The current Jiang Yusheng was very strong.
Everyone could feel the terrifying aura that radiated from him.

The surge of True Energy gave them a great sense of oppression.
It made them feel incredulous.
They were clearly of the same age, so how could the difference be so great? It was simply inconceivable.

It was fine if they were just ordinary people, but they were the elites of the various districts.
Many of them were also from wealthy families, yet they were still divided by such a large gap.
This made them have a true understanding of the Jiangs.
This colossus truly gave them a new understanding.
The number one high school student of the Federation, Jiang Lingxiao, had once shocked the entire Federation Government two years ago.

What was a wealthy family? This was a wealthy family!

“Jiang Yusheng, my marriage with your cousin has yet to be confirmed.
Even if it is confirmed, you have no right to interfere in my affairs!” Tang Siyu exclaimed.

“No right to interfere? Tang Siyu, I don’t want you to bring shame to the Tangs and the Jiangs.
You are merely a child to a mistress who’s worse than a mistress.
If your sister hadn’t died on the battlefield, how could you possibly enter a marriage with my cousin? What kind of person do you take my cousin for? Even if he were to enter into a marriage with you, you’d be the blessed one,” Jiang Yusheng immediately said to Tang Siyu without holding back.
“Tang Siyu, do you think we don’t know that you left your family and came to Calm Ocean City? Do you want to rely on your own efforts to get into Federation University? Do you think that getting into Federation University will mean anything? How childish.
Previously, no one bothered you because there was no need for it.
Now, you’ve hooked up with such a guy, and rumors about you that have spread have ruined the reputation of the Jiangs.
Such shamelessness.”

Only then did the other students realize that there was such a matter.
There was something amiss in the way they looked at Tang Siyu.

What was the concept of a mistress giving birth to a child? It was even worse than a b*stard child.
It was the same class as a slave or a servant.

Although the Federation Government now advocated that everyone was born equal, the majority were still from rich and powerful families.
It would be very difficult for a small figure to reach their class.
Therefore, people from the bottom levels understood that it was a joke for everyone to be born equal.

Many elders in their families kept mistresses outside the home.
And the children born of those mistresses would be regarded as even lower status than the mistresses themselves.

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Chu Yunfan now found out that there was such a sad story behind Tang Siyu.
No wonder she had suddenly joined No.
13 High when she was in her second year of high school.
No wonder Tang Siyu was in such a hurry.
It was as if someone was chasing her from behind at every moment.
She wanted to get rid of the fate of this marriage arrangement.

Tang Siyu’s face was pale.
She clenched her fists so tightly that her knuckles turned white.
For the first time, her fair fingers looked frighteningly white.

“Ha, this is the Jiangs’ pride? Bullsh*t! I’ll smash your face in today, Jiang Yusheng!” Chu Yunfan said, enunciating each word.
He had never felt such anger.

Everyone was just small figures at the bottom.
To the upper-class people, they were just pawns to be manipulated and toyed with.
They said they wanted a marriage alliance, but most of these were arranged by force.
They said they wanted to cut off your legs and let you spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair.
This was the kindness of the big shots.

“Kid, I’ve seen many people like you who think that everyone is equal.
What I like the most is to crush the pride and self-esteem of people like you.
I want you to understand that even if you live in the same world, you’re just ants,” Jiang Yusheng said with a sneer.

Chu Yunfan looked at the other students far away.
They also seem to be used to the norm—the Jiangs were part of the rich and the rest were just lower-class people.

‘If this is the truth of the world, then let me personally change this f*cking system!’

This thought appeared in Chu Yunfan’s heart for the first time, and it was tantamount to treason.

Jiang Yusheng did not know what Chu Yunfan was thinking.
Even if he did, he would not care.
Chu Yunfan was not the first person to have such thoughts, and he would not be the last.
The Federation Government’s propaganda that everyone was born equal was still in effect.
However, the higher they went, the more they realized that it was all just bullsh*t.
Even if those people who came from commoner backgrounds changed their minds, what could they do? In front of such a huge class, they were too weak.

However, Jiang Yusheng did not know that the person in front of him was different.


Jiang Yusheng suddenly moved, carrying with him a terrifying aura.
With the cultivation of the fifth level of the Energy Refinement Stage, his True Energy was much richer than Chu Yunfan, who was only at the first level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
He did not even take out his weapon.
He grabbed Chu Yunfan with his bare hands.




Jiang Yusheng instantly appeared in front of Chu Yunfan.


At this critical moment, Chu Yunfan used the Heavenly Deity Nine Transformations to dodge this fatal attack.
In a few seconds, Chu Yunfan had left the range of Jiang Yusheng’s attack.

“You know movement techniques? No wonder you’ve been able to reach this point.
But in front of me, it’s still nothing!” Jiang Yusheng immediately recognized Chu Yunfan’s technique.
However, he was not the slightest bit perturbed.
To him, this meant nothing.

Jiang Yusheng did not have any interaction with Chu Yunfan because he had missed his attack.
He was like the cat that was enjoying the chase—Chu Yunfan was the mouse.

The struggle was meaningless.
The more Chu Yunfan struggled, the more fun it would be for Jiang Yusheng.

“Such a pity.
You’ll not escape the fate of losing a leg,” Jiang Yusheng sneered.
He was not in a hurry to attack.
He approached Chu Yunfan one step at a time.

In front of him, Chu Yunfan suddenly stopped retreating and walked forward as well.

“Hah, are you in a hurry to die?” Jiang Yusheng sneered.

But soon, he realized that something was wrong.
Every step Chu Yunfan took, the aura on his body grew little by little.
With each step, Chu Yunfan grew even stronger.
Slowly, the aura on Chu Yunfan’s body reached the point that even Jiang Yusheng could not look directly at him.

“It’s nothing? Then try this one for size,” Chu Yunfan said indifferently, but his indifferent tone contained a terrifying power that made people shiver in fear.

This was the aura that Chu Yunfan had brought out with The Wuhaoran Restorative Art.
It was terrifying to the extreme.

“You’re pretending to be mysterious.
I don’t care what tricks you have.
Watch me break them!” Jiang Yusheng roared and instantly pounced forward.

Chu Yunfan also attacked with his saber.
In that instant, that fatal attack slashed down.
The magnificence of that move outshined everything.

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