Chu Yunfan’s technique was obviously different from before.
In the beginning, Chu Yunfan’s Heaven’s Thunder Saber Technique was only at the superficial level.
But now, after this fierce battle with Zheng Hongzhe, his technique had stepped into the Competent Stage.

Zheng Hongzhe roared.
He called upon all the True Energy in his body and attacked Chu Yunfan.
At this moment, he was no longer as relaxed as before.

However, Chu Yunfan was different from before.
A black blade light flashed past and instantly suppressed Zheng Hongzhe’s sword technique.




Chu Yunfan continued to slash down like lightning.

The many experts watching the battle came to a higher evaluation of Chu Yunfan.
Previously, Chu Yunfan’s Heaven’s Thunder Saber Technique was obviously not very good.
Every time he blocked Zheng Hongzhe’s attack, he relied on his outstanding physical fitness to do so.

In this stage, the components of the technique were not big.
As long as Chu Yunfan’s strength was greater than Zheng Hongzhe’s and his speed was faster, Zheng Hongzhe could not do anything to him.
Similarly, because his moves were not smooth, Chu Yunfan could not launch a counterattack.

But now, with Chu Yunfan steadily entering the Competent Stage, the power of his moves increased by more than one level.
The others only felt the threat, but Zheng Hongzhe was actually suppressed.
After three strikes, Zheng Hongzhe, who was originally in an offensive state, was instantly suppressed!

“So powerful.
Moreover, he hasn’t used the saber technique he’s familiar with yet.
Otherwise, his combat ability would have definitely risen to another level.”

“He is indeed very terrifying.
I’m afraid that other than the few people in Zone 2, there’s no one else who can suppress him.
There is only a handful who are on par with him.”

When the other experts saw this, they instantly knew in their hearts.

One of the top three in the Anyang District was easily beaten back by Chu Yunfan.
How terrifying!

These were all the elites and experts from various schools.
The weakest was also at the peak of the eighth level of the Qi Sea Stage.
Many of them even had the cultivation of the ninth level or even the peak of the Qi Sea Stage.
They were all at the same level.
Since they all felt such great pressure, they could imagine how violent Chu Yunfan was at this moment.

Even Yu Xinyuan and the cynical youth beside Ran Jun restrained their carelessness at this moment.
This was because Chu Yunfan was really strong!

Unlike the two sides who were attacking and defending earlier, Chu Yunfan was able to turn the tables and suppress Zheng Hongzhe in three moves, displaying a crushing advantage.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan could feel that the Heaven’s Thunder Saber Technique was indeed stronger than both his Roaring Winds Saber Technique and Earth Splitting Technique.
The former contained both strengths of the two basic techniques, but it was even faster.

Zheng Hongzhe, who had the upper hand before, was now completely suppressed by Chu Yunfan.

“Today, it’s all thanks to you being my whetstone.
Now, it’s enough.
I’ll finish you off in three moves!” Chu Yunfan said loudly.

Zheng Hongzhe was so angry that his face turned red, and he almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

“I’ll kill you!”

Zheng Hongzhe stomped the ground and all the True Energy in his body burst out.
He hinged everything in his next attack.
The sword light instantly burst out with a sharp whistling sound that tore through the air.


The most terrifying thing happened.
In many people’s eyes, Zheng Hongzhe launched out with all his strength.
However, it was suppressed by Chu Yunfan.
The terrifying momentum was suppressed in an instant.

Clang, clang, clang!

Zheng Hongzhe retreated.
He felt the energy and blood in his body surge.
His face turned red.
Chu Yunfan’s blade had allowed him to enjoy the backlash of his attack.
It was a complete backlash.

“Second move!”

Chu Yunfan’s blade slashed down.
Zheng Hongzhe barely managed to stabilize his body and raise his sword to block.


The sword in Zheng Hongzhe’s hand flew out.
The palm of his hand split open.
He could not hold on to his sword.

“Third Move!”

Chu Yunfan’s slash did not come down in the end.
It stopped three inches in front of Zheng Hongzhe.

But everyone knew that Zheng Hongzhe had lost.

Zheng Hongzhe suddenly became limp.
He felt the killing intent in Chu Yunfan’s slash.
That was something he did not have.
The performance that he had experienced was far inferior to Chu Yunfan’s.

“Huff, huff, huff!” Zheng Hongzhe gasped.
Sweat dripped down and fell onto the floor of the stage.

“As expected, he lost.
I just didn’t expect Zheng Hongzhe to lose so decisively and completely!”

“This top three of the Anyang District is far inferior to Chu Yunfan.
Perhaps the number one of the district can suppress Chu Yunfan.
I heard that the number one of the Anyang District is already in Zone 2?”

“What speed! What terrifying power!”

Everyone was in an uproar.

This battle had shocked them

Fei Yunfan and Huang Guoyi looked at each other and understood each other.
This master was really terrifying.
One of the top three of the Anyang District had been taken care of just like that.
It was not a defeat.
It was just that the difference in strength was too great and he had been taken care of.

Zheng Hongzhi thought highly of himself.
But to Chu Yunfan, he was only qualified to be a whetstone.

Chu Yunfan walked down and walked up to Tang Siyu and Gao Hongzhi.

“Hahaha, you brat, You did it.
I knew you could do it!” Gao Hongzhi laughed loudly.
Chu Yunfan had won, but he was even happier than Chu Yunfan.

“I was all right,” Chu Yunfan smiled slightly.
“When did you all arrive?”

“I arrived today.
Siyu arrived yesterday.
She’s quick!” Gao Hongzhi said.
“What’s the next plan?”

“I heard that there will be a monster swarm around this time.
I plan to use it to train myself and break through to the Energy Refinement Stage,” Chu Yunfan said.

“That’s good.
I also have the same plan.
I’m only one step away from the eighth level of the Qi Sea Stage.
In the past, I thought that I’d at most be admitted to a focus university.
But now it’s different.
I want to be admitted to one of the top ten schools.
If possible, I want to be admitted to Federation University,” Gao Hongzhi said as he raised his spear.

“I’ll go with you,” Tang Siyu said with a faint smile.
Under the sunlight, her fair skin was slightly red.
She looked extremely beautiful.

At this moment, a mournful alarm sounded.

The three of them looked at each other.
They really could do whatever they wanted.
The monster swarm had arrived.

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