The uproar caused by Chu Yunfan did not subside.
On the contrary, it continued to stir up even greater waves.

The elite students of Zone 2 were defeated by Chu Yunfan one after another.
Although he defeated a few of them at a time, Chu Yunfan’s personal achievement was slowly climbing higher and higher.

And Chu Yunfan’s challenge toward Zone 2 materialized.
Regardless of whether he had come with the intention, the fact was that he had sliced through half of Zone 2.

Chu Yunfan’s path was blocked up ahead by a team consisting of over thirty elite students.
Each of them carried a powerful aura.
They were masters of the Energy Refinement Stage—the best of all the elite students.

More than thirty people were blocking Chu Yunfan’s path forward.

The leader of the group stood with his hands behind his back, wearing bright red armor.
He was tall and had a stone-cold look on his face.
His aura was much stronger than the others.
He sneered at Chu Yunfan and said, “Chu Yunfan, do you know who we are?”

“Not a clue.”

Chu Yunfan did not care much for the thirty people in front of him.
Although they were all elites and geniuses, he was not the slightest bit perturbed.
He continued to walk forward as he spoke.

“To be honest, we don’t know you either.
We have no grudges against each other,” the youth said.

“In that case, step aside.
I have no time to waste on you,” Chu Yunfan said offhandedly.

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“You’re really as arrogant as the rumors say.
We have no beef but since you’ve declared that you wish to overthrow Zone 2, how could you expect us to just let you get away with it?” the youth said.

“I want to say that I’ve never had the intention of challenging Zone 2, but I don’t think my words would mean anything to you,” Chu Yunfan replied.

“That’s right.
Whether you did it intentionally or not, the situation has already come to this.
Therefore, we absolutely can’t let you pass.
Otherwise, won’t Calm Ocean City be made the laughing stock?” the young man in red armor said coldly, “Today, your trip will end here.”

A fierce glint flashed through Chu Yunfan’s eyes as he looked at the youth in red.
He said, “I’m sure you all know why I came to Zone 2.
I’m in a hurry to save someone, yet you still want to get in my way because of your bullsh*t pride.
In that case, let me personally shatter it.
I’ll show you that your so-called pride is worthless in my eyes!”

Chu Yunfan’s aura increased.
He knew that there was no resolving this matter.
Just as the red armored youth had said, no matter what the cause was, whether or not there was someone behind it, his overturning of Zone 2 had become a reality.
Therefore, Chu Yunfan had no other choice.
It was either he got beaten, or he had to beat Zone 2.

There were only these two possible outcomes!

Chu Yunfan’s expression was as dark as deep waters.
He began to recuperate.
Since this battle was unavoidable, he had to make good use of this battle.
From within the Alchemy Emperor’s memories, he found a method to recuperate.
It was called “The Wuhaoran Restorative Art.” This method could only be used under extremely harsh conditions.
By consecutively defeating one expert after another, Chu Yunfan’s aura gradually increased.
As it poured out, it erupted with attacks that far exceeded his usual strength.

In other words, all the previous cultivation methods were just to complete this final attack.
The more people he defeated, the more shocking the power of this final attack would be.
This was by defeating more people.
The power was shocking and synchronized with Heaven and Earth.
In fact, it borrowed the power of Heaven and Earth to defeat powerful enemies.
To be able to use the power of Heaven and Earth, Chu Yunfan had to at least be in the Innate Stage and above.
With his current level, it would be impossible for him to wield this power.
But now, he could use it because he had the Alchemy Emperor’s memories.
Of course, the power it displayed was still a far cry from the scene in those memories.

The requirements for this move were harsh.
It was meaningless to use it to defeat ordinary people.
Only by defeating experts whose cultivation level was about the same as his would he be able to cultivate invincible confidence.
An opponent whose strength was too weak, no matter how many people he defeated, it was difficult to develop such invincible confidence.

It was because of these harsh conditions that the Alchemy Emperor had never used it more than a few times.
Most importantly, this explosive strength would also cause serious backlash to the user.
There was no such thing as having the best of both worlds.
In order to obtain strength that exceeded what he should have, Chu Yunfan had to pay a huge price.

However, Chu Yunfan had no other choice at this moment.
He had already come this far and could not retreat.
On top of that, according to the rumors, he was a terrifying existence that had been suppressing all the high school students in Calm Ocean City.

Chu Yunfan did not know what power the enemies standing in front of him now possessed.
It would be best if he could deal with them swiftly.
If he could not, then he would use this ultimate move.

The students standing in front of Chu Yunfan were clearly angered by his words.
Their pride had been trampled all over by Chu Yunfan.

“Go, cripple him!” the youth wearing the bright red armor said, “Remember, Chu Yunfan.
The person who attacked you is from the Jianghuai District—Lan Huanyu!”

The youth wearing the bright red armor released his aura.
It was a terrifying aura that surpassed everyone’s second-level Energy Refinement Stage.
He was far stronger than everyone else.

Although it was only one level higher than everyone else, who here was not the elite of their respective schools, maybe even within their district? Lan Huayu being able to stand out and surpass them all was terrifying.
He would have no problems entering Federation University.
He would even be able to give the elite students of Federation University a run for their money.

More than thirty elite students surrounded Chu Yunfan, but he was not someone to be trifled with.
Using the Heavenly Deity Nine Transformations, he did not retreat.
He charged straight toward the crowd.
They were not taken aback.
Instead, they were delighted.
They felt that Chu Yunfan was courting death.

However, they quickly realized that they were wrong.
The moment Chu Yunfan made his move, they could feel his terrifying aura pour out.
He did not hold back, and they could not withstand his barrage of attacks.


An elite student did not even have the time to react.
The only thing he felt was a black shadow approaching him.
Then, pain flared through his entire body as he was sent flying.

Chu Yunfan managed to send one of these students flying.

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