Word of Jiang Wusheng wanting to kill him quickly reached Chu Yunfan through Gao Hongzhi and Tang Siyu.

A reward of a million yuan was not a small sum.
In the wild, human lives were cheap.
One million yuan was definitely enough to buy a person’s life.

Chu Yunfan was not bothered.
It would not be so easy for Jiang Yusheng to kill him.
If things went sideways, he could hide in the Mountain River Diagram.
If need be, he could hide in the space within the Mountain River Diagram and wait for the survival program to end.

However, he chose not to do so because he needed this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to improve his strength.
If he could advance to the third level of the Energy Refinement Stage within this period, then he would certainly be able to enter Federation University.
There was not much time left.
This was the final stretch and he was not about to give up.

However, the area the survival program was being carried out in was only 20 kilometers wide in all directions.
Even though Chu Yunfan did not want to, he still encountered other students.
After all, there were thousands of students who had entered this range.
Although Chu Yunfan instantly disappeared the moment someone spotted him, news of him continued to spread.
It was as if Jiang Yusheng was possessed.
He did not give a d*mn about the survival program.
He only wanted to capture Chu Yunfan and tear him to pieces.

The area where Chu Yunfan could hide was shrinking.
If this continued, the two sides would meet sooner or later.
There would inevitably be another big battle.

Chu Yunfan was not afraid.
After stepping into the second level of the Energy Refinement Stage, his strength had increased.
Jiang Yusheng had brought a few people with him.
But other than him, the rest were not a threat to him.

In the depths of the dense forest, two students in armor were walking slowly through the thicket.
They were holding weapons in their hands and looked very cautious.
In such a dangerous environment, neither of them dared to relax.

“We have to be careful.
Although we are getting closer and closer to Chu Yunfan, it’s also getting more and more dangerous.
Don’t forget that he’s the person who single-handedly overthrew Zone 2,” one of the two said.

“It won’t be a problem.
As long as we are careful, what can Chu Yunfan do? What kind of waves can he create?” the other said, “Jiang Yusheng is nearby.
We just have to stall him and Jiang Yusheng will rush over.
When the time comes, Chu Yunfan will be dead meat.”

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“Jiang Yusheng is going through so much trouble just to deal with Chu Yunfan.
Jiang Yusheng must be out of his mind,” the first fellow continued, “Chu Yunfan really doesn’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth.
He offended the Jiangs so casually.
If we weren’t in this training camp, he’d be dead already.”


“Oh? I would already be dead?” a clear voice came from above the duo.

They instantly shuddered at the sound of the voice.
They raised their heads to look and saw a figure descending from the sky, about to land directly on top of them.

The two of them hurriedly raised their weapons to block, but this figure was too fast.
The weapon in his hand was even faster.
In this dark forest, it was hard to see anything clearly.


The saber chopped off the head of one of the students.

It was too fast.
Upon seeing this scene, the second student was dumbfounded and shocked.
Although they had experienced many killings recently, they had never killed a person before.
Killing monsters and killing people were two completely different things.

Moreover, he had never expected the danger to come so quickly.
It happened in the blink of an eye.
His companion, who had been alive and kicking just a moment ago, had died instantly.

And the person who had attacked was none other than Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan slashed down with his saber again.
Only then did the student recover his wits and raised his weapon to block the incoming attack.
However, he was unable to block Chu Yunfan’s strike.
His weapon was instantly sent flying.
Then, another flash of blood, and the head of the second student got chopped off as well.
Chu Yunfan’s attack was swift and decisive.
It was devoid of mercy.

These students had been wearing armor.
Cutting off their heads was the fastest and most effective method.
Otherwise, it would become a prolonged battle.
These students had been excited because it was their first time killing a person.
However, it was not Chu Yunfan’s first time killing.
He was not completely numb to it, but it had little effect on him.

Chu Yunfan had not wanted to kill anyone, but these two from No.
1 High were helping Jiang Yusheng encircle and kill him.
Since that was the case, he could not be blamed for what he had done.

If you want to take a life, then you have to be prepared to pay for it with your own!

After Chu Yunfan killed the two students at lightning speed, he did not stop and quickly left the scene.

Very soon, Jiang Yusheng appeared here.
Looking at the remains of his comrades that had been eaten by some monsters, the fury in his eyes burned even brighter.

“It must be Chu Yunfan.
It must be that b*stard!” Jiang Yusheng shouted angrily, “Just now, I heard the screams of these two through the channel.”

“Let’s go report to the army.
Chu Yunfan actually dared to pull a sneak attack and killed people.
He’s dead for sure,” one of the students of No.
1 High said angrily.

If we report to the army at this time, wouldn’t we also expose ourselves? Everyone knows that we’ve been paying people for information on Chu Yunfan’s location.
On top of that, do we have any evidence?” Jiang Yusheng said coldly, “Most importantly, I don’t want the army to deal with him.
I wanted to kill him myself.
Otherwise, how will I vent the hatred in my heart?

“Search for him.
He just killed these two.
He can’t have gotten far.
We must find him.”

After killing the two students, Chu Yunfan’s mood improved.
However, in the next second, he felt danger approaching.

Immediately, he had used the Heavenly Deity Nine Transformations and left his spot.


A loud boom rang out as a large hammer descended from the sky, landing ruthlessly on the spot where Chu Yunfan had just been standing.

The enormous hammer, which was as tall as a person, landed heavily on the ground, causing the entire ground to crack and the Earth to tremble.

If a person were to be directly hit, the consequences would be unimaginable.

A fat man with a medium build was standing atop the hammer.

His body was wrapped in black armor.
From afar, one could see the extremely dangerous aura that was radiating from him.

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