Chu Yunfan turned around and left.
He was not afraid that Pan Xiuwen would report this to his teacher.
After all, only an idiot like him would dare speak of this.

Pan Xiuwen was lying on the ground, clutching his chest.
He could barely breathe.
With every breath he took, he felt an intense pain in his internal organs.
He knew they had been injured.

He was defeated in just one blow!

This crushed Pan Xiuwen’s pride.
He looked down on anyone other than those from Donghua No.
1 High, but Chu Yunfan just gave him a vicious slap.

“D*mn it.
D*mn it!”

After a long time, Pan Xiuwen finally stood up and walked into the depths of the school.
Soon, he arrived in front of a building that was decorated in a modern style.
He opened the door to one of the classrooms.
In the middle of the classroom stood a tall youth standing with his hands behind his back, looking into the distance.

“B-Brother Lei,” Pan Xiuwen said with difficulty.

“You’re back.
How did it go? Did he agree?” the youth asked.

He was Brother Lei that Pan Xiuwen had spoken of.
He was the other direct descendant of the Jiangs, Jiang Lei.

“Brother Lei, he didn’t agree,” Pan Xiuwen finally said after some hesitation.

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“What? He didn’t agree? And then you came back empty-handed?” Jiang Lei instantly turned around, his expression dark as he spoke.
His handsome face was similar to Jiang Yusheng’s.
Anyone could see that the two of them were from the same family and were related.

“I failed.
He managed to defeat me,” Pan Xiuwen said with great difficulty.
He was very unwilling to accept it and even more unwilling to admit it.
However, it was the truth.

“He defeated you?” Jiang Lei’s eyes were full of disbelief.

This situation was beyond his expectation.
He suddenly recalled something about Chu Yunfan that he had not believed when he had looked into Chu Yunfan.
Chu Yunfan had defeated everyone from Calm Ocean City back in Zone 2 and had defeated Jiang Yusheng with one strike.

Such a thing was impossible, even in Donghua City.

Therefore, Jiang Lei had not taken it to heart.
Even if such a thing really happened, it only proved that the standard of Calm Ocean City was too low.
If it was in Donghua City, unless it was that person, such a thing would be impossible because there were many experts in Donghua City.

The image of another person appeared in his mind—invincible!

“Yeah…” Pan Xiuwen said with a hint of embarrassment in his voice.
He did not dare say that he was defeated by Chu Yunfan in one move.

“Then we can’t underestimate Chu Yunfan,” Jiang Lei said.
Then, he waved.
“But it doesn’t matter.
This was originally just a backup plan.
Since he doesn’t want to do it, then forget it.
Hmph, I won’t do it the hard way.
Anyway, when we get to Exile Zone 66, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to deal with Chu Yuntian.
50 million.
I too want this amount of money.”

Jiang Lei’s eyes flashed with a terrifying fierceness.
Originally, he had only wanted to use Chu Yunfan.
But since Chu Yunfan did not know what was good for him, then he could not blame Jiang Lei for being merciless.

50 million was a huge sum of money even for a direct descendant of the Jiangs like himself.

“Forget it.
Let’s not bother with him for now.
When we get to the Exile Zone 66, I’ll take care of both of them at once,” Jiang Lei said, his expression dark.

When Chu Yunfan returned to Calm Ocean City’s lounge, he saw a figure walking out.
That person had a sharp face and a tall figure.
He wore white armor and had a valiant aura.

When Chu Yunfan saw this person, his eyebrows went up slightly.
It was none other than his eldest cousin, Chu Yuntian, who had suppressed him for more than ten years.

When the youth spotted Chu Yunfan, he was somewhat stunned.

“Why are you here?” Chu Yunfan asked.

The two cousins had a fraught relationship.

“I’m just here to look around.
I heard my mother mention it yesterday.
I didn’t expect that you would actually be able to sit for the admission assessment,” Chu Yuntian said indifferently.
There was a slight resemblance between his and Chu Yunfan’s eyebrows.

“Is it strange?” Chu Yunfan raised his eyebrows, a mocking smile on his face.
“Or did you think only you would be able to reach this step?”

Chu Yuntian said, “It is indeed out of my expectations that you can come here.”

Chu Yuntian did not hide his surprise.
It was like anyone in the Chu family could come here except for Chu Yunfan because he was too ordinary.

Chu Yunfan looked at his cousin.
He thought that when he saw Chu Yuntian, he would not be able to help but attack him.
Chu Yuntian was still arrogant and prideful.
But when Chu Yuntian was standing before him, Chu Yunfan realized that he did not hate Chu Yuntian that much.
Or perhaps because his position had changed, so his thoughts were now different.

“I heard from the others that you were called away by Pan Xiuwen earlier,” Chu Yuntian suddenly said.

“Yes, he wanted me to poison you so that you would not be able to participate in the assessment,” Chu Yuntian said indifferently.

Chu Yuntian frowned slightly and finally said, “What an underhanded method.”

Chu Yuntian was not surprised.
He had been enemies with Jiang Lei for a long time.

“You have to be careful too.
Jiang Lei isn’t the type to give up easily,” Chu Yuntian said, “I heard about the Jiang family’s bounty on you.
50 million is not a small amount.
At Exile Zone 66, the inmates there will all be desperate.
With 50 million hanging over your head, you’ll encounter a lot of trouble.”

“I know.
You don’t have to tell me that,” Chu Yunfan said.

After a pause, Chu Yuntian continued, “Do you still think there was something wrong with the way Grandpa did things?

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.
I have the talent, so the resources that were rightfully mine were concentrated on me.
Our family isn’t big after all,” Chu Yuntian said arrogantly, “As for the rest of you… Although Xuan Xuan has talent, she was born with a defect.
And the other two of you don’t have talent.”

Chu Yunfan paused for a moment and said, “I understand why Grandpa acted the way he did, but I can’t accept it.
However, saying these things are meaningless now because I don’t need those things anymore.”

“I know that you’ve always wanted to defeat me.
I’ll give you a chance, but your current strength is not enough.
When you feel that you’re strong enough, come and look for me.” After saying that, Chu Yuntian turned around and left.

“D*mn it.
Still as arrogant as ever,” Chu Yunfan complained under his breath.
Ever since he was young, Chu Yuntian had always acted as if victory was within his grasp.

“Just you wait.
I’m no longer the Chu Yunfan that no one cares about.”

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