Chu Yunfan returned to the lounge designated for the students of Calm Ocean City.

It was obvious that Federation University’s independent assessment this time would be far more dangerous than he had anticipated.

However, the more this was the case, the more excited Chu Yunfan found himself to be.
He felt his blood boiling, and he did not have the nervous feeling that something big was about to happen.

“Why was that fellow from Donghua No.
1 High looking for you? Also, your cousin was here just now,” Gao Hongzhi said as he stepped forward, observing Chu Yunfan’s expression.
As Chu Yunfan’s best friend, he knew about the enmity between the two cousins.

However, Chu Yunfan rarely met Chu Yuntian.
The two of them were not on the same level.
Therefore, rather than saying that there was enmity, it was more appropriate to say that it was accumulated resentment caused by their grandparents’ unfairness over the years.

In the beginning, Chu Yunfan and Chu Yuntian had not harbored much enmity toward each other.
Chu Yuntian looked down on his cousins, while Chu Yunfan wanted to prove himself.
Slowly, the enmity between the two sides grew deeper and deeper.

Every time Chu Yuntian’s name was brought up, Chu Yunfan’s expression would turn dark.
But this time, things seemed to be different.
Chu Yunfan was indifferent!

“Ok, got it.
I bumped into him on the way in,” Chu Yunfan said.

He was not angry because everything was different for him now.
And anger was not the only thing he knew.

The entire Donghua No.
1 High was filled with people.
Thousands of elite students from Donghua City and the satellite cities of Donghua city had gathered here.

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Chu Yunfan and the others soon received news from the Education Bureau.
The airship sent by Federation University was about to arrive.

In a short while, a huge shadow covered the sky above Donghua No.
1 High.
The shadow that was projected covered the entire school.

Although Donghua No.
1 High was only a high school, it was much bigger than most universities back in the Common Era.
This battleship was even bigger than Donghua No.
1 High.
One could imagine how big it was.

It was simply overwhelming.
The streamlined battleship constructed from metal caused countless students to exclaim in surprise.

“D*mn, what a big battleship!”

“It’s a Meteor series.
I didn’t expect Federation University to send a Meteor Battleship to pick us up.”

“Yeah, although it’s a battleship that has been in service for 50 years, it’s still the mainstream used by the army.”

“50 years ago, Federation University’s research department created the Meteor Battleship and shook the world.
At that time, the Meteor Battleship was only used as a fleet, but now it’s the main force.
Although it’s only a meteor-type battleship, it’s said that its main cannon can destroy a mountain.”

Many students exclaimed excitedly.
This was the pinnacle of humanity’s intelligence.

Chu Yunfan raised his head and looked at the Meteor Battleships that were coming from all directions.
With humanity’s current technological capabilities, other than some technology that could not be mass-produced, these meteor-type battleships were basically the most terrifying battleships below the star destroyer-type battleships.

Meteor Battleships were equipped with tactical nuclear weapons.
Once they unleashed their full power, even Innate Stage experts would be killed as easily as slaughtering chickens.

Of course, the price of a Meteor series battleship was sky-high.
Just the line of zeros at the back was enough to scare ordinary people till they passed out from shock.

Of course, ordinary people were not qualified to buy this main force battleship.

However, ordinary airships could not enter or leave the Kunlun Realm because to travel through time and space, they had to withstand terrifying pressure.

In the early days, before a battleship that could travel between the two worlds was invented, the price that humans had to pay to travel between the two worlds was far beyond what people could imagine.
The casualty rate had always been around 30%.
One could imagine how dangerous it was.

On top of that, if something happened while traveling through time and space, there would be no way to save the people on board.
They would surely meet their demise.
Now, with the birth of a battleship that specialized in space travel, there was no danger in traveling between the two worlds.
They could travel freely.

And now, this battleship was being used to transport them to Exile Zone 66.

This battleship stopped in mid-air and then let down a long metal staircase.
The different schools boarded the battleship according to their respective locations.

Chu Yunfan and the others were no exception.
They followed dozens of students from Calm Ocean City and boarded the Meteor Battleship.
Although they had seen many introductions about this battleship on television, on the Internet, and in various magazines, they were all a far cry from actually boarding the battleship in person.

The body of the battleship was cavernous.
All kinds of electronic equipment stood in every corner, giving it a very technological feel.
There were also futons placed inside the battleship, obviously for the students to use when they were resting.

There were thousands of students present but there was not the slightest bit of overcrowding.
On the contrary, it was very spacious.
It was indeed worthy of being the flagship of the human fleet.
This was one of humanity’s highest achievements.

The students did not walk around randomly.
They sat down cross-legged according to their respective districts.
With just a glance, one would see the thousands of students were all at least at the Energy Refinement Stage and above.
At the very least, they were at the second level of the Energy Refinement Stage.

“Chu Yunfan, look, isn’t that Dong Fanghao?” Gao Hongzhi nudged Chu Yunfan and pointed into the distance.
In the camp of Donghua No.
1 High, there was a youth wearing black clothes standing at the center.
He had a handsome face and his eyebrows reached his temples.
Even though those who have come here were all elite students and outstanding individuals, Dong Fanghao’s existence alone was enough to suppress all the students in Donghua City.
The noisy environment could detract from his brilliance.
As long as someone looked in his direction, they would not be able to ignore his presence.

That figure became the focus of countless gazes.
He was the number one high schooler in all of Donghua City, Dong Fanghao!

There was probably no one here who did not know about Dong Fanghao.
After all, he was a legend.
Even if they had not seen him with their own eyes, they had most likely seen him appear on various television programs.

“He is indeed very strong.”

Chu Yunfan could keenly sense the energy flow within Dong Fanghao.
It was so strong that it was beyond belief.
He was far stronger than anyone else around.

Beside Dong Fanghao stood Chu Yuntian and a few others.
Each of these people had an unimaginable aura that clearly surpassed the experts from the other cities.

However, these people were nothing in front of Dong Fanghao.

With such cultivation, Dong Fanghao’s energy and vitality were one.

It was the Innate Stage!

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