For many, a month was just a blink of an eye.
However, for the students who were preparing for the college entrance examinations, it was a race against time.
Every minute and every second were so important that they could not let go of any of it.

But no matter how unwilling they were, the month passed.

Numerous topics regarding the college entrance examinations began to spring up.
Although the exams happened only once a year, every time this season came around, it would become society’s focus of attention.

In the city that was as warm as spring, in the high-end Spirit Moon Community, in the outdoor training field.

Two figures were clashing on the training field, exchanging blows at lightning speed.




A saber and a long sword collided in midair, causing sparks to fly everywhere.
The two figures crossed each other and faced each other from afar.

One of the two figures was Chu Yunfan, while the other was Liu Yushu, both of whom lived in the same district.

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In a short time, the two sides had exchanged more than a dozen blows.

“I now believe that you single-handedly defeated the elites of Calm Ocean City,” Liu Yushu said in a crisp and pleasant voice.

There was a hint of yearning on her face as if she could see Chu Yunfan’s shocking battles back then.

“It’s a pity that father and I had gone out of town to deal with the company affairs at that time.
Otherwise, we would’ve been able to see it,” Liu Yushu said as she sighed regretfully.

She was one of the top ten students of Calm Ocean City’s No.
1 High.
If she had not been delayed by something, she would have participated in the training camp.
She would then have been able to witness the battle that had become a legend.

Even though Chu Yunfan’s defeat of Jiang Yusheng was quite shocking, it was still far from the shock of him defeating all the elites of Calm Ocean City alone.

After that, this battle became a legend.
After the students returned to their respective schools, it quickly spread among all the high schoolers in Calm Ocean City.

During this period, if you could not say a few words about this matter, you would be regarded as outdated.

A number one high schooler in Calm Ocean City was born every year.
However, defeating all the elites of Calm Ocean City alone was something that was rarely seen.

Liu Yushu was incredulous.
Just half a year ago, Chu Yunfan was a student in the Physical Stage who had not even reached the Qi Sea Realm.
There were a lot of such students in Calm Ocean City.

But now, Chu Yunfan had become the number one high schooler in Calm Ocean City.
Jiang Yusheng had died unexpectedly at the training camp.
This matter was a hot topic for a while, but it soon passed.
People had come to accept this matter and accept Chu Yunfan’s position.
No one was blind enough to provoke Chu Yunfan, because he had not only defeated Jiang Yusheng, but he had also defeated the top three in every division.
He had even defeated the top five.
Those people could not even withstand a single strike from Chu Yunfan.
The difference in strength between them could be seen in this.

Therefore, Chu Yunfan’s rise to the top was very smooth and did not carry the slightest ripple.

Chu Yunfan smiled.
He withdrew all the strength in his body and kept the weighted suit on him turned on.

In the blink of an eye, more than a month had passed.
The college entrance exams would begin the day after tomorrow.

In this one month, Chu Yunfan’s strength had taken another step forward.
Not only had he broken through from the third level of the Energy Refinement Stage to the fourth after killing Jiang Yusheng, but he had also reached the peak.

With his current strength, he estimated that if he turned off the restraints of the weighted suit, it would not be difficult for him to easily defeat a fifth-level Energy Refinement Stage expert.
Even if he did not turn it off, it would be easy for him to defeat a fourth-level Energy Refinement Stage expert.

And to achieve this level, Chu Yunfan had put in a lot of effort.
Only he was the clearest about it.
He trained every day and night, not relaxing even for a moment.

After going through this series of events, he realized that he was still too weak.
Whether it was the Jiangs or the Monster Cult, they were both enormous behemoths to him.
If he did not want to be crushed to death by such behemoths, he could only try his best to increase his strength.

When he looked at Liu Yushu, he felt a sense of absent-mindedness.
In the blink of an eye, the entire third year of high school had passed.
All that time, Liu Yushu had been undefeated.
She was an elite student of the high and mighty Calm Ocean City’s No.
1 High, but now, she was no longer able to block even ten of his explosive moves.

“The two of you are improving so quickly.
Sigh, I really can’t compare to you two freaks.”

A sigh sounded.
Gao Hongzhi, who was holding a spear, said gloomily as he stood outside the ring.

Tang Siyu stood beside him.
There was a faint smile on her exquisite face as if she was already very satisfied with the scene before her.

Over the past month, Chu Yunfan would often invite the two of them to his new home to spar and train.
To be more precise, it was Chu Yunfan who guided them in their cultivation.

Although Chu Yunfan’s cultivation level was only slightly higher than theirs, he had the memories of the Alchemy Emperor.
Although the Alchemy Emperor was not a martial arts master, he had been a great figure.

Under Chu Yunfan’s guidance, Gao Hongzhi and Tang Siyu’s cultivation improved by leaps and bounds.
Later on, Liu Yushu joined the ranks, and the four of them often spared and exchanged blows to improve themselves.

Chu Yunfan’s improvement was naturally the fastest, followed by Tang Siyu and Liu Yushu.
They were both at the peak of the third level of the Energy Refinement Stage, with Gao Hongzhi’s cultivation level being the lowest.
However, he was at the peak of the second level of the Energy Refinement Stage and was only one step away from stepping into the third level.

Although he complained, Gao Hongzhi was extremely satisfied because he knew that he had already exceeded expectations.
As for the other three, Liu Yushu’s foundation over the years was deeper than theirs.
She had stepped into the Energy Refinement Stage long ago.
Only Chu Yunfan and Tang Siyu had improved at an astonishing speed.
It was truly abnormal.

“Siyu, let’s spar for a bit.
I don’t want to continue fighting this freak.
It’s a huge blow to my confidence,” Liu Yushu said to Tang Siyu, completely ignoring Chu Yunfan.

Tang Siyu nodded.
With a leap, she flew into the ring and landed like a gentle butterfly.

Chu Yunfan left the ring.
Usually, he would train by himself.
If he wanted to spar, he would look for the bodyguards that he had hired.
Although Liu Yushu and the others were elite students, they would not be able to hold out for long if Chu Yunfan fought at full strength.
Only those Acquired Stage bodyguards would be able to let him do what he wanted.

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