This place looked desolate, but that did not mean that there was no Spirit Energy here.
On the contrary, the Spirit Energy here was extremely dense—at least several times denser than in normal places on Earth.

Even the Spirit Energy density in a high-end residential area like Spirit Moon Community, which used arrays to attract more of this energy, was nothing compared to this place.

Ordinary people could not absorb the Spirit Energy here, which was why it had become such a desolate wasteland.

But if one could absorb the Spirit Energy here, this place would be like Heaven.
It was unknown how rich the Spirit Energy in other places within the Kunlun Realm was, but according to the textbook, they were not half as rich as this place.
This place was like a holy land for cultivation.

Chu Yunfan observed their surroundings, then said, “The most important thing now is to find a foothold in this place.
Although the environment here is very harsh, it’s still a place that has been developed by humans.
Although this is a penal colony, there were many troops stationed here.
We should be able to use those bases as a camp.
Moreover, most of those bases have water sources.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.
There were bases of all sizes in Exile Zone 66.
These bases were used by the army in the past.
Of course, many of these bases had been used to imprison criminals.

There was the largest base—Base 1.
That was the largest army base guarding this place.
It was like a city.
That was the most ideal place to set up camp.
However, according to the news that they had received, that place had fallen.

Fortunately, Federation University was not wholly heartless.
They had given them a map.
The approximate location of the base and the location of water sources were clearly marked.
Although it was only a rough estimate, it was an indicator of the university’s stance.
It was clear that Federation University only wanted to test these students and not kill them.

“Let’s head toward the nearest base first.
Everyone, let’s all go at a uniform speed.
Don’t be hasty.
We need to conserve our stamina to deal with any sudden situations.”

Chu Yunfan spoke up.
In this environment of over 140 degrees, the loss of stamina was at least twice as much as under normal circumstances.
If they went too fast, even if they made it to the base, they would be wiped out by the criminals within.

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They would cry their eyes out then!

On top of that, Chu Yunfan who always wore a weighted suit understood the concept of physical strength loss under abnormal circumstances.
It could be said that he was always in an extremely dangerous situation, not to mention this place that was fraught with dangers.

Although this place looks desolate, although lesser in numbers, there are monsters here.
And I think we can all imagine how terrifying monsters that can survive in such an extreme environment are,” Tang Siyu said.

Everyone nodded.

“Hehehe, we’re pretty lucky.
We received news that a group of student brats is coming here.
Who knew we would meet here.”

Before everyone set out, they suddenly heard a burst of strange laughter in the distance.
From not far away, behind a large crimson stone, more than a dozen figures jumped out.

Each of these people had a fierce aura, were battle-hardened, and seemed like seasoned killers.

The group’s expression became grave.
These people were those who escaped from the mass murder prison.

“Chop up the others and eat them.
Leave the two girls.
Let’s enjoy them for a few days before we chop them up and eat them too.”

The leader of the group was a muscular man.
His face was covered with crisscrossing scars.
No one knew what he had experienced.
When he grinned, the group felt like they were looking at a devil that had crawled out of Hell.
He looked extremely terrifying.

And the words that he said made people shudder.
To him, eating people was nothing.
It was just a means to survive.

Those vicious criminals surrounded Chu Yunfan’s group.
They had twice as many people as Chu Yunfan’s group.
Each of them had an extremely fierce aura.
They were definitely not easy to deal with.

Ran Jun, Yu Xinyuan, and Tong Xinran felt that it would not be easy to get out of this.
None of these people were inferior to them.
Just looking at them gave them a great sense of oppression.
But when they saw the calm looks on Chu Yunfan, Tang Siyu, and Gao Hongzhi’s faces, they felt a little guilty.
They could see that Chu Yunfan and the other two were truly calm and were not faking it.

And this was the scariest thing.
They were all students, how could there be such a huge gap?

What they did not know was that Chu Yunfan and his two friends had experienced life and death battles.
They were already used to being surrounded by enemies that were far stronger than them.
Although those enemies had all been monsters, they were used to this sort of situation.

The trio was used to this!

“Keke, such delicate and tender students.
I haven’t eaten meat for a long time.
If this continues, I’m going to turn into a cripple.”

One of the criminals stared at them.
His eyes emitted a green glow.

“These little ladies are so beautiful.
And what I like most is to tear apart beauties!”

“Leave me that red-armored chick.
I must have a good time with her!”

“Leave me one foot.
I only need a foot!”

The perverted words of these criminals made Tong Xinran and the others feel uncomfortable.

“Seems like they’re looking down on us,” Chu Yunfan said faintly, immediately diluting the tense atmosphere, “They’re just scum.
They’ve escaped their prisons with great difficulty, yet they chose not to hide for the next few days.
Now that they’ve delivered themselves to us, it’s time to increase our points.”

Chu Yunfan’s few words dispelled the group’s nervousness.
Indeed, these people were not that impressive.
They were just a group of prisoners—just points on their scoreboard.

“Yo, someone actually dares to look down on us.
Get them!”

The scarred leader roared, and the vicious and evil criminals pounced on them.

The scarred leader erupted with a fierce aura.

Sixth level of the Energy Refinement Stage!

He was actually a sixth-level Energy Refinement Stage expert!

His target was Tang Siyu, and the way he looked at Tang Siyu was filled with greed.

However, a jet-black blade ray flashed through the air and cut off his vision.

“I’m your opponent.”

Chu Yunfan walked up to him with a dark expression.
An expert at the sixth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
An existence that was even stronger than Jiang Yusheng.

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