As Lan Huanyu’s head was sent flying, he had an incredulous expression on his face.
He could not believe that he could not block even a single strike from Chu Yunfan.
He barely even had time to react.
He was utterly defeated.

Although Chu Yunfan had launched a surprise attack, Lan Huayu had been prepared.
He had already been thrashed by Chu Yunfan once before, so how could he not be? Even though he seemed relaxed, in reality, he was almost holding his breath in anxiety.
But when faced with Chu Yunfan’s surprise attack, he still could not block it.
He was instantly defeated by Chu Yunfan.

‘I’ve lost!’ This was Lan Huanyu’s last thought.

This was Chu Yunfan’s only chance.
He seized this opportunity and instantly killed Lan Huanyu.
He then created a path of escape and fled.


Chu Yunfan called upon the Heavenly Deity Nine Transformations and rushed away.
In an instant, he had broken out of the encirclement and charged to the other side of the dense forest.
And the moment he charged out, two other figures appeared where he had been standing.
These two were spies sent by the Monster Cult.
They were as fast as lightning, especially that plump soldier.
He was carrying a hammer the size of a human, yet he had such astonishing speed.
This was true innate divine strength to an exaggerated extent.

“Go!” the two shouted and gave chase.

They were much physically fitter than Chu Yunfan and they were as fast as lightning.
In just a few seconds, they were on his tail.
But the two quickly discovered that Chu Yunfan was extremely fast.
His cultivation was at the second level of the Energy Refinement Stage, but his speed was on par with theirs.
More importantly, with some miraculous footwork, he managed to continuously dodge their pursuit.



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The huge hammer continuously smashed onto the ground, leaving huge marks along the way.
The entire ground trembled.
Chu Yunfan was speechless.
Even if this was innate divine strength, this was way too exaggerated.
It was so exaggerated that it was almost abnormal.
Although Chu Yunfan was very strong compared to ordinary people—seeing as how he could often suppress his opponent’s heavy weapons with just one hand— compared to this terrifying strength, his strength was nothing.
If this terrifyingly huge hammer landed on a person, they would probably die instantly.
Even if Jiang Yusheng were the one to be hit, every bone in his body would be shattered at the very least.
At the worst, he would die instantly.

When one’s strength reached a certain level, their opponent’s speed and techniques would be nothing more than a joke.
All of it was completely useless.

In a short while, Chu Yunfan had reached the edge of the dense forest.
From afar, one could see the electromagnetic wall right in front of them.
It emitted a terrifying energy field, giving one an extremely dangerous feeling.

“Hahaha, you won’t be able to escape!” the hulking soldier had caught up and laughed loudly.

Beside him, the plump soldier was wielding his hammer.
He was glaring at Chu Yunfan, who had run to the side of the wall.
He did not panic.
He ran over toward the wall and a passage opened up, allowing Chu Yunfan to pass through the wall.

“Sh*t, we forgot about this.”

Only then did the two spies remember that each student’s number plate contained an electronic password that allowed them to pass through the electromagnetic wall.
This was to keep the students from accidentally coming into contact with the electromagnetic wall.
It was a preventative measure to protect the students, and at this moment, it had played a positive role.

The two spies hurriedly gave chase.
They too had the number plate of a soldier on them and could pass through this electromagnetic wall.
However, Chu Yunfan had already used this short period to run far ahead.
Although Chu Yunfan’s physical fitness could not be compared to these two, his footwork was astonishing.

“Give chase! I don’t believe that he can persist at this speed for long!”

The plump soldier immediately chased after Chu Yunfan.

The two of them instantly gave chase.
However, when the two had almost caught up to him, Chu Yunfan turned and hid behind the backs of some huge rocks.
When the two of them reached these rocks, they realized that they had lost him.

“How is this possible? I clearly saw him taking cover behind these rocks,” the plump soldier said.

“Impossible, he couldn’t have gotten far.
Let’s split up and search for him.
If we don’t catch him, you know what the branch leader will do to us,” the muscular soldier said.

The plump soldier was instantly frightened as if he had thought of something extremely terrifying.
The two of them split up and searched for Chu Yunfan.
After some time, the plump soldier suddenly appeared near the rocks again.
He saw that there were still no signs of anyone.

“How is this possible? There really isn’t anyone here,” The plump soldier was puzzled.
“Could he really not be here?”

Thinking of this, the plump soldier quickly rushed off.

After a while, Chu Yunfan’s figure finally appeared from behind one of the huge rocks.

“That plump soldier is vigilant,” Chu Yunfan said as he frowned slightly.

Chu Yunfan had taken the opportunity to hide behind the huge rocks and entered the space within the Mountain River Diagram, thus escaping the pursuit of the duo.
He had not expected them to be so vigilant.
It was clear that they suspected that Chu Yunfan was still hiding in the same place, so they pretended to have left.
They turned back, intending to catch him off guard.
Fortunately, Chu Yunfan was vigilant as well.
Otherwise, he might have been caught red-handed.

Now that he had escaped the duo’s pursuit, Chu Yunfan finally had time to think.
He thought that he was hidden in the shadows while the cult was the one squarely in the limelight.
With their size, they should not have noticed him at all.
The only time he had interacted with the cult was when he saved his sister.
He had not expected that the cult had noticed him and even set up a trap to get rid of him.

This meant that Chu Yunfan was in even more danger than he originally thought.
He was right to have moved houses.
Otherwise, the cult would have long taken action.

Chu Yunfan looked around.
He was currently far away from the area of the survival program.

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