Chu Yunfan quickly came to understand why the isolation room was a form of punishment.
Being in a place where there was no light and no sound for a week—even for a day—made him feel like he was going crazy.

On the third day, Chu Yunfan’s injuries had completely healed, but there were still four days in his confinement punishment.
Rather than being bored to death, he might as well train properly.

It just so happened that he had reached the peak of the first level of the Energy Refinement Stage and was only one step away from the second level.
If Tang Siyu had not been taken away by Jiang Yusheng, he would not have been able to break through so quickly.
Although the battle ended with both sides suffering heavy losses, there was no doubt that the battle had greatly benefited him.
That battle experience was not something that could be bought with money.
And that last slash he had made using the Wuhaoran Restorative Art was the most shocking one.
For a long time, that would probably be the best slash he would be able to perform.
The understanding of that move was very important to him now.

After his confinement was over, he would be welcoming the wilderness survival program.
It would be a survival program that would go on for some time.
It was considered a warm-up program because it was one of the basic tests of Federation University.
It was unavoidable.

In Federation University’s assessment, there would also be a wilderness survival category.
This was because the university would not accept flowers that grow in greenhouses.
The war between humans and monsters was the norm.
If one could not fight against monsters, it would be a waste of resources for such a person to enter Federation University.

The Monster Cult might also take advantage of this program to attack the students.
The military had long been prepared for this.
A world-shaking collision was about to begin.

For some time now, Chu Yunfan had to try his best to increase his strength.
Fortunately, in the next collision, he would not be affected and would lose his life.
He could even come up with ways to kill a few more Monster Cult followers.

With this thought in mind, Chu Yunfan began to cultivate crazily.
Fortunately, he still had two Qi Condensing Pills on hand which could give him a boost.
In the blink of an eye, another two days had passed.
Chu Yunfan had also reached a critical point.
He felt that if he wanted to break through, he would have to use all his might.

He hurriedly took out a Qi Condensing Pill from the space within the Mountain River Diagram and swallowed it.
Instantly, a warm stream of energy began to transform into True Energy, continuously attacking the barrier of the second level of the Energy Refinement Stage.

Inch by inch, bit by bit, the barrier of the second level of the Energy Refinement Stage was broken down.
Unknown to how much time had passed, the barrier of the second level of the Energy Refinement Stage in Chu Yunfan’s body finally broke.

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Chu Yunfan finally broke through.

“I’ve finally broken through to the second level of the Energy Refinement Stage.”

Chu Yunfan let out a slight sigh of relief.
After breaking through to the second level of the Energy Refinement Stage, Chu Yunfan’s strength had once again risen to another level.
It was now comparable to the third level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
If he went to Federation University now, he had a considerable chance of passing the assessment.

He checked the time.
There were still two days left, which was just right.
It would allow him to consolidate the level that he had just broken through.
It would allow him to completely stabilize himself at the second level of the Energy Refinement Stage.

Another two days passed quickly amid bitter cultivation.
Finally, Chu Yunfan’s seven days of confinement had passed.
When the isolation room where he was confined was opened, rays of sunlight poured in.
Chu Yunfan felt that it was a little dazzling.
After a few moments, he finally got used to the environment.
He opened his eyes and the first person he saw was none other than Tang Siyu.

“Are you okay?” Tang Siyu asked with concern.

“I’m fine.
I’m just used to the darkness and suddenly came out into the light.
I’m just not used to it,” Chu Yunfan said as he grinned.

Suddenly, a group of people walked over.
The person in the lead was none other than Jiang Yusheng.
Behind him were a few students.
They were from No.
1 High.

Chu Yunfan and Jiang Yusheng confronted each other in the corridor.

“That strike you made was pretty good.
I’ve never suffered such a loss since I was young.
Very good.
You’re dead meat,” Jiang Yusheng said coldly, “Not only are you dead, but even your family will be no exception.
All of them will go to hell to accompany you.”

“Jiang Yusheng, do you only know how to bully others?” Tang Siyu said angrily.

“Bully others? Is there a need for that? This is something I was born with.
If I don’t use it, I’d be an idiot.” Jiang Yusheng sneered, “Who does Chu Yunfan think he is? How dare he hurt me.
If he had obediently let me cut off his legs, it would have been fine.
This matter would’ve been over, but he just had to seek his own death.”

“You want to cut off my legs, and you expect me to be obedient and volunteer? You’re in over your head,” Chu Yunfan said as he sneered, “That strike was nothing.
Those two slaps that followed were the most satisfying.
Where’s your pride? Where did it go? You were beaten like a dog and didn’t dare resist.”

At the mention of this, Jiang Yusheng’s expression instantly changed.
Those two slaps were a great humiliation to him—a great humiliation that he had never experienced before.
He had never thought that he would be slapped in the face that way.
It had to be Xue Bailong.
If it had been anyone else, he would have thought of a way to kill the other party a long time ago.

“Are you trying to provoke me? Every time you provoke me, your family will have an even bigger payback,” Jiang Yusheng said coldly, “The survival program will start tomorrow.
There’ll be no one to protect you in the wilderness.
How do you think you’ll die?

“Of course, you can choose not to go.
In that case, you can stay alive for a while longer.”

Jiang Yusheng’s expression was cold, and his eyes shined with a terrifying glint.

“What a joke.
Why would I not dare to go? I only hate that the previous slash had not been ruthless enough to kill you,” Chu Yunfan said coldly.

“Then we’ll wait and see.
Don’t disappoint me,” Jiang Yusheng said with a weird laugh and then left.

His killing intent toward Chu Yunfan had soared to the extreme.
Because of Chu Yunfan, he had been slapped twice in public.
It was extremely embarrassing.

“Why do you bother with him? He’ll definitely find trouble with you later.
He won’t pay attention to any rules while we’re in the wilderness,” Tang Siyu complained.

“I can hide for a while, but can I hide my whole life?” Chu Yunfan said with a smile.
“Since I can’t hide, then I’ll solve this problem head-on.”

Tang Siyu looked at Chu Yunfan, not knowing what he was thinking.
Was Jiang Yusheng so easy to solve?

However, seeing the situation, she could say no more.
She just made up her mind to stop Jiang Yusheng.

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