Soon, Lu Qingxuan arrived at a business district in Calm Ocean City as she drove her flying car.
Her company was in the district.

It was an individual office building.
Although it was rented, one could tell that her company had great revenue indeed.
If not for the trouble Chu Zhiguo brought upon her, she would not have had to face such issues.

Chu Yunfan saw what had befallen the company as he followed Lu Qingxuan in.
The building looked rather deserted.
Although it was a Sunday, there was not even a security guard there.
Obviously, something wrong had happened to their operations.

Very soon, Chu Yunfan followed Lu Qingxuan to the alchemy lab in the company’s lower levels.
The company she ran was related to medicinal pills and herbs, and it usually refined the pills for sale themselves.
However, the lab had been closed since the two alchemists from the company were poached.

Nevertheless, the entire alchemy lab used the latest dust-free technology.
Although it had been a while since it was used, it was still clean and new.

Meanwhile, the herbs to refine Body Refining Pills were all piled together in a corner of the lab.

Chu Yunfan took a glance at them and asked, “Are you planning to refine a hundred Body Refining Pills?”

“How do you know? I don’t think I mentioned that to you!”

Lu Qingxuan looked at Chu Yunfan in surprise.
She did not mention how many Body Refining Pills she wanted to refine along the way.
She merely said she wanted a batch.

Chu Yunfan stood with his hands behind his back.
He was checking the freshness of the herbs as he casually answered, “That’s the basics for an alchemist.
It’s nothing!”

Although Lu Qingxuan was quite doubtful of Chu Yunfan’s abilities, she trusted him a little more after he managed to tell how many Body Refining Pills she wanted to refine just by sight.
It seemed almost magical.


“This is our first time working together, so it makes sense that we don’t truly trust each other.
I’ll refine one Body Refining Pill for you first.
After you’ve seen my technique, we can talk about the collaboration!” Chu Yunfan said shamelessly.
He knew that it was rather difficult for Lu Qingxuan to believe him just like that.
He thought he would refine a Body Refining Pill to show her.

Chu Yunfan ignored her rather suspicious expression and walked to the alchemical furnace before him.
He lit the fire and added some water.
He was as smooth as a flowing river with his movements, as if he had refined medicinal pills countless times.

“Your words are pretty boastful.
I wonder if you’re genuinely so capable!” Lu Qingxuan said with some suspicion.
She could no longer tell at this point.
Chu Yunfan’s performance confused her a little, so she was not sure whether he was well-versed in alchemy.

Very soon, the water in the alchemical furnace had boiled.
Chu Yunfan walked to the side and grabbed a bunch of herbs, tossing them into the alchemical furnace.

“Hey, you didn’t even weigh the herbs.
You tossed them in just like that!” Lu Qingxuan said immediately, feeling speechless.

Although she was incapable of refining medicinal pills, her company had long-term contracts with the two intermediate-level alchemy trainees.
She had seen them refining a few times, and they were careful in every step they took.
They took precise notes of when and how many herbs to add.
The effect of the pills would be significantly different if they made a single error.

The difference between alchemists would be shown here.
Their capabilities could not be decided merely by the number of recipes they were familiar with.
The medicinal pills refined by different levels of alchemists would be like heaven and earth though it was the same recipe.

“Don’t worry.
This is the right way!” Chu Yunfan said assertively.

Seeing his confident appearance, Lu Qingxuan suddenly recalled the two alchemists who used to work at her company.

They mentioned before that alchemists who relied on modern technology like them were rogue or illegal alchemists without a proper inheritance.

The alchemists who had a real inheritance would obtain the correct amount of herbs they needed just by grabbing.
They had the inheritance that did not have to rely on modern technology at all, but it was rare to see alchemists with such an inheritance.
Even those two alchemists had only heard about it, but they had never seen one.

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‘Could it be that Chu Yunfan is an alchemist with an inheritance?’


After having that thought popped into her head, Lu Qingxuan got rid of it immediately.

‘How is that possible? Judging by Chu Yunfan’s face, he’s clearly a regular high schooler.
How could he be an alchemist with an inheritance?’


Those people with an inheritance came from noteworthy backgrounds.
They worked with all factions, major groups, and even the Federation government.
They were not lacking in money at all.

How was it possible that he would be here to refine medicinal pills for money? She thought it was most unlikely.

