While the students were in an uproar, the battleship flew out of Donghua City and was flying at lightspeed toward the boundary between the Kunlun Realm and Earth.

The boundary was within the depths of the Kunlun Mountains.
Hundreds of years ago, a shocking sword blow blasted open a huge crack in the Kunlun Mountains and created an interdimensional crack.

And on the other end of the crack was the legendary Kunlun Realm.

All the students were looking forward to it.
There was a hint of excitement in their expressions.
This was because the Federation Government had been promoting for many years that the Kunlun Realm was the future of the entire human race.
Most of the places on Earth had already been occupied by monsters, and there were not many places that could be developed.

With so many people living in less than one percent of the places in the past, if it were not for the rapid advancement of human technology, most of them would have starved to death.

The first few years of the Kunlun Era had been dark.
Countless tragedies happened throughout the human world, and mankind had fallen into a precarious situation.
Only in the Kunlun Realm, would mankind have greater development.
Although there was Spirit Energy on Earth, it could not be compared to the Kunlun Realm.
The descendants of humans who made a name for themselves in places with rich Spirit Energy were naturally more powerful.
On top of that, the Kunlun Realm was vast and boundless.
Currently, humans have only explored a small area.
Even so, it was still larger than Earth.

That was the future home of mankind!

Therefore, the headquarters of the Federation Government, many focus universities, and many corporations were built in the Kunlun Realm.

However, the battleship did not really use its speed.
In the sky, countless flying monsters seemed to have been attracted.
They came from all directions.
From afar, it was extremely terrifying.

These were the true rulers of Earth’s sky.
Comparatively, humans could barely protect themselves.
After all, humans could not fly.

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However, the people on the battleship did not panic.
This was a Meteor Battleship, the pinnacle technology of the entire human race.

As expected, waves of air ripples suddenly appeared around the battleship.
These ripples were like air cannons, sweeping into the flying monsters.

All the monsters that came into contact with these air ripples exploded on the spot.
It swept everything away!

“It’s a supersonic weapon.
A Meteor Battleship sure is a Meteor Battleship.
There’s no need for any other weapons.
Just the supersonic weapon is enough to annihilate all the flying monsters.”

Many students exclaimed.

Among the students, these supersonic weapons were mostly seen in magazines, on the Internet, and TV.
This was the first time that they had seen its power with their own eyes.

The Meteor Battleship moved forward and swept away the flying monsters along the way.
It was not in a hurry to send the students to Exile Zone 66.

Even so, it only took an hour for the battleship to arrive at the entrance of the two worlds—Mount Kunlun.

From afar, everyone could see a huge crack above Mount Kunlun.
It was an interdimensional crack.
The entire crack was pitch-black like a black hole.
And around these cracks were countless colorful lights.
They were formations and enchantments.
They were imprinted in the air to stop the crack from shrinking or expanding.
Below this crack was a huge base city.
However, this was not a civilian base city, but a military base.

This was the entrance to the two worlds.
On one hand, it was to prevent the passage of the two worlds from being occupied by the monsters on Earth.
However, if there were any changes in the Kunlun Realm, this would be the last line of defense to protect Earth.

No one knew how many troops and elites were stationed here.
From a distance, they could see that the military base covered a range of thousands of miles.
It was as far as the eye could see.

The battleship stopped outside the crack for a moment before very quickly entering the crack.
Immediately, the surrounding light dimmed, and the scene outside also changed.

Everyone was still immersed in the many shocking scenes that they had just seen.

Zzt! Zzt! Zzt!

The entire battleship began to emit a buzzing sound, but no one panicked.
They had all learned in their textbooks that when entering the dimensional passage, it was actually cross-dimensional travel.
Therefore, even with the sturdiness of the Meteor Battleship, it would emit this kind of buzzing sound.

It was because the pressure of passing through the dimensional passage was so great that when the early humans transmigrated, the casualty rate was extremely high.
It was unbearable.

After a long while, the surrounding environment finally brightened up again.
Another incomparably huge base appeared before everyone’s eyes.
Same as the base on the other side of Earth, this was also an expansive military base.
Everything within a radius of thousands of miles was covered by it.

Many people were excited.

“It’s the Kunlun Realm!”

Although they were all outstanding students, most of them had never been to the Kunlun Realm.
The ticket for the shuttle between the two worlds was too expensive.
Ordinary people could not afford it!

After flying away from the military base, a group of mountains and ravines appeared in front of the students.
Among the mountains and ravines, the roars of all kinds of monsters rose and fell, as if they were going to tear the whole world apart.

After this group of mountains, there was a scene of vast land.
It was rare to see this on Earth.
There were huge trees everywhere, hundreds of meters tall, even hundreds of meters tall, covering the sky and the Sun.
The mountains, plants, and animals of the Kunlun Realm were abnormally tall.

And this was the home that humans dreamed of.

Many people excitedly discussed that they would have to survive in Kunlun Realm for a long time in the future.

Even if some of them were eliminated by Federation University, the other top ten universities had no reason to give up on them.
They were the best students of humanity after all.

They were the precious top students that the other universities would crazily fight over.
Only Federation University would abandon them like they were nothing.
They did not care at all and only chose the best among them.

After another hour, the battleship finally stopped in an area.
The first thing that entered everyone’s eyes was a desolated desert.

In every direction, the scene was desolate and boundless.
The fiery red land looked dry and parched.
Compared to the beautiful scenery in other places, it was obvious that it was as bad as it could be.

From afar, one could even see tornadoes wreaking havoc in the distance.

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