The leader was a powerful presence in the sixth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
In terms of cultivation level, he was even stronger than Jiang Yusheng.

But Chu Yunfan felt like this man had not yet reached the sixth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
Chu Yunfan felt like he had only reached the fifth level.

This was obvious to Chu Yunfan because he was very sensitive to auras.
He was certain that this man had not reached the sixth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.

In other words, this scarred-faced leader was someone who had sixty percent of the Energy Refinement Stage.
In reality, he was only at the fifth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.

Chu Yunfan instantly sensed that this scarred-faced criminal’s movements were out of sync.
The man was injured, and it was a very serious injury.
This injury had yet to heal and thus restricted his ability to display his strength.

Chu Yunfan let out a small sigh of relief, but just a small one.
Because even so, it did not mean that this person would be easy to deal with.
On the contrary, this person was still stronger than Jiang Yusheng.

This was to be a big test for Chu Yunfan.

“Looks like you’re the leader of this little student team.
I wonder if you’ll be tasty.
Hehe, I’ll kill you first then!”

The scarred-faced criminal laughed sinisterly and instantly exploded.

His tattered prison uniform revealed the muscles on his body.

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The scar-faced criminal rushed toward Chu Yunfan.
Waves of terrifying killing intent erupted from his body and instantly locked onto Chu Yunfan.
This terrifying aura was enough to make a martial artist who had not gone through the test of battle instantly tremble in fear.
But the person he was facing was Chu Yunfan.
This move was completely useless.

Scarface pulled out an extremely thick and heavy saber from behind him.
It was a standard long saber from the military.
It was obvious that he had snatched it from the army base.

Hot weapons were controlled by chips and these criminals could not use them.
However, that did not mean that these cold weapons could not be used.

“Heaven’s Thunder!”

Chu Yunfan made his move.
His Heaven’s Thunder Saber Technique, which was at the Perfection Stage, was extremely fast.
In just a moment, he arrived in front of scarface.


The two sabers collided in mid-air, causing sparks to fly everywhere.

The two sides crossed each other, and Chu Yunfan immediately felt the terrifying power coming from his opponent’s weapon.
Although scarface could not fully unleash his strength, there was no doubt that he was still extremely strong.

Currently, Chu Yunfan, who was wearing a weighted suit, was only at the peak of the fourth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
Compared to scarface, he was weaker.

Chu Yunfan had yet to release the pressure of his weighted suit.
He intended to use this criminal to temper himself.

“Good boy, you’re pretty strong.
The fourth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
But unfortunately, you have no chance of winning against me.”

Scarface instantly sensed the level of Chu Yunfan’s strength from the first strike.
He thought that he had seen through Chu Yunfan’s full strength, thus he loudly proclaimed these arrogant words.

“You better beat me first before you say anything.”

Chu Yunfan abruptly stomped the ground and pounced toward the scarface again.

“Hahaha, I like people like you who rush to their death.”

Scarface laughed and charged forward, meeting Chu Yunfan head-on.

On the other side, the group was fighting the other criminals.

Although these criminals were about as strong as Tang Siyu and the others, they were only at the second or third level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
On top of that, they were not wearing armor and only had tattered prison uniforms covering their bodies.

However, their numbers outweighed the group twofold.
Each of them had to face two or even three criminals at once.

These criminals were experienced in combat.
Their combat techniques were much better than the group.
Even without battle armor protection, they would be able to easily handle a bunch of students.

Under such circumstances, these students each unleashed an unimaginable amount of potential.
They were all geniuses.
Compared to these criminals, they were much stronger.
However, there were very few circumstances that could force them into a dead end.

And now, they had no other choice.
They could only fight with all their strength to survive.
Right now, their full potential was unleashed.

From the initial fluster to the rapid absorption of battle experience from these criminals, their strength increased rapidly.
They slowly stabilized themselves.

“Everyone be careful.
Don’t be afraid of them.
They don’t have armor, so they can’t unleash their full strength.
We can attack with all our might!” Tang Siyu said loudly.

Among the group, Tang Siyu’s performance was the most outstanding.
Although she had to face attacks from two third-level Energy Refinement Stage criminals, she was able to successfully block their attacks on her own.
She did not need to rely on her armor to absorb the damage.
Sometimes, she even exchanged injury for injury.
With her armor, she could fight these criminals head-on.

This left the two criminals helpless.
They were just flesh and blood.
If they were hit by a single slash, they would be toast.

When the others heard Tang Siyu’s reminder, their eyes lit up.
Yes, they were wearing armor.
What was there to be afraid of?

The entire situation immediately turned around.
The group then dared to go all out.
On the contrary, the criminals were frightened.
Although they dared to risk their lives, they were forced into a desperate situation.
In the current situation, it was simply impossible for them to exchange their lives for other people to have an opportunity.

“Little girlie, your reaction speed is pretty fast.
Unfortunately, you guys lack the numbers.
After some time, your strength will decline.
Then, it’ll be time for you to die,” the criminal in front of Tang Siyu said with a sinister smile on his face.

The criminals had the numbers, so they could take turns attacking.
This way, their physical strength would have a slower decline.
After all, it was extremely hot here and they were not as strong as the students.
At the very least, the students could hide in their armors.

For a time, the entire scene was in a deadlock.
The victor could not be determined.
Those criminals had not expected these students to be so difficult to deal with.

Ordinary high school students were naturally not so difficult to dispatch.
However, these were all students that dared to challenge Federation University’s assessment.
Which one of them was not a genius?

Everyone’s gazes turned toward the fierce battle between Chu Yunfan and scarface.

That was the match that would break the deadlock.

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