Despite all that, she inexplicably had some hope rising in her.
If this was really what she was expecting, it could save her company from going bankrupt.

Subsequently, she saw Chu Yunfan did not even watch the alchemical furnace.
Instead, he sat with his legs crossed.
She could not believe that he was cultivating.

“Is it alright that you’re not watching the fire?”

Chu Yunfan was calm, but Lu Qingxuan was panicking.
Although she had low expectations of him, she hoped that he would make it.

“Don’t worry.
It’s fine.
I’ve refined such Body Refining Pills many times.
I won’t make a mistake even if I close my eyes!” Chu Yunfan said calmly and then closed his eyes again to meditate.

At that moment, the pill refinement had begun.
No matter how little Lu Qingxuan knew, she understood that she should not interrupt him now.
Although she was secretly frantic, she could only watch.
Soon enough, something magical happened.
When she was going to remind Chu Yunfan to add more herbs according to the recipe, she saw him opening his eyes and adding the herbs himself.

It was the perfect amount of herbs.
It was one thing if he got it right the first time, but he added herbs accurately while closing his eyes several times.
He was familiar with the switch between divine fire, mild fire, and strong fire.

It was as if there was an automatic alarm in his body that was reminding him.

Lu Qingxuan was impressed.
Chu Yunfan’s incredible performance gradually increased her confidence.

Finally, it was time for the medical pill to be taken out of the furnace.
Chu Yunfan appeared calm while Lu Qingxuan clenched her hands so tightly that her fingers had turned pale.
To him this might have been a minor task, but it was of the utmost importance to her.
It would decide whether her company would go under or not.

As white steam spouted, the huge alchemical furnace cover opened automatically.
Seeing the real thing for the first time, Chu Yunfan could not help but feel impressed.
There were indeed many advantages to modern civilization.

During the Ancient Zenith in the Alchemy Emperor’s memory, it was not as simple for an alchemist to open an alchemical furnace.
It would take a lot of effort.

There was a herbal fragrance.
Judging by the scent alone, Chu Yunfan was sure that the Body Refining Pill had been completed.

Lu Qingxuan walked over to pick up the pill immediately.
Having just been made, the pill was still hot, but she no longer cared.
She had a cultivation base as well.
After wrapping her hands with a layer of True Energy, she began to check it out while holding it.

Although she was unfamiliar with alchemy, she was in this business after all and had the basic judgment for that.

It was undoubtedly a Body Refining Pill.
Even the color was perfect.

At that moment, Lu Qingxuan was a little astonished when she looked at Chu Yunfan.
Although medicinal pills could be refined by following the recipe, each alchemist had different capabilities.
If they were to add the herbs just a few seconds too late, it would affect the end product.

Normally, a medicinal pill with 70% of the right color would be considered to have passed.
It would be a luxurious medicinal pill if it had 80% of the right color, and above 90% would depend entirely on chance.
Only those with good luck could refine that.

Only if each step one took in the process was precise, by the book, and free of any errors could 100% color accuracy be achieved.

It definitely did not depend on luck.
It was only possible when one understood the recipe to its core.

Clearly, the young man before her had achieved that!

When Lu Qingxuan looked at Chu Yunfan, she seemed rather shocked.


If Lu Qingxuan suspected that he was just boasting, all of her doubts vanished after she witnessed him refining a Body Refining Pill with the perfect color.

She was thoroughly surprised.
She knew how rare it was for one to refine a medicinal pill with the perfect shade, and it was certainly not achievable with luck alone.

That was why she wanted to know who exactly this young man before her was!

Only intermediate-level alchemy trainees could refine a Body Refining Pill, but to refine one with the perfect color was only possible for an official alchemist.

“I…” Lu Qingxuan had no idea what to say.

On the other hand, next to her, Chu Yunfan said, “How is it? You’ve checked the color.
I’m sure it’s fine!”

“It’s all good, it’s all good.
So you’re a master, I apologize for being rude!” Lu Qingxuan said immediately.

Alchemists had a high status in human society.
Although only official alchemists could be called a master, some were willing to call an alchemy trainee a master too.
Nobody would refuse to hear something nice about them.

In this case, Lu Qingxuan spoke with sincerity.
At least when it came to medicinal pill refinement, Chu Yunfan could indeed be called a master.

“Since you’re done watching, let’s discuss the price if you want to hire me!” Chu Yunfan said.

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