Five days later, Chu Yunfan sat on the cushion with his legs crossed in his room in the middle of the night.

He was ready to break through to Internal Observation!

For the past five days, he had been going to school and cultivating as usual daily.
He would go to Liu Yushu’s place after school to give her pointers on her Devilish Tiger Punch’s cultivation.

Everything went on as usual!

Class Monitor Feng Deying did not challenge him over the past few days.
He clearly wanted to thoroughly thrash him in the battle half a month later to win his dignity back.

However, that was perfect for Chu Yunfan.
He did not have to think about anything else.

Liu Yushu’s cultivation in the Devilish Tiger Punch was improving gradually.
Although she had yet to reach the Perfection Stage, it was only a matter of time.

She was only one step away from understanding it and breaking through!

Meanwhile, Chu Yunfan’s role was clear.
If he did not give her pointers with his experience as a person who had been through it himself, she would not have improved so quickly!

Nonetheless, Chu Yunfan had no idea when she would break through to the Perfection Stage.
The reason being comprehension was different from cultivation.
One could cultivate little by little, whereas with comprehension, you either understood it or you did not.
There was nothing in between.

Meanwhile, Chu Yunfan was a step away from getting to Internal Observation, but he had yet to achieve it.

Throughout the past few days, he had been working on consolidating Blood Renewal before working towards Internal Observation.

Although the Body Refining Pill was expensive, its effect was amazing.
Breaking through to Blood Renewal on his own strength would have taken a long time, and then he would need even more time to get it solid.

Instead, he had reached the peak of Blood Renewal in a few days.
The effect of the Body Refining Pill had fully manifested.

On the other hand, he was always a step behind whenever he was trying to break through to Internal Observation.
It just exhausted too much of his mind whenever he went into the state of Internal Observation.

He began to break through that night.

He focused everything he could to pay attention to his body.

Muscles, bones, meridians.
Everything in his body appeared in his head, as if he was having an X-ray.

As more and more images imprinted in his head, he gradually felt strained.
Internal Observation exhausted one’s mind a little too much.

Theoretically, the first problem of cultivation was only developing one’s mind instead of one’s life.
So-called wisdom cultivation and life cultivation were actually the cultivation of one’s physical body and mental strength.

The cultivation of the Physical Stage would mean the refinement of one’s physique.
It was the cultivation of the body.
Conversely, the mind would be the cultivation of one’s mental ability.

The main reason it was difficult for one to achieve Internal Observation was that one was cultivating the physical body at the Physical Stage, whereas the cultivation of mental ability was lacking.
It would be easy for people with great mental strength and determination to break through to Internal Observation.
It would be very difficult for those who were weak-willed and lacked the mental capacity for it.

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Meanwhile, Internal Observation was also proof of the accuracy of wisdom cultivation and life cultivation.
If one cultivated only wisdom or life, they would be walking on one leg on the path of cultivation.
It was impossible that they would get to the end.

Naturally, the physical body was the foundation of everything.
Mental cultivation could not be done without sufficient cultivation of the physique.

According to modern cultivation documents, one’s brain would develop as one cultivated.
Divine abilities would emerge in them, and they would become incredibly strong.
They could do anything, like an immortal.

However, it was impossible for all this power to appear out of thin air when divine abilities were activated.
It needed the strength of one’s physical body to support it.
Otherwise, those with unimaginable mental strength would die as soon as they performed their divine abilities.
They would exhaust all of the energy in their body.

Although Chu Yunfan did not make it the first time, he managed to perfect the observation of the images in his head each time he tried to break through.
The efficiency was stunning.

After just a few days, he had already mastered observing most of his body simultaneously.

Not knowing how long had passed, he felt that he had reached his limit again.
His head began to hurt, but he had improved significantly compared to the day before.

“No, I must go on!”

Chu Yunfan clenched his teeth.
This time, he planned to hold on to it forcefully.
There was only a small portion left that he could not grasp in his Internal Observation.

He did not have much time left.
His fight with Feng Deying was in ten days, so he had to break through to Qi Nourishment.

At that moment, he felt as if there were countless needles poking his head.
Not knowing how long had passed, he felt a stream in his body all of a sudden.
It flowed throughout his entire body, eventually reaching his head.

Suddenly, the piercing pain in his head vanished, and he entered an exceedingly clear state.

The last portion of his body that he had been unable to contain was now included among his Internal Observation images.

“Did I break through to Internal Observation?”

Chu Yunfan soon confirmed that he had indeed broken through to Internal Observation, but he was only at the preliminary stage.

In reality, Internal Observation was an ancient cultivation method.
It was a meditation technique, refining the human body as an entire universe.
It would deepen the control of the body continuously, cultivating their mental power.

There was no end to it!

At that moment, Chu Yunfan could vaguely sense the existence of some of the bigger meridians.
It was said that those skillfull martial artists could even feel their blood vessels, and some could sense the existence of cells when they gazed internally.
Only then, could it be said to be mastered.

In reality, they had to break through Internal Observation before activating their qi sea.
This was because the amount of True Energy in one’s body would surpass its normal capacity after the qi sea was activated.
If they did not master it, they could be overwhelmed by recklessness.
The True Energy would devour them.

The more they could control their body, the less likely they would encounter such blowback.
Some could even cultivate True Energy to be an instinct of their body by then.

In any case, he was proficient enough in Internal Observation for him to proceed to the next stage, Qi Nourishment.

However, just when he was going to exit the state of Internal Observation, he suddenly noticed something.
He saw that there was something in his upper dantian that reflected in his mind.
Although he could sense its shape and size, it shocked him.

Was that not the Godhead that the Alchemy Emperor and many other Emperors fought for in the Ancient Zenith civilization?

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