“Everyone,” Mr.
Lin spoke in a loud voice that could be heard throughout the vast open space that contained thousands of people.

Xue Bailong Dao was a little surprised.
He had thought that Mr.
Lin was just a civil servant.

In today’s society, everyone cultivated martial arts.
Among civil servants, there were many with profound cultivation levels.
However, those cultivation levels were used to strengthen the body.
Very few could actually fight.
They would even be defeated or even killed by those whose cultivation was much lower than their own.
However, Mr.
Lin had such profound cultivation, and this gave Xue Bialong a new impression of him.
As expected, the heroes of the world could not be underestimated.

“This time, the Federation Government and the army are working together to temper all of you, so that you may become the future pillars and elites of humanity and become the main fighting force against the monsters.
Everyone knows how intense the competition for the college entrance examination is.
Now that everyone’s cultivation has been raised, perhaps the university you get admitted to will be able to raise you up.
I don’t think there’s any need to repeat myself.
Next, I’ll have Lieutenant Xue from the army explain what we should pay attention to survive in the wilderness.” After Mr.
Lin gave a short speech, he handed the reins to Xue Bailong.

Xue Bailong took over.
“The next wilderness survival program will be carried out within a radius of 20 kilometers around Base 15.
Everyone will be sent in a random direction.
Within the range, the monsters have already been cleaned up by the troops.
However, there’ll inevitably be some monsters who manage to slip through the net.
Everyone, be careful.
If you encounter any problems, contact us.
However, we can’t guarantee your safety.
If any of you are unwilling or afraid, you can withdraw now.”

The thousands of students were silent for a moment, but no one chose to withdraw.
They had already come this far, and no one was willing to back down.
Even if it was dangerous, very few felt that danger would fall on them.

After Xue Bailong finished speaking, a transport plane began transporting the students into the wilderness survival area in batches.
The students were free to form teams, but only five were allowed in a single team.
The program would be rendered mote if too many were to form a single team.
The purpose of the program was to temper the students and to further push their potential.

Gao Hongzhi and Tang Siyu wanted to form a team with Chu Yunfan, but he rejected them because he knew Jiang Yusheng would not let him go.
If the two of them followed him, they could end up in a very dangerous situation.
If he moved alone, he would be able to hide much more easily.

Chu Yunfan urged the two of them to be careful and not to stray too far from the base.
If necessary, they were to immediately return to base.
Because the matter of the Monster Cult was confidential, he could not tell them.
However, he chose to remind them that big trouble was about to arrive.
Hearing Chu Yunfan speak so seriously, the two of them took his words to heart.

There were towering ancient trees everywhere.
The dense foliage blotted out the sky and the Sun.
Only specks of sunlight shone through the small gaps between the branches and leaves, casting a few spots of light on the ground.
The dense forest was so quiet.
Chu Yunfan, who had descended from the transport plane, entered this dense forest.
His watch showed the range in which the survival program was to take place.
The monsters within this range had been cleaned up.
There were no more powerful monsters that could threaten the lives of the students.
Moreover, there was an electromagnetic wall set up on the periphery of the area.
Nothing could enter from the outside.
The place was tightly sealed off.

/ please keep reading on MYB0XN0VEL(d0t)C0M.

Chu Yunfan gripped his Shadowless Saber tightly in his hand.
Although there were no more powerful monsters, it was hard to say that none had escaped the net.
Moreover, even if it was an ordinary monster, it would still be extremely dangerous.

Suddenly, a bloody maw suddenly appeared in front of Chu Yunfan.
It aimed directly at Chu Yunfan’s unprotected face.
Chu Yunfan reacted quickly.
He immediately took a step back and dodged this fatal attack.
Then, the Shadowless Saber in his hand ruthlessly chopped at the head that had pounced at him with lightning speed.
A series of clanging sounds were heard and the head was knocked back.
Only then did he finally see what it was.

In front of Chu Yunfan was a huge snake that was more than ten meters long.
It was coiled on a branch like a vine.
If one was not careful, one would not have noticed the existence of this snake.
It was the head of this snake that had lunged at him.
The body of the snake was huge and it was covered with colorful patterns and scales.

“Leaf-Scale Python!”

Chu Yunfan instantly recognized the giant snake.
It was an extremely dangerous species that stayed in dense forests.
It sat in tree branches, blending in with the vines.
Once its prey approached, it would attack at lightning speed, making it impossible to guard against.
On top of that, it possessed a lethal venom.
Once bitten, one would die a horrible death.

“D*mn, I almost fell into its trap,” Chu Yunfan said to himself.


The Leaf-Scale Python was extremely fast.
In an instant, it lunged toward Chu Yunfan.
From afar, it looked like an arrow that was shot out of a bow.
However, Chu Yunfan was prepared.
He would not fall into its trap.
He stepped forward and ruthlessly slashed down with the edge of his Shadowless Saber.


This slash was fast, accurate, and ruthless.
It cut into the mouth of the Leaf-Scale Python and instantly killed it.
The Leaf-Scale Python’s defense was concentrated on the outside.
When it opened its mouth to kill its prey, it was both the snake’s most terrifying and weakest moment.

The armor on Chu Yunfan’s body was splashed by venom, emitting a series of sizzling sounds.
If his armor had been of lower quality, the venom would have seeped through.

Chu Yunfan threw the Leaf-Scale Python into the Mountain River Diagram and left the place.

In this dense forest, even the smallest mistake could destroy one’s life.

On the other side of the forest, Jiang Yusheng and his group who had just descended gathered together.

“Send a message to everyone.
If they can give us Chu Yunfan’s location, send 100,000 yuan to them.
If they can help me catch him, even 1,000,000 won’t be a problem.
I won’t go back on my word,” Jiang Yusheng said to the other students of No.
1 High.
His eyes glinted with an ice-cold look.

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