“That’s great.
Let’s spar again.
I’ve a feeling that I’m not far from breaking through now!” Liu Yushu said.

“No, let’s call it a day.
The King of the Jungle I performed earlier took a toll on me.
I’ve broken a rib!” Chu Yunfan said while shaking his head.
With a rib broken, he was just about tolerating the pain.

Only now did he understand why his coach Qin Wu said that one should only perform the King of the Jungle at the Qi Sea Stage.
This was because it would take a great toll on one’s body.

Only when one cultivated to the Qi Sea Stage did one have enough physical strength for the King of the Jungle.

Even when one got to the Qi Sea Stage, the burden on one’s body when performing the King of the Jungle remained intense.

Liu Yushu recalled that as well.
Her private coach had told her about it when she was learning the Devilish Tiger Punch.
He had merely mentioned it briefly and she did not take it seriously as she was already at the Qi Sea Stage.

Her coach merely reminded her to perform the technique less!

As it happened, she was staring at Chu Yunfan in shock.
Her private coach had told her that if one performed the technique forcefully in a battle, they might fracture every bone in their body.
The burden was just too great.

Naturally, most Physical Stage martial artists did not have the strength to perform the last technique—King of the Jungle.
They would usually stop when they failed half-way through.

Nevertheless, Chu Yunfan performed it in its entirety.
Moreover, the only side effect was a broken rib.

That was enough to prove that Chu Yunfan’s physique was extraordinary!

“If that’s the case, forget it.
We still have time, so there’s no need to rush.
There’s emergency medical equipment in my house.
Get yourself treatment first.
You should be fine by tomorrow after resting for a day!” Liu Yushu said.

In the Common Era, a fractured rib was a serious injury, but it was something minor in the Kunlun Era.
One could basically hop around after resting for one or two days.

Such a level of medical technology was needed to support the public’s cultivation frenzy.
It was normal for one to suffer external and internal injuries from the collisions.
Nobody would cultivate if they needed to stop for a hundred days after hurting themselves like back in the Common Era.


Chu Yunfan was not stubborn.
He did not want to go home in agony and worry his parents.

“Come back tomorrow.
We won’t be sparring.
You’ll sit out and give me pointers on my cultivation!” Liu Yushu said directly.


Chu Yunfan nodded.

At that moment, the door suddenly opened, and a middle-aged man came in.

He was tall and muscular, and he walked in a majestic manner.
When they looked, he had a square face, bushy brows, and big eyes.
He seemed powerful.

Chu Yunfan stared at that man and thought he looked a little like Liu Yushu, but his demeanor was similar to Qin Wu’s.
Clearly, he used to be in the military.
The charisma that was deep in his bones would stay even after retirement.

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“Dad, why are you here?!” Liu Yushu asked.

Chu Yunfan was taken aback.
This was Coach Qin Wu’s old comrade, Liu Weiguo.
As expected, his aura was similar to his coach’s, but he gave out an even more threatening vibe.

This middle-aged man, who looked so ordinary, was actually a Martial Dao powerhouse.

Although there was no proof of that, Chu Yunfan believed his assumption was correct.

“It’s time for dinner.
Your mom asked me to come here to check on you since you’re not at the dinner table!” Liu Weiguo said with a smile.
He pampered his daughter very much.

In turn, his daughter did not disappoint him.
Even with money, not just anyone could get into Calm Ocean City’s No.
1 High School.
They had high standards for their students’ talent and ability.

“May I know who this is?” Liu Weiguo asked as he looked at Chu Yunfan.

“Dad, this is the student Uncle Qin recommended.
His name is Chu Yunfan, and we’re the same age.
We’re both in Year 3!” Liu Yushu said.

“Hi, Director Liu!” Chu Yunfan said and nodded.

Surprise flashed through Liu Weiguo’s eyes.
He did not suspect something was happening between this young man and his daughter.
He just thought it was rather strange.

He remembered his comrade, Qin Wu, called to recommend a sparring partner for his daughter.
As it was, he did not think too much about it.
He merely wanted to be nice to his old friend.

His daughter seemed easy-going on the surface, but she was actually very proud.
She would not even take a university graduate seriously, let alone a student of the same age.

He should have been chased away on the first day!

Nonetheless, given that Chu Yunfan was still there, he had to be someone extraordinary.

“Ah, so you’re the student Old Qin recommended.
You’re a talented young man indeed.
Old Qin sure has great judgment!” Liu Weiguo laughed and said, “Thank you for training my daughter in the Devilish Tiger Punch!”

