Everything was over in the blink of an eye.
The Thunder Winged Beast that had charged out immediately took a life without stopping for even a second.

The physical qualities of humans were vastly different from that of monsters!

“Thunder Winged Beast!”

The other Monster Cult spy shouted those words in shock.
He did not know how the Thunder Winged Beast had appeared, nor where it had come from.

The muscular cult spy was familiar with how dangerous Thunder Winged Beasts were.
The army had mentioned this monster many times.
An adult Thunder Winged Beast, could completely turn the tide during a monster swarm.
It would not be a problem for it to take down a fortress in one fell swoop.
And although this Thunder Winged Beast was still underage, it was still terrifying to him.

Instantly, the muscular cult spy decided to turn around and run.
He did not even have the guts to take another look at it.
If he turned around, it would be the same as courting death.

“Get him!” Chu Yunfan roared, and the Thunder Wing Beast turned into a blue lightning bolt and chased after the spy.

The muscular cult spy was fast.
But no matter how fast he was, he could not possibly be faster than the Thunder Wing Beast.
In mere seconds, the beast had caught up with him.

The cult spy revealed his ferocity and turned around to attack the Thunder Wing Beast.
However, his strength was far inferior to that of the beast.
His attack could not shake it in the slightest.

The sturdiest part of the Thunder Wing Beast was naturally the parts covered by bone armor.
However, the extremely soft azure hair on its body was also extremely tough.
This made it difficult for swords to hurt it.

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In just a moment, the Thunder Wing Beast’s claw sliced through the cult spy’s neck, and his head was sent flying.

The difference between the Acquired Stage and the Energy Refinement Stage was reflected vividly.

Chu Yunfan suddenly felt very lucky.
Back then, he was indeed lucky to have been able to kill Zuo Wenbin.
Zuo Wenbin was a master of the Acquired Stage, and at that time, they were only at the Sea Qi Stage.

Chu Yunfan did not have the time to clean up the bodies.
He took some photos and stored them away, waiting for the time to pass them on to Xue Bailong.
These two people were definitely not the only ones with such a degree of corruption.
Even though these two were dead, Xue Bailong could start from the troops where the two spies had been and seek out the other corrupted soldiers.

Ever since Chu Yunfan knew that he was being targeted by the Monster Cult, he no longer had any hope of being lucky.
Unless he died or the cult was destroyed, there would be no chance for either side to ease up.
Attacking the cult now would buy him enough time to get even stronger.

‘Sooner or later, I will completely rid society of the Monster Cult!’ Chu Yunfan still remembered the ridiculous and unbelievable oath he had made.

Soon, Chu Yunfan continued his journey toward the training grounds.
The closer he got to the training ground and Base 15, the more monsters there were.
Big battles were breaking out everywhere.
The bombardment of missiles and cannons went on non-stop.

Although the human warriors of modern society were very powerful, only Energy Refinement Stage warriors could be killed by modern cannons.
No matter how powerful they were, they would be killed instantly.
There was no other possibility.

The result was the same even for Acquired Stage experts.
There would be no remains if it were Energy Refinement Stage martial artists.
At least Acquired Stage experts would leave some residue.

In such a dangerous place, human lives were just a string of numbers.
Regardless of whether they were swallowed up by the surging monsters or blasted to pieces by the cannons, the result was the same.

‘With such a large-scale battle, the students should have retreated to Base 15.
Looks like I have to get back to the base as well,’ Chu Yunfan thought to himself.

Suddenly, he received a text.
The message was from Gao Hongzhi’s phone, but it was not signed by Gao Hongzhi, but by Jiang Yusheng.


Chu Yunfan cursed out loud.
Jiang Yusheng had captured Gao Hongzhi and asked Chu Yunfan to come by himself.
Otherwise, he would throw Gao Hongzhi into the monster swarm.
If that happened, Gao Hongzhi would die for sure.

Chu Yunfan suddenly felt quite lucky because Jiang Yusheng did not know that he had left the wilderness survival training ground when he was being hunted by the cult.
If he had not come back, it would have been too late to save Gao Hongzhi.

Jiang Yusheng had captured Tang Siyu previously, but he did not harm her in the end and only caused resentment between the two of them, but Jiang Yusheng had crossed the line.
He originally did not want to completely offend Jiang Yusheng.
After all, he represented the Jiang family.
But now, he did not have any other choice.

‘Jiang Yusheng, since you want to die, I’ll kill you!’ Chu Yunfan was furious.

Jiang Yusheng had pulled such a thing.
He was willing to cross any line.
Letting such a person live would only bring endless trouble.

In any case, everything was a big mess now.
The monster swarm and the human army had broken out in battle.
There were fights everywhere.
In such a place, it was normal for someone to be killed.
Even if it was a direct descendant of the Jiangs.

No matter how furious the Jiangs were after the incident, what could they do?!

Moreover, Chu Yunfan had no choice now.
Jiang Yusheng had pushed him to the edge of the cliff.


Chu Yunfan used the Heavenly Deity Nine Transformations, and he looked like a god as he flew rapidly toward the direction of the coordinates Jiang Yusheng had given him.

The further Chu Yunfan entered the dense forest, the more monsters he could see charging toward Base 15.
On several occasions, he had to rely on the Thunder Winged Beast to scare the monsters away.
Otherwise, there would inevitably be a series of big battles.

Finally, Chu Yunfan rushed into a dense forest.
There were towering ancient trees everywhere.
Only a few faint rays of light could be seen shining down, forming small pools of light.
Even high-tech satellites could not capture videos of such a place.
It was truly a good location to kill people and steal their goods.
Chu Yunfan immediately understood why Jiang Yusheng had chosen this place.

At this moment, Jiang Yusheng appeared in front of Chu Yunfan.
He was wearing a full set of armor and looked extremely imposing.
Under his feet was a person.
Who else could that person be but Gao Hongzhi?

Gao Hongzhi was heavily injured.
His armor had been destroyed and he looked very weak.

There were about seven or eight people beside Jiang Yusheng.
Each of them looked well-trained, and their auras were extremely powerful.
The weakest of them was in the extremely profound Energy Refinement Stage.

The leader of the group was an old man who looked like he was in his sixties or seventies.
Among the group of people wearing armor, he was wearing only a martial arts suit.
This made him extremely eye-catching.

However, Chu Yunfan immediately felt an extremely powerful threat.

An Acquired Stage expert!

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