The alarm reverberated through the entire base.
Everyone was shocked.
This alarm could only mean monsters.

At this moment, humanity’s greatest enemy was only monsters.

Immediately after, everyone heard the sound of orderly footsteps.
It was the soldiers of the army moving out.
It was not that there were not any soldiers in Base 15.
In fact, there were still soldiers.
It was just that they were separated from the students.
After all, it was impossible to stop a monster swarm with just students.

Very quickly, they all received news from Base 15.
There indeed was a monster swarm outside.
At the same time, they also informed these students that if they wanted to participate in this battle, they had to go to the designated location.
Only that location was open for students to kill monsters and train themselves.
The other places were all guarded by troops.

Everyone did not have time to reminisce over the battle between Chu Yunfan and Zheng Hongzhe.
Now, it was finally their turn to have actual combat.

Most of them had participated in the actual combat session organized for the third-years.
However, that level of actual combat could not be compared to when they were facing a monster swarm.

Everyone began to head toward the open area.
Fortunately, the open area was very close to Zone 1.
In a short while, they arrived at the wall of the open area.

The walls of the base were not very high.
It was only about 20 meters tall.
Other than flying monsters, it was not easy for ordinary monsters to cover this distance.


“Boom boom boom!”

“Zip zip zip!”

After climbing up the walls, the students finally saw the battle between humans and monsters, which was different from usual skirmishes.

Opposite of them was an endless number of monsters that were sweeping over like a tidal wave.
Although it was only a small-scale monster swarm, the magnificent scene still shocked everyone.
The sky, the ground, the hills, the forest, the figures of terrifying monsters were everywhere.

The most terrifying thing about monsters was their reproduction speed.
Compared to humans, it was even more exaggerated.
It was normal for monsters to give birth to more than a dozen offspring at a time whereas humans usually only had one.
Both of them were considered pleasant surprises.

As long as monsters grew up, they could kill people and become powerful.
If humans did not invest resources, hand down knowledge, or teach martial arts, even if they grew up to adulthood, they would still be vulnerable to monsters.
This was the reason why even though humans had the advantage in technology, the overall situation was not optimistic.

At this moment, the troops stationed in Base 15 finally showed their might.
Countless metal bullets swept out in dense formation like a torrential downpour.
At the back, cannons fired, revealing their ferocious faces.
One by one, the cannons fired.
Every time the cannons fired, a group of monsters would be hit, leaving not even bones behind.
However, more and more monsters came from all directions and filled up the space.

In the sky, more and more flying monsters cried out as they swooped down.

A series of densely packed laser beams flashed through the sky, forming a light column.
The flying monsters were instantly cut into pieces by the laser beams and fell to the ground.

The students could not help but yearn for the magnificent battle when they saw it.
They were extremely excited.

A broadcast sounded out.

“The open area is about to open.
Students, please get ready!”

Then, at the area where the students were standing, the walls slowly descended.
All the walls could be raised and lowered.
When necessary, they could even be raised to a height of more than a hundred meters and could block out most of the monsters.
The open area where the student was to face the monsters was about ten kilometers wide.

Looking at the many monsters charging at them from afar, many students felt their palms grow sweaty.
Even if they were the chosen ones—the future elites and pillars of humanity—there was one saying that was right.
They were indeed flowers that had been raised in greenhouses.
They had never experienced a real life-or-death battle.
Even though it was not a real life-or-death battle at the moment, it was still terrifying.

Among these people, some were nervous, while others forced themselves to remain calm.
Only Chu Yunfan remained steady.
He had experienced an entire month’s worth of fighting.
He had even faced a large-scale monster swarm that could break through Calm Ocean City.
He had stayed calm despite the circumstances before, not to mention this monster swarm that was not of a high level.
There was nothing to be afraid of.

“Everyone, be careful.
The most important thing in facing a monster swarm is not to panic.
Those monsters are nothing to be afraid of.
They have been starving for an entire winter.
Don’t panic.
It won’t be a big problem,” Chu Yunfan said.

The people around him were all from the Yunning District, and they were even students from No.
13 High.
Everyone nodded solemnly.

Without giving them the chance to say anything more, the monster swarm pounced on them.
As the army had deliberately released them, this batch of monsters was not stopped.

For a moment, thousands of monsters and thousands of students violently collided with each other within the ten-kilometer radius.
It was like two waves crashing into each other.

On a city wall, Xue Bailong, who had not shown his face, stood on top.
Beside him was Mr.
Lin of the Education Bureau.

“These students haven’t seen much blood.
Looks like you’ll have to take care of them, Lieutenant Xue,” Mr.
Lin said with a smile.

Xue Bailong said, “No one is born to see blood.
Compared to the recruits under me, these students are all very outstanding.
Once they see blood, they’ll adapt to it quickly.
I’ve already ordered people to kill as many powerful monsters as possible.
There won’t be any big trouble.”

When Xue Bailong said this, he furrowed his eyebrows slightly.
For some reason, he had always felt that Mr.
Lin was a strange man who made him feel uncomfortable.
However, he could not put his finger on the reason.
After all, Mr.
Lin represented the Education Bureau of Calm Ocean City and the Federation Government.
The army and the government had a long history of cooperation, and Xue Bailong was not allowed to destroy it.

“Yes, the tip of one’s sword is honed by oneself.
We all understand this principle,” Mr.
Lin said with a slight smile.

His gaze swept across the battlefield, and in the middle of the battlefield, a figure holding a saber was particularly eye-catching.

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