was probably one of the strongest among them.

Chu Yunfan knew that the rumors were likely true.
That was because he had met Dong Fanghao.
Dong Fanghao had already connected all the energy in his body to form a small heavenly cycle.
He had clearly stepped into the Acquired Stage.
For Jiang Pengfei to be on par with Dong Fanghao, he was probably not that far off.

But even so, Chu Yunfan would not surrender.

“How overbearing.
If he wants to kill me, my only choice is to surrender.
Even the ancient emperors weren’t this overbearing,” Chu Yunfan said with a sneer.

“The ancient emperors were nothing.
Even though they held the power of life and death, in the end, they were just mortals,” Jiang Xuan said with a sneer rivaling Chu Yunfan’s own.

“I’m here under orders.
You better come with us obediently.
Otherwise, I’ll be forced to make a move.
It’ll be a waste of my True Energy,” Jiang Xuan said as he looked at Chu Yunfan.

The other students who followed Jiang Xuan silently surrounded Chu Yunfan’s team.

Behind Chu Yunfan, Tang Siyu had already pulled out her ancient-styled sword.
Gao Hongzhi’s spear was also in his hand.
If they could not come to an agreement, a fight might just break out.

Ran Jun, Yu Xinyuan, and Tong Xinran looked at each other.
A moment later, they took up arms behind Chu Yunfan.
It was obvious that they had made up their minds.
This made Chu Yunfan feel very gratified.
Not everybody was ungrateful wretches after all.
He had helped Tong Xinran and the other two quite a lot over the past few days.
They knew that the Jiangs were not their enemies, but they still chose to stand with him.
This was a precious alliance.

“So stubborn.
Since all of you refuse to accept the easy, don’t blame me for what’s about to happen,” Jiang Xuan said as he looked at Chu Yunfan coldly, “Take them all down.
In the process, other than Tang Siyu, no one will care if the others live or die.”

“No one will care whether they live or die.
Good one!” Chu Yunfan sneered and glared at Jiang Xuan.
“Since that’s the case, don’t blame me for this.”

As soon as Jiang Xuan finished speaking, he took the initiative and launched the first attack.
A steel whip swept out from around his waist.
This steel whip was made of soft metal.
Although it looked soft, its power was extremely terrifying.
When it connected with its target, the consequences would be unimaginable.
All the bones in the target’s body would be broken.
Worst case scenario, they would die on the spot.


The steel whip swept through the air with a loud whizz and flew toward Chu Yunfan.

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