Upon hearing this, before Chu Yunfan could say a word, Gao Hongzhi audibly choked.

He knew very well what kind of people were banished to the exile zones.
Killers and arsonists were very common among them.
They were the cancer of society.

Killing such people with a single shot would be letting them off easy.
That was why the Federation Government had gathered them and exiled them to some areas with extremely harsh conditions but where resources were in abundance.
They were to collect resources for humanity and wait until their death to atone for their sins.

And such a place had been picked as their assessment venue.
The danger level of this was unprecedented.
It was undoubtedly a great challenge for the students of Donghua, Xihua, and Ouhua, the three satellite cities.

Every year, Donghua City would have two to three thousand students participate in Federation University’s assessment, not to mention the top ten satellite cities on Earth, as well as the many base cities in Kunlun Realm.
If they were to be grouped together for the assessment, it would be overcrowded.

Therefore, according to custom, they would be assigned to different places for the assessment.
However, they did not expect Donghua City to be sent to a zone with such a harsh environment.
Just the harsh natural environment alone was enough of a challenge.
On top of that, this area was crawling with many vicious villains.
One could only imagine how evil these people were.

“That’s not right.
Exile Zone 66 was taken a long time ago.
The inmates there should have all left by now,” Gao Hongzhi said after some thought.

“They have a chip implanted into them, the chip has a program that allows them to move around only in the exile zone.
If they leave the area, they’ll be hit by the satellite laser cannons in the sky.
That’s why they don’t dare to leave the exile zone,” Tong Xinran said, “Because of that, those inmates have become more and more vicious.
This time, Federation University’s assessment is fraught with danger.
That’s why many who have received the news have already formed small teams.
When the time comes, they’ll move around together.
That’s why we have come to form a team with you.
The six of us can form a small team that isn’t overcrowded or lacking in numbers.”

Chu Yunfan gave it some thought.
This trip was indeed fraught with danger.
Not only was the environment harsh, but the real danger was the vicious criminals.
Just surviving would be difficult enough.
Chu Yunfan did not believe that Federation University had chosen this place as an assessment zone just for fun.
Other than using the hands of death row criminals to train the students, Federation University had chosen this place because they wanted to use the students to get rid of these inmates.

This made Chu Yunfan feel a chill down his spine.
Compared to Federation University’s methods, the training camp organized by Calm Ocean City was just a joke.
It was like playing house.
During the camp, most of the danger had been eliminated for them.
Federation University was not hesitating to throw them into the deepest waters.

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From this, he could tell that both sides had different ideas.
Calm Ocean City had treated them as children—flowers that grow in greenhouses that had to be carefully cared for.
However, Federation University treated them as the elites of human society.
Thus, everything was as it should be.

The students who could participate in the assessment were the elites and the best students.
Even in the army, it was not easy to recruit such an elite force.
The total number of students from the three satellite cities was close to 10,000, which was a very powerful force.
Using the strength of the students to suppress these death row inmates, and at the same time using the death row inmates to train these future students of Federation University was like killing two birds with one stone.

“Sure, I have no objections.” Chu Yunfan nodded.

Tang Siyu and Gao Hongzhi followed Chu Yunfan’s lead.
If Chu Yunfan agreed, the two of them would not object.

“Federation University really thinks highly of us.
They want us to suppress those vicious people,” Gao Hongzhi said.

“It’s because Federation University already regards us as the elites of human society,” Tang Siyu said with a calm expression, “We enjoy the best resources humanity has to offer.
Then struggling and fighting for society should be a given.
Rights and obligations are equal.”

Yu Xinyuan and the other two looked at Tang Siyu in surprise.
They had not expected her to understand this step.
In fact, at their level of cultivation, not only did they enjoy the resources provided by their families, but their school provided them with resources such as teachers, pills, and many other things as well.
They were also provided with various scholarships and experience opportunities.
They could also have access to teaching materials and resources that others could not enjoy.
From the time they entered university, it was not just about enjoying rights.
It was also time for them to shoulder their obligations.

“All right, since we’re on the same team, send me your numbers.
I’ll send you a copy of the information we found on Exile Zone 66.” Yu Xinyuan said.

He was well aware that it was them who had asked the favor of Chu Yunfan.
After all, Chu Yunfan’s strength was clear to see.
Naturally, they had to make up for it in other places.

Chu Yunfan said, “Thank you!”

This could save him a lot of time.
Soon, the information was sent.
He looked at it and his expression became solemn.

The reason why Exile Zone 66 existed was that there was a large spirit stone vein in the center of the area.
With the current market price, even low-grade spirit stones could be sold for 100,000 yuan.
After reaching the Qi Sea Stage, one could absorb the Spirit Energy in the spirit stones.
Its effects would be at least several times faster than absorbing the free Spirit Energy that hung in the air.
This was a very important factor in the rapid improvement of those rich and powerful children.
They were not short of money, and low-grade spirit stones were a common consumable among them.

This large-scale spirit stone vein was on the verge of drying up after decades of mining, and there had been calls for it to be abandoned in recent years.
Because the environment here was harsh.
According to the investigation of experts in Exile Zone 66, it was very likely that this was an ancient battlefield where peerless experts had fought.
Thus, the Spirit Energy was extremely chaotic and formed terrifying Spirit Energy storms.

This violent form of Spirit Energy could not be absorbed.
If one were to forcefully absorb it, it would cause severe injuries to all the meridians in one’s body.
The moment one absorbed it, one’s meridians would be crippled.
In the worst-case scenario, even one’s Dantian would be crippled.

In such a harsh place, if there were no spirit stone veins, what was the use of remaining there? Thus, the call to abolish it arose.

And this group of students might be the last to step foot in there.

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