Tang Siyu looked at Chu Yunfan with incomparable trust and determination in her eyes.

Gao Hongzhi immediately calmed down.
He was even a little annoyed that he and Chu Yunfan had been friends for so long, yet he did not trust Chu Yunfan as much as Tang Siyu did.

The Chu Yunfan that he knew wouldn’t do something that he was not confident about.

“Yu Xinyuan, Ran Jun, is this the person who defeated you guys? I don’t think he’s anything special.
He looks very ordinary,” a cynical youth who was standing beside Yu Xinyuan and Ran Jun asked.

“Look down on him and you will pay the price,” Yu Xinyuan said as he glanced at the youth.

“I’m very disappointed.
When I heard that all of you had suffered a crushing defeat, I thought that the person who defeated all of you would at least be in the Energy Refinement Stage.
However, he’s merely at the peak of the Qi Sea Stage,” the youth said as he shook his head.

“Don’t forget, you’re only at the peak of the Qi Sea Stage too,” Ran Jun said bluntly.

This youth’s status was actually similar to his, and both parties’ statuses were the same.

“He’s not too bad.
Enough to be my opponent.
But there is a difference compared to what I imagined,” the youth said bluntly.

“Sigh, after watching this battle, I’m going to begin my bitter cultivation.
Some of them have already reached Zone 2.
If we don’t catch up quickly, the gap between us and them will only grow wider and wider,” the youth said with a sigh.

At the mention of Zone 2, both Ran Jun and Yu Xinyuan’s eyes flickered with fighting spirit.
Whether or not they could enter now represented two levels—first-rate and super-first-rate!

It did not seem like much.
They were already at the peak of the Qi Sea Stage and were only one level away from the Energy Refinement Stage.
However, they knew that if they did not catch up, then the gap would only get bigger and bigger.

On the stage, the battle between Zheng Hongzhe and Chu Yunfan had already reached its climax.

Zheng Hongzhe was fast.
Many of the experts present had solemn expressions.
If they were in Chu Yunfan’s shoes, it was difficult to say that they could perfectly block every one of Zheng Hongzhe’s attacks.
It was too fast.
He was perfectly displaying the full strength of the peak of the Qi Sea Stage.

However, faced with Chu Yunfan, he did not have much of an advantage.
Chu Yunfan was using the Heaven’s Thunder Saber Technique that he had just learned.
His technique was full of flaws and was clearly not very mature.
But no matter how sharp Zheng Hongzhe’s attacks were, he was unable to break through Chu Yunfan’s defense.
This made many people feel puzzled.

After watching for a long time, many people felt solemn.
Even though Chu