“It’s a Thunder Winged Beast! How is this possible?!”

Jiang Yusheng cried out in shock.
At this moment, the remaining experts of the Jiangs turned to surround and shield Jiang Yusheng.
These were instincts that had been formed after many years of training.
Their expressions were solemn and not as relaxed as before.
Clearly, they too understood just how troublesome a Thunder Winged Beast was.
It could even be said to be terrifying.

Jiang Yusheng looked at the Thunder Winged Beast squatting beside Chu Yunfan and immediately understood that Chu Yunfan had tamed this beast.
It was no wonder Chu Yunfan had dared to come.
It was not because Chu Yunfan had come here to sacrifice himself, but because Chu Yunfan really intended to finish him off.

“What a pity.
In the end, it was enough,” Chu Yunfan sighed.
The series of events just now were all part of his calculations.

From the beginning, he could feel that the old man was very strong.
He was probably not a weakling in the Acquired Stage.
In comparison, the Thunder Winged Beast was only at the start of the Acquired Stage.
The beast would naturally be able to sweep away ordinary Energy Refinement Stage experts.
However, it would be very difficult to win against an experienced Acquired Stage expert.
It was therefore only possible to delay the old man.

However, what Chu Yunfan wanted to do was not just this.
He wanted to destroy all of them right here.
Jiang Yusheng’s actions had crossed the line, and Chu Yunfan was ready to draw blood.

That was why he had pretended to attack Jiang Yusheng and lured the old man to save him.
Unfortunately, the old man was much stronger than he had anticipated and had managed to dodge the fatal blow from the Thunder Winged Beast.
Fortunately, the strike had severely injured him.
With a body made of flesh and blood, he could not unleash 100% of his strength after being injured to such an extent.

“Such cunningness,” the old man said.

It was obvious that Chu Yunfan had been trying to lure him into this trap.
When he looked at Chu Yunfan, his eyes were filled with deep fear.

Young people at this age often liked to be straightforward.
Only a few would be so cunning, and such people were the most terrifying.

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However, just through scheming, those without courage would not achieve great feats.
The opponent of the Young Master dared to come alone, but Chu Yunfan was not rash.
He was courageous and cunning.
If such a person was not eliminated, he would become a thorn in his side.

He then looked at Chu Yun fan with eyes filled with killing intent.

“Young Master, I’ll hold off the Thunder Winged Beast.
Quickly kill this brat.
This person is extremely cunning, we can’t let him live on!” the old man shouted.
He forcefully controlled the muscles in his body and stopped bleeding.
The heavy sword in his hand slashed down toward the Thunder Winged Beast.

The Thunder Winged Beast roared and pounced on the old man.
The two Acquired Stage beings collided.
Although the Thunder Winged Beast did not cultivate True Energy, it was born with Demonic Energy.
The two sides exchanged blows, emitting a strong wave of energy.
The collision of True Energy and Demonic Energy was extremely dazzling.

On the other side, Jiang Yusheng looked at Chu Yunfan coldly and said, “You think you can kill me? Go, chop him up into minced meat!”

Among the remaining seven high-level Energy Refinement Stage experts, three of them split up and flew toward Chu Yunfan.
The remaining four protected Jiang Yusheng.
Not only were they keeping Chu Yunfan within their sights, but they were also keeping an eye on the dense forest around them.
At this moment, the monster swarm was gradually expanding and could reach here at any moment.
If Jiang Yusheng had not insisted, why would they have come here when the monster swarm was closing in?

Chu Yunfan raised his eyes, and with a flip of his palm, a bottle appeared in his hand.
He swallowed the One-Stripe Purple-Gold Pill.


The One-Stripe Purple-Gold Pill turned into a wave of energy that surged into his limbs and bones.
The terrifying wave of energy caused the strength in his body to increase tremendously!

His strength, which had just broken through to the second level of the Energy Refinement Stage, began to increase.
In a short period, he had already reached the peak of the second level of the Energy Refinement Stage.

At this time, the trio had arrived in front of him.
Three weapons instantly attacked Chu Yunfan from three directions.

The trio had clearly practiced joint attacks.
Without communicating, they had instantly made a decision and attacked Chu Yunfan simultaneously.
They did not leave any space for Chu Yunfan to dodge.

‘He’s dead for sure!’ Jiang Yusheng thought as he looked at the scene in front of him with a sinister smile on his face.
No matter how many trump cards Chu Yunfan had, they were useless in front of absolute strength.

However, he would never have expected Chu Yunfan to use mysterious footwork and dodge the attacks with strange movements.
All three of the Energy Refinement Stage experts of the Jiangs missed their mark.

“Go! Kill him! We can’t let him get away!” Jiang Yusheng shouted.
He then jumped out and attacked Chu Yunfan as well.

Although Chu Yunfan’s trump cards were constantly beyond Jiang Yusheng’s expectations, Chu Yunfan was only in the second level of the Energy Refinement Stage after all.

In Jiang Yusheng’s hand was also a heavy sword, which was almost the same size as him.
When the sword slashed down, it was as if it could cut through the air.

“Good, you are here to die!” Chu Yunfan shouted.
Facing Jiang Yusheng who was charging at him, he was not afraid at all.
Not only did he not retreat, but he charged forward instead.

In Chu Yunfan’s body, his power was still increasing.
The barrier that he felt was extremely strong was broken in an instant, and the terrifying medicinal power was still increasing.

The third level of the Energy Refinement Stage!

Chu Yunfan had charged into the third level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
There was no obstruction at all, and the gap between his strength and Jiang Yusheng’s was getting smaller and smaller.


The saber and the heavy sword collided in mid-air, and a huge clash was heard.
The two sides’ True Energy collided, and the explosion instantly occurred.

Jiang Yusheng let out a miserable cry.
He was sent flying back at a faster speed than when he had been charging over.
He crashed into a towering ancient tree, causing cracks to appear on the tree.


Jiang Yusheng spat out a mouthful of blood.
He felt intense pain all over his body as if all his bones had been broken one by one.

He looked at Chu Yunfan in utter disbelief.
What was going on? It was different from the previous slash.
That slash was imbued with the power of Heaven and Earth, augmenting Chu Yunfan’s blade force to a terrifying level.

And it was just an ordinary attack!

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