The battle lasted until the evening when the temperature began to drop.
Only then did Chu Yunfan and the others head back to the base.

On this day, apart from the interlude of fighting with that other group of students, they also encountered three waves of criminals.

Everyone received quite a hefty amount of points.
Among them, only Ran Jun was slashed in the arm as he was fighting a criminal.
But overall, it was not a big deal.

A full ten days passed.

During these ten days, the students made good use of every minute and every second to cultivate hard.
Everyone made a lot of progress.

During the day, they went out to hunt criminals.
At night, those on duty—even some of those who were not—would kill monsters.
With this two-pronged approach, everyone’s cultivation rose crazily.

Among Chu Yunfan’s team, Tang Siyu was the one who improved the fastest.
In just ten days, she had advanced from the peak of the third level of the Energy Refinement Stage to the fourth level.
She was only a few days away from the peak.
She would shortly be able to break through to the fifth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.

According to Chu Yunfan’s prediction, even before the end of this survival test, there was a chance of her breaking through to the sixth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
This was extremely shocking.

Ran Jun, Yu Xinyuan, and Tong Xinran, who were originally stronger than her, had only just broken through to the third level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
They were on the same level as Gao Hongzhi.

Tang Siyu’s cultivation speed frightened Ran Jun, Yu Xinyuan, and Tong Xinran.
Their attention was originally on Chu Yunfan.
But now, it seemed that Tang Siyu was also a force to be reckoned with.

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Later, they heard that Tang Siyu just started cultivating over the past two years, and they finally came to a realization.
This made it even more obvious how astonishing Tang Siyu’s cultivation speed was.

As for Chu Yunfan? He was a monster dressed in human skin.
It could not be generalized.

Late one night, at the outer perimeter of the base, many huge monsters were lying on the ground.
Fresh blood seeped into the ground and their bodies quickly froze.

The saber in Chu Yunfan’s hand continued to slash down.
Each slash was able to repel a monster.
These nocturnal monsters were more ferocious than the next.
They fought to the death and did not retreat.
They had no intention of doing so.
They fought until dawn before finally retreating.
They went back to their caves to recover.

Only then did the students heave a sigh of relief and put away their sabers.
Besides Chu Yunfan, Tang Siyu also swung her sword and killed the last remaining monster.

Chu Yunfan breathed in deeply and absorbed the Spirit Energy in the environment.
Not only did his aura not wane, it even went up a notch.
By the time he had fully recovered, he found that he had reached a bottleneck.
After this recovery, he could no longer feel an increase in his True Energy.
This meant that he had finally stepped into the peak of the fifth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.

Chu Yunfan could try to break through to the sixth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.

His strength was about to make another huge leap.

However, he could only be considered second in this base.
Over the last few days, Yao Xueyi had broken through the restraints of the peak of the sixth level of the Energy Refinement Stage and ascended to the seventh level.
Compared to Jiang Lei whom Chu Yunfan had met before, Yao Xueyi was a little weaker but was already in the same realm as Jiang Lei.

From this, it was not difficult for Chu Yunfan to guess that Jiang Lei was probably already at the seventh level of the Energy Refinement Stage back then.
He did not know how far Jiang Lei had reached now.

And his cousin, Chu Yuntian who was able to suppress Jiang Lei, had driven Jiang Lei to use some underhanded methods.
Presumably, Chu Yuntian would only become stronger.
Perhaps he had already reached the peak of the seventh level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
And after these few days, perhaps he had broken through again.

No wonder Chu Yuntian said that Chu Yunfan was no match for him now.
It would be very difficult for Chu Yunfan to catch up

However, as long as Chu Yunfan could reach the sixth level of the Energy Refinement Stage, he was confident that he could defeat Yao Xueyi.
But there was no need for that.
After all, Yao Xueyi managed the base in an orderly manner during this period.
He had led the students within this base.
Chu Yunfan had no intention of competing with him, so Yao Xueyi naturally became the leader of these students.

Unlike Chu Yunfan who could take large breaths of Spirit Energy from the air to recover, Tang Siyu was not as efficient.
After she took a pill to recover her True Energy, she sat quietly and waited for her energy to recover.

Tang Siyu had been training hard over the last few days, not one bit inferior to Chu Yunfan.
It was one thing for her to have an amazing cultivation base, but without hard work, she could not have possibly attained what she had today.

Over the past few days, Chu Yunfan and Tang Siyu had often worked the night shift together, so their relationship had improved by leaps and bounds, becoming much closer than before.
Chu Yunfan now knew Tang Siyu’s wish to rid herself of the fate that the Tangs had given her.
Being admitted to Federation University was just one step in her plan.

Most importantly, she wanted to break through to the Innate Stage!

Among humans, those in the Innate Stage were considered grandmasters.
Even among huge families like the Tangs and the Jiangs, there were very few who had reached such a level.

Tang Siyu would then be able to enjoy the position of a guest elder.
If she could break through to the Innate Stage, the Tangs would not even have the power to rope her to their side, much less treat her as just a marriage partner.
That way, she would be able to make decisions about her life and would not become an insignificant chess piece for others.

It was because of this that Tang Siyu worked so hard in her cultivation.
Only by entering Federation University would it be possible for her to break through to the Innate Stage.
She had no choice but to work hard.

Shortly, the sky turned bright and the monsters retreated.
Soon, many students woke up and moved the monster carcasses into the base to store as food reserves.
They would be here for at least another half a month.
Monster meat was expensive back on Earth.
Ordinary people would not be able to afford to eat it for ten days, much less half a month.

Monster meat contained energy.
Eating the meat of these monsters all the time could subtly improve one’s physical condition.

Just as Chu Yunfan and the others were about to start their day of hunting, a group of uninvited guests suddenly arrived at the base.

“Who here is Chu Yunfan? Come with us!”

A cold voice came from the mouth of a stocky-looking youth.

This youth looked strong and exuded an imposing aura.

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