A loud explosion sounded as if a huge hammer had smashed into a steel plate.

That fierce criminal’s fighting style was ferocious.
His heavy sword was invincible, and when it touched a student, the student was sent flying.

But now, he had come face to face with Chu Yunfan, whose fighting style was even fiercer than his.

“D*mn, this guy is good.
He’s capable of such heavy strikes with just an ordinary saber,” the student who had spoken to Chu Yunfan earlier exclaimed.

Not only he, but the other students also came to the same conclusion.

Heavy weapons had their uses, while light weapons had their own.
Naturally, they were all different.

Chu Yunfan used light weapons to unleash the violent aura of a heavy weapon.

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He even managed to suppress a criminal who was using a heavy sword.
This was the scariest part.

“Just how much strength does he have?!”

“He’s a monster in human skin!”

He really is a monster!”

Many people saw this scene from afar and were shocked.

Yao Xueyi, who was in the midst of his own intense battle, saw this scene from the corner of his eye.
He instantly calmed down and could go all out in attacking the criminal leader in front of him.

At this moment, the battle between Chu Yunfan and the fierce criminal had reached a violent stage.

“More! Give me more!”




Chu Yunfan felt the strength in his body completely unleash.
This kind of battle made his blood boil.


This series of crazy attacks was not only powerful but also as fast as lightning.
The criminal had no way to retaliate.
Every time he was about to counterattack, Chu Yunfan slashed down again.

It was continuous and did not stop even for a second!

This fierce criminal has boundless strength, but Chu Yunfan was stronger than him.
Moreover, he was much slower than Chu Yunfan.
With one slash, Chu Yunfan could produce three Heaven’s Thunder strikes.

As a result, the fierce criminal could just barely defend himself.

“How does this kid have so much stamina?!”

The fierce criminal finally regained some of his rationality from his bloodthirsty desire to kill, and his eyes flashed with an unfathomable expression.

This fierce criminal could also deal out violent attacks, but it was only possible when he chose to unleash them.
A heavy sword was extremely powerful, but each strike consumed several times more stamina than ordinary attacks.
This continuous burst of combat power would consume more than half of his stamina in a short while.
On this battlefield, that would be courting death.
On top of that, the temperature in Exile Zone 66 was either extremely high or extremely low, and the speed of stamina loss would only increase.

However, Chu Yunfan was different.
These attacks were just casual attacks and were not difficult at all.
His stamina was much higher than an ordinary Energy Refinement Stage.
In addition, the recovery speed of energy from the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method was extremely fast.
Therefore, the decrease in his physical strength was much slower compared to his opponent.

After slashing out many times in a row, Chu Yunfan’s face had yet to turn red and his heart did not pound.

Although the fierce criminal had regained a trace of his rationality, it was of no use.
After a loud boom, he could not withstand Chu Yunfan’s terrifying power and was forced to his knees.

The criminal’s knees shattered from hitting the hard cement floor that had been built to defend against attacks from underground monsters.
Under the cement floor was an alloy plate that was more than 30 feet thick.

Ever since the appearance of the monsters, the land, sea, sky, and even underground were no longer safe.

However, the fierce criminal had no time to think about the intense pain shooting through his knee.

This was because Chu Yunfan had slashed down once again.
The heavy sword that the fierce criminal relied on to defend himself was filled with cracks.
The man could no longer withstand this terrifying force.


Then, the heavy sword finally shattered into pieces.


The fierce criminal knew he was in imminent danger of getting his face cut up by the sword fragments but he could not dodge to avoid them as his knees had been shattered.

Instantly, another black blade light swept out and sent his head flying.


The headless body fell to the ground.
Fresh blood sprayed out and poured out all over the ground.

A sixth-level Energy Refinement Stage criminal was killed just like that.

Chu Yunfan took a deep breath.
The rich Spirit Energy from the outside world surged into his body, replenishing the physical strength that had been consumed by this move.

Chu Yunfan was secretly delighted.
To others, this place was Hell.
But to him, it was Heaven.
It was as if he was immersed in Spirit Energy.
The physical strength and True Energy he expanded could be rapidly replenished.
He could even vaguely sense his progression.
Although it was not much, it was still a considerable amount.

Chu Yunfan had easily killed a criminal who had been slaughtering students left and right.
Now, he had fallen.
Chu Yunfan’s terrifying strength left an indelible impression among the proud students.

Some people’s strength could be seen in one battle.

After killing this criminal, Chu Yunfan did not stop.
Instead, he immediately joined another battle.
On one hand, he supported Yao Xueyi.
On the other hand, he continued to kill the other condemned criminals who were charging over.
Although he did not deliberately snatch points, the more points he managed to obtain, the better it was for him.

After a grueling battle, Yao Xueyi finally killed the criminal leader who was at the peak of the sixth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.

Unlike Chu Yunfan, who had easily defeated his opponent, Yao Xueyi needed to use all his strength to kill this expert who had been in the same realm as him.

Yao Xueyi had depleted more than half of his strength.
While guzzling down a bottle of energy elixir, he walked up to Chu Yunfan and said, “Thank you.
If it weren’t for your help, I’m afraid that I would’ve died here today.”

Chu Yunfan smiled and waved dismissively.
“It was nothing.
You’re welcome.”

Yao Xueyi had made a good impression on Chu Yunfan.
Although he did not know if he could fully trust Yao Xueyi yet, it was good enough for him that Yao Xueyi had willingly stood up for him who was a total stranger.

“Since you’re fine, I’ll go help the others,” Chu Yunfan said.

“Okay.” Yao Xueyi nodded.
He wanted to take advantage of this time to recover his strength.

Chu Yunfan pounced toward another criminal.

When the sun set, the students finally killed all the condemned criminals and seized control of the base.

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