And this should be Exile Zone 66.

Many students could not help but gasp when they saw the environment.
They had learned it in textbooks or read a lot of relevant knowledge on the Internet.
If a tornado on Earth could sweep one up and then throw them to their death, then in the Kunlun Realm, if one were to be swept up in a tornado mixed with Spirit Energy, they would be torn into countless pieces.

Only in such an extremely harsh environment could those vicious criminals be punished.
But now, this extremely harsh environment has become a test for them.

Fortunately, everyone had armor.
In an environment with armor, it would not be so difficult.

“We’ve arrived at Exile Zone 66.
Students, take turns to be placed in different zones according to the size of your teams.”

A broadcast rang through the battleship.

“Get up, it’s time to face the test.”

Chu Yunfan stood up, and beside him, Tang Siyu, Gao Hongzhi, Tong Xinran, Yu Xinyuan, and Ran Jun too stood up one after another, forming their small team.

In the desolate Exile Zone 66, a fierce aura wreaked havoc across the land and fierce gazes bore down on them from above.

“It’s finally time.
I thought they’d send some elite soldiers.
I didn’t expect it to be a bunch of students.”

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“Do you think I’m a whetstone? Hmph, in this godforsaken place, there’s not even any food.
Those students have tender skin and flesh.
I think they’ll taste pretty good.”

“You want to kill me in exchange for points? Hmph, the female students are very pretty.
Catch them back.
If I’m going to die, I want to have a good time before I kick the bucket.”

Fierce figures were lurking in the shadows like poisonous snakes, emitting an extremely dangerous aura.

A few hours later, Chu Yunfan and the others landed in a desolate area.
The huge battleship above their heads gradually left, moving further and further away.

“This is the Exile Zone 66?” Gao Hongzhi flipped open the mask on his armor.
He took a deep breath and suddenly started violently coughing.
He even coughed up some blood.

Everyone quickly sprayed him with healing spray and he instantly felt better.

“D*mn, the wind here is so strong that it almost blew up my lungs!” Gao Hongzhi exclaimed.

“Everyone, be careful.
The wind here is strange,” Chu Yunfan said, “This place may just be a stretch of desert, but it still contains Spirit Energy.
On the contrary, the Spirit Energy here is even denser.
However, it’s chaotic and fierce.
It’s not suitable for absorption.
Not only can we not absorb it, but even the other creatures in the Kunlun Realm can’t absorb it.
The land can’t absorb it either.
That’s why it’s like this.”

Chu Yunfan looked around and saw red soil everywhere.
It was too barren.
Usually, the denser the Spirit Energy, the less likely it was to form such a barren scene.
Such a thing would only happen after the Spirit Energy in a place had completely disappeared.

However, this place was different.
The Spirit Energy was chaotic and disorderly, turning into a terrifying storm that swept away everything that could be swept away.
To ordinary creatures, this environment was indeed very, very bad.

“Even if we want to absorb the Spirit Energy here, we can only absorb it bit by bit.
Otherwise, we’ll suffer the same consequences as Gao Hongzhi over there,” Tang Siyu said as she surveyed the surrounding environment.

“And it’s very hot here.
I looked at the temperature meter on the battleship earlier.
It’s 140 degrees Fahrenheit here,” Tong Xinran said.
With a temperature of 140 degrees, even the air that was inhaled was extremely hot.
If an ordinary person were to live in such a place, their throat would surely be cooked.

One could imagine how harsh the environment was.

“It’s not just that.
Places like this where the Spirit Energy is chaotic are extremely hot during the day and extremely cold at night.
Our armors are all light armor.
Even if we can adjust the temperature, the environment here is a little too harsh.
We need to find shelter,” Yu Xinran said.

“And also a water source.
Everything else is easy.
The key is a water source.
I’m so thirsty,” Gao Hongzhi, who had finally recovered, said with sweat pouring down his head.

They had not realized how important a water source was.
But now, they had realized how important it was to have access to water in such an extremely harsh environment.

Each of them had brought a backpack.
In the backpack were some change of clothes, as well as food and water.
However, they had not brought much.
They had not expected the environment to be so harsh.
The food that they had prepared was adequate.
The only things that could survive this environment were compressed biscuits—high-calorie ones—and some energy elixirs.
It was enough, but their water would not be enough to last for thirty days.

“We haven’t even started to suppress those criminals yet.
Just the environment alone is enough to torture us.
This is true tempering.
Compared to Federation University’s assessment, the trial that we experienced before was child’s play,” Ran Jun opened his mouth and said.

Everyone nodded.
Compared to such a harsh environment, the previous trials were indeed nothing.

This was Federation University, the best university in the world.

However, such a harsh environment was indeed an extremely harsh environment for the group, except for Chu Yunfan.
To him, it was like Heaven on Earth.

He had stored food and water in the Mountain River Diagram.
Not to mention staying for a month, even staying for a year was nothing.

Moreover, before he had set out, he had refined a lot of Fasting Pills.
This pill had been specially invented for seclusion.
Under normal circumstances, one Fasting Pill would be enough to last the day.
It was a different matter if he included the severe exhaustion of physical strength from fierce battles.
However, he had a lot of energy elixirs, so he was not worried.

For others, the most difficult problem of Spirit Energy was instead very well suited to Chu Yunfan.
He discovered that when he absorbed the Spirit Energy here, the Mountain River Diagram in his mind would glow faintly.
After the violent Spirit Energy surged into his body, it would turn supple.

Chu Yunfan had only just discovered this point because the Spirit Energy back on Earth was relatively peaceful, so he had not discovered that the diagram had such a function.

Therefore, to others, this place was hell.
But to Chu Yunfan, it was simply training heaven.

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