Tang Siyu saw this and wanted to help, but the surrounding monsters blocked her way as if someone was commanding them.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan was in an extremely dangerous situation.
The Twin-tailed Cat Demon was fast.
When it moved, it was like a ray of black light.
In an instant, it arrived behind Chu Yunfan and launched another attack.

At the critical moment, Chu Yunfan split into three phantoms.
The Twin-tailed Cat Demon passed through them.

The Twin-tailed Cat Demon transformed into a ray of black light.
Just as it landed on the ground, it pounced toward Chu Yunfan once again.

Chu Yunfan was also very fast.
He kept using the Heavenly Deity Nine Transformations, and occasionally the Wind-haze Form and the Nine Cyclone Phantoms to continuously dodge the monster.

‘It’s too fast!’ Chu Yunfan revealed a somewhat shocked expression.
He now understood why the Twin-tailed Cat Demon was ranked among the top twenty most terrifying monsters although it was not the strongest monster amongst the many monsters in the Energy Refinement Stage.

It was because of one word—fast!

In the world of martial arts, speed was the only thing that could not be broken.
When the Twin-tailed Cat Demon’s speed reached its peak, it was extremely terrifying, especially for humans.

Although humans had embarked on the path of cultivation and their bodies were constantly being strengthened, they were still mortal.
There was no way for them to face monsters head-on.

The Twin-tailed Cat Demon continued to attack Chu Yunfan.
It was so fast that Chu Yunfan did not even have the chance to attack.
He could only passively continue to employ the Heavenly Deity Nine Transformations, occasionally bringing along the Nine Cyclone Phantoms and the Wind-haze Form to resist.

Chu Yunfan quickly concluded, ‘It’s too fast.
I can’t go on like this.
Otherwise, I’ll be doomed sooner or later!’

Dodging was not the way.
If he made even one single mistake, it could prove fatal.

This Twin-tailed Cat Demon was clearly an experienced hunter.
Its movements were extremely fast, and every move was ruthless.
Each attack was aimed at Chu Yunfan’s vital parts.

‘If it doesn’t work, then let go of the restriction of the weighted suit and kill this beast,’ Chu Yunfan thought to himself.

He had noticed something was wrong.
When this Twin-tailed Cat Demon attacked, the other monsters seemed to cooperate with it to chase away the other students.
He was the only one left in the immediate area.

This situation was too strange.

Chu Yunfan considered letting go of the restrictions of the weighted suit.
As long as he let go of the restrictions, his strength would instantly break through into the Energy Refinement Stage.
If he did that, both his speed and strength would far surpass his current level.

However, he restrained the impulse in his heart.
Instead, he steadied his mind and calmed down.
An even bolder idea arose within him.
He would use this Twin-tailed Cat Demon to force himself to break through.

He was now at the peak of the Qi Sea Stage and was only half a step away from entering the Energy Refinement Stage.
However, this half-step might be a few days away, half a month away, or even a month away.
This was normal.
If there was external pressure, his cultivation speed would definitely have a huge increase.

Thinking of this, he was no longer in a hurry.
His eyes flickered with a bright light, and the Godhead in his mind flickered.
Waves of cool air swept over him, and his mind returned to a clear and bright state.

In this absolutely calm state, Chu Yunfan could only catch a few afterimages within his sight.
He relied on his senses and the airwaves created by the Twin-tailed Cat Demon as it pounced over and finally struck the Twin-tailed Cat Demon.


Chu Yunfan struck out with his saber.
This was his first strike since the beginning of the great battle with the Twin-tailed Cat Demon.


The blade struck the Twin-tailed Cat Demon and sent it flying.
It spun a few times in mid-air before landing on the ground.
It cried out in pain from Chu Yunfan’s attack that had struck its back.

Compared to other Energy Refinement Stage monsters, it was considered physically weak.
It mostly relied on its elusive speed.
However, once its speed was broken, it would only be at the level of an ordinary Energy Refinement Stage monster.

After Chu Yunfan struck out, he immediately knew what he must do.
This was the feeling.
As long as he maintained it, he had a premonition that his breakthrough would not be far away.

After Chu Yunfan cleaved apart the Twin-tailed Cat Demon with his saber, he did not retreat but instead advanced.
He rushed toward the Twin-tailed Cat Demon.

The Twin-tailed Cat Demon became even more ferocious as it pounced toward Chu Yunfan.

Everyone only saw that on the battlefield, a human and a cat were fighting each other.
The Twin-tailed Cat Demon still had the absolute advantage in speed as it pounced toward Chu Yunfan.

However, what surprised them was Chu Yunfan.
Although Chu Yunfan could barely keep up with the Twin-tailed Cat Demon, he kept dodging the incoming attacks at the most critical moments before launching a counterattack.

For a moment, the entire scene was a great sight.

“D*mn, how is he doing that? That’s the Twin-tailed Cat Demon.
Even people in Zone 2 can’t do this!”

“Amongst all the Energy Refinement Stage monsters, the Twin-tailed Cat Demon is one of the most troublesome.
If anyone dares say that Chu Yunfan is not a good fighter, I’ll slap them to death!”

“It’s too dangerous.
In this series of collisions, even if he makes even one wrong move, Chu Yunfan will be dead meat!”

Many students saw this scene.
It was because they were experts that they saw it the most clearly.

Tang Siyu’s sword light was fast and anxious, but she was unable to break through the encirclement of the monsters.
She could only watch helplessly as Chu Yunfan and the Twin-tailed Cat Demon fought.

On the city wall, Mr.
Lin had a look of shock on his face as he watched Chu Yunfan fight the Twin-tailed Cat Demon.
Against the Twin-tailed Cat Demon, even those so-called elite geniuses of Zone 2 would be likely to die.
It was a miracle that Chu Yunfan could hold his ground with his peak of the Qi Sea Stage cultivation.

On the battlefield, Chu Yunfan’s aura was like a rainbow.
The more he fought, the more terrifying it became.
At this moment, he felt that all of his True Energy had been adjusted to a peak state.


Breakthrough, come to me!

Chu Yunfan was roaring in his heart, but his mind was extremely calm.
His attacks were ruthless, and he did not hesitate in the slightest!

Enormous amounts of True Energy crazily rushed through his body, assaulting the last barrier.

No one knew how much time passed.
It might have been a century, or it might have only been a second!

Time was meaningless!

The aura on Chu Yunfan’s body exploded.
After breaking through the limit, it rose to another level.

Energy Refinement Stage!

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