“It’s nothing.
It’s been very beneficial for me too!” Chu Yunfan said immediately.

He thought that it was no wonder Liu Weiguo was a business tycoon.

He had not been bothered by his presence before, but now, he looked like a caring senior, putting people at ease when he spoke.

He was different from Qin Wu after all.
Although they were both soldiers to the core, Qin Wu still had the masculinity of a warrior, while Liu Weiguo was much more easy-going since he was in business now.

Such changes were neither good nor bad.
They were merely different ways of dealing with people.

“Since you’re Old Qin’s student, I’m akin to your senior since I’m close to him.
It’s quite late now.
Stay for dinner with us!” Liu Weiguo offered.

His face appeared calm, but the reason he asked Chu Yunfan to stay was that he wondered what this young man had done to convince his daughter to keep him around.

“It’s alright.
Thank you for your kindness, Director Liu.
It’s just that my parents are still waiting for me at home for dinner, so I can’t stay!” Chu Yunfan replied immediately.

“If that’s the case, I won’t make you!” Liu Weiguo did not force it upon him.

“Yunfan, I’ll ask my bodyguard to take you to get treatment.
Go home after that!” Liu Yushu said.


Liu Yushu only spoke as he watched Chu Yunfan leave the training room with the bodyguard, “Yushu, what’s so special about this Chu Yunfan exactly? I got you a private coach two days ago.
Did you fire him?”

“Yes, Dad.
That private coach you got me was considered great.
But compared to Chu Yunfan, the difference is like heaven and earth!” Liu Yushu said without holding back, “It was Chu Yunfan’s first day yesterday, and he helped me break my Devilish Tiger Punch through to the Impeccable Stage!”

“Oh? That’s interesting.
It seems Old Qin has really discovered a genius?” Liu Weiguo squinted and mumbled.

“It’s not an exaggeration to call him a genius.
Dad, I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes.
Chu Yunfan had just cultivated the Devilish Tiger Punch to Competent Stage yesterday, and he broke through to the Impeccable Stage during our battle.
Not only that, his cultivation base broke through from Joint Popping to Blood Renewal within a day.
His Devilish Tiger Punch broke through to the Perfection Stage today.
Apparently, he was mediocre for the last ten years before this.
I suspect that he might have been enlightened!” Liu Yushu put out her thoughts accordingly.

“Enlightened? If that’s the truth, then this kid’s future is boundless!” Liu Weiguo said.
No matter whether Chu Yunfan had an unexpected gain or he was suddenly enlightened, whereby he transformed from a regular man to a genius, he would be considered a great talent, judging by his performance over the past two days.

“If he can show even more talent in the future, I can recruit him.
Our company has formed a reclamation team to explore the Kunlun Realm.
Apart from some researchers, scientists, linguists, historians, and so on, we need many Martial Dao powerhouses as well!” Liu Weiguo said, “What’s the most lucrative project in modern times? It’s the reclamation of the Kunlun Realm.
If we discover a ruin, our business would grow even more, and our net worth would rise exponentially.
Therefore, we must pay attention to recruiting all sorts of talents!”

“But Dad, isn’t reclamation dangerous now? People are often killed doing that!” Liu Yushu said.

“There’s nothing that we can do about it.
How else do you think humans managed to migrate to the Kunlun Realm within just two centuries? We couldn’t possibly advance so fast if we only depended on the government-organized reclamation teams.
Naturally, reclaiming the Kunlun Realm is gravely dangerous.
We pay a great price for every failure.
As it is, our company has reached a bottleneck now.
This is a path we must take to go further.
Each of the top 500 businesses in the world have reclamation teams in the Kunlun Realm.
Even the regular military might not be a match for the best of these teams!” Liu Weiguo said, “Never mind.
This is still far beyond you.
The only thing you should do now is get into Federation University.
The rest is secondary.
Just take however much money you want to spend!

“Alright, let’s stop discussing this.
It’s time for dinner.
Your mom must be worried from all the waiting!”


It was late when Chu Yunfan had treated his wounds and returned home.
Fortunately, the modern treatment methods were incredible.
Although he broke a rib, he felt much better after the preliminary treatment, so Chu Wencheng and Yang Yayun did not find out about it.

The next day, Chu Yunfan did not do anything else apart from resting at home.
He went to the Liu residence in the afternoon.
This time, he did not spar with Liu Yushu.
He merely watched her practice while pointing out some flaws in her Devilish Tiger Punch.


Meanwhile, time passed by quickly, and soon enough, it was time for school as it was Monday.

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