All the students began to gather.
They were the best among the students from various schools and cities.
They could be said to be the strongest batch, even if they had not cooperated much before, they understood the basic methods.
Quickly, they gathered into small teams.

On the wall of the base, the condemned criminals began to stir and become nervous.
They were no longer as relaxed and at ease as when they had just received the news.

At the start, they had not taken the students seriously.
So what if they were students from Federation University? They were just a bunch of high school students.
These criminals had killed countless people.
Why would they be afraid of some high schoolers? Would that not be a joke?

However, they soon realized how wrong they were.
Although these students were only high schoolers and were still young, each of them was more difficult to deal with than the other.
Each of them was more ruthless than the next.
These students were the top young elites of the entire human race this year.
Underestimating them would have them paying the price.

The captain of each team stood in front of their respective team.
Not only were they the sharp knives of each team, but they were also the big reapers of points.
Them not being able to successfully take over the base was wishful thinking.

At the base of the city walls, Chu Yunfan could vaguely see that there were many people on top of the walls.
Every one of them was a fierce criminal, a criminal on death row.

“These student b*stards actually dare to try to seize this base from us.
Since they want our lives, then we’ll take their lives as well!”

“Food is scarce now, right? They’re just sending themselves to our doorstep!”

“And women.
It’s been a long time since I’ve touched a woman.
These are the best batch of young girls in the world!”

These criminals’ exclamations were worse than the next, while the other’s words were fiercer than the next.

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“When the time comes, we should try our best to join forces and kill them in one strike.
This isn’t a spar, but a fight to the death.
Those death row criminals don’t have armor to protect them, so it doesn’t matter if we fight aggressively,” Chu Yunfan instructed in a low voice.

Everyone nodded.
They had fought criminals before, so they understood what Chu Yunfan was saying.

“Attack!” shouted Yao Xueyi who was standing some distance away.
He then took the lead and rushed forth.
The members of his team followed him one after another.
His team was naturally the strongest.
Most of them were at the third or fourth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
Some were even at the fifth level.
They were obviously stronger than the other teams by more than one level!

Like arrows released from a bow, everyone instantly flew out.
In just a moment, they had jumped over the base wall.




A loud sound of air being torn apart was heard.
Although there were no arrows in the base, the criminals used everything they could find.
Tables and chairs were all made of heavy metal.
Under the throw of these strong criminals, they were like meteors raining down.

A few students were hit and were instantly sent flying.
Even with the protection from their armor, they still coughed up blood.

Chu Yunfan took the lead and rushed to the front of the crowd.
Then, he saw a black shadow descending from the sky.
In an instant, it was on top of him.


Chu Yunfan’s Shadowless Saber instinctively slashed out, lunging toward the black shadow.


Chu Yunfan shattered the chair that had been flying toward him.
He slowed down a little.
From afar, he saw a burly man holding up another chair, looking at him with a sinister smile.

“Everyone, watch out!” Chu Yunfan shouted.
Then, he increased his speed and charged toward the man.




In not more than the span of ten breaths, chairs and tables fell like torrential rain.

Chu Yunfan continued to slash out, destroying the chairs and tables that were thrown toward him.

From time to time, tables and chairs would be thrown at Tang Siyu and the others.
They were not as calm as Chu Yunfan.
They had to stop to block the projectiles.

At the current moment, some of the members of the other teams had been hit and seriously injured till they were forced to retreat.

These tables and chairs did not seem lethal.
But when the acceleration of gravity was increased to a certain degree, the power they contained was extremely shocking.


Chu Yunfan’s team was doing well because most of the projectiles were aimed at Chu Yunfan.
Chu Yunfan continuously slashed out with his Heaven’s

The burly man realized that he could not continue like this as it was not much use to continue throwing Chu Yunfan.
Chu Yunfan was too fast, the saber that was slashing out could only be seen sweeping out like a black bolt of lightning.
Then, the chair and table that this burly man threw out would be shattered.

Not only was Chu Yunfan extremely fast, but Chu Yunfan’s arm did not tremble despite holding his weapon with only one hand.
His physical fitness was truly terrifying.
He was obviously not on the same level as the students.

However, by the time the burly man realized this, it was already useless.
Chu Yunfan had already arrived at the section of the wall the man was at.


Chu Yunfan gathered all the True Energy in his body under his feet, and like a cannon, soared to the top of the wall.

This base was originally a military barrack, not a real city.
Therefore, its walls were about 25 feet high, which was over the limit of any human’s jumping ability.
An ordinary person would not have been able to jump it.




Behind Chu Yunfan, Tang Siyu and the others also seemed to have stepped on a thunderstorm.
After a loud explosion, they instantly flew up and landed atop the wall.

“You dare to fly up in front of me? You’re just seeking death!” The burly man laughed sinisterly.
In his hand was a saber that was issued to military personnel.
It was very difficult to adjust one’s self in midair, thus martial artists paid particular attention to the stability of their lower bodies.
Ordinary people would not choose to jump this height.
Being not able to adjust oneself in midair would be like jumping into a pot of boiling water.

Beside the burly man were five or six other criminals who also drew their weapons.
Finally, it was time to engage in close combat.

Chu Yunfan fell like a heavy hammer.
This was a technique in martial arts.
It was called the Thousand Pound Drop.

Chu Yunfan landed directly on top of the burly man.

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