“Li, where’s the person you were talking about?” the big man with the curly beard asked as he pointed at the owner of the medicinal store, “Where is he?”

There’s no other way in or out of here.
I have cameras installed at the entrance.
I’ve been watching him.
He couldn’t possibly have gotten away!” the shop owner said in a strange tone.

Then he immediately said, “The furnace is still hot.
He can’t have gotten far.
He must have just left.”

The alchemical furnace was still hot.
In other words, Chu Yunfan must have still been at the furnace just moments ago and could not have gotten far.

“Find him.
No matter where he runs off to, we can’t let this alchemist escape,” the curly-bearded man shouted.
Back within the city, a kidnapping such as this would undoubtedly be a huge matter.
However, in this wild black market, it was a very common thing.

Just as the curly-bearded man finished speaking, a black blade light appeared out of thin air and ruthlessly descended.
It slashed down on the bearded man.


The curly-bearded man was completely unprepared.
Although his cultivation level was commendable, he could not possibly be prepared against such a sudden sneak attack.

He died instantly.
His head was chopped off.

Fresh blood splattered out in all directions.

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This sudden attack shocked the others.
They had not expected to be attacked here, and it was such an unexpected one.

Spatial equipment was high-level equipment.
It was not something that ordinary people could come into contact with.
Moreover, even spatial equipment had never been able to hide living things.
This kind of ability was a legend among spatial equipment.
This was the reason why the Blood Wolf members had been caught off guard.

“Who the hell?” Li the shop owner roared.
Then, a black blade light slashed down, instantly cutting into his face.
He was caught off guard and his head exploded.
The human body was ultimately unable to contend against divine weapons.

The second time, the other Blood Wolf members were already on high alert.
After all, they had experienced hundreds of battles and were able to survive in the wild black market.
Of course, they were not without any combat experience.
They all took out their weapons and continuously chopped and waved them in the air, wanting to stop these attacks that were appearing out of nowhere.

But how could they resist? Most of their forces had just entered the Energy Refinement Stage and were considered elites within mercenary groups.
But this time was completely different from when Chu Yunfan faced Chu Zhiguo.
Now, Chu Yunfan had also entered the Energy Refinement Stage and was not afraid of these people.

With the help of the Mountain River Diagram, Chu Yunfan flashed in and out.
Every time he flashed, he killed one member of the Blood Wolf Gang.
In an instant, he had killed all these people.

Chu Yunfan let out a slight sigh of relief.
If he were to face them head-on, these people would have been difficult to deal with.
Just the curly-bearded man alone was not inferior to Jiang Yusheng.
He was even stronger.
The others had been at least the second or third level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
If they had surrounded him in this narrow space, it would certainly have been a death sentence.

After killing all the people who wanted to kill him, Chu Yunfan knew that he could not linger.
Black markets were lawless places and it was dangerous for him to be here as a person without any foundation.
The Blood Wolf Gang was certainly not made up of only these few.
They must have many other members.

Since he was going to leave, he could not let others benefit.
Chu Yunfan gathered all the medicinal herbs in the storeroom, the alchemical furnace in the alchemy lab, and the wood used to light the fire.
He replicated the alchemy lab into the Mountain River Diagram.

Modern alchemy labs were different from ancient ones, especially the two types of furnace fires used to concoct pills.
One was lit using technology, while the other was lit using firewood.
And not just any wood.
At the very least, it had to be a hundred-year-old wood before it barely met the standard.
However, the pills made out of younger wood would not be of very high quality.
The more powerful the pill, the higher the temperature of the fire needed.
The most powerful pills could only be concocted using Spirit Wood filled with Spirit Energy.

Currently, although many trees on Earth had absorbed Spirit Energy and grown big and tall, they would not necessarily grow into Spirit Wood.
These sorts of trees could only be found within the Kunlun Realm.
Consequently, this made Spirit Wood very expensive.

This medicinal shop was only a small shop, however.
It did not carry any Spirit Wood.
It was a pity for Chu Yunfan.
In modern society, almost everyone was used to transferring money.
Few people would keep cash on themselves.
Therefore, other than some medicinal herbs, he did not get anything else from the people he had just killed.
However, these medicinal herbs were not cheap.
They were at least equivalent to tens of millions of dollars.
And these were only the medicinal herbs in the warehouse.
One could imagine how much wealth the shop owner had.
It was at least tens of millions of dollars worth of wealth.

However, Chu Yunfan realized that the shop owner probably had someone behind him.
Otherwise, he, who was only in the Energy Refinement Stage, would not be sitting on tens of millions of dollars worth of wealth.
In such a place like the black market, would this be courting death? The black market was different from the city.
In the city, there were strong legal restrictions.
In the black market, everything depended on the size of the fist.
A person in the Energy Refinement Stage with such a huge fortune was truly courting death.

This further confirmed Chu Yunfan’s previous guess.
These black markets were probably not simple.
They probably had some background behind them.
For example, Bai Hong the alchemist expert was able to obtain information about these black markets within minutes.

However, Chu Yunfan was not conflicted over killing these people.
They had wanted to kill him.
Was he supposed to just give in?

After taking stock of the ingredients he had obtained, Chu Yunfan recalled a certain pill.
It was called the One-Stripe Purple-gold Pill.
This pill was derived from an incomplete formula that the Alchemy Emperor had obtained back then.
It was said that this pill had been made by a super ancient Almighty.
It was originally called the Nine-Stripe Purple-gold Pill.
It was rumored that after consuming this pill, one’s strength would increase by leaps and bounds overnight and would continue to rise even the next day.

However, the formula for this pill had long been lost and now only exists in legends.
The Alchemy Emperor had derived three pill formulas based on the fragmented original.
They were divided into three types: one-stripe three-stripe, and six-stripe.

The One-stripe Purple-gold Pill was suitable for warriors with a lower strength to consume.
Once consumed, it would instantly raise one’s strength by a level.
Moreover, the medicinal efficacy would not dissipate for quite some time and the effects on one’s strength would be sizable.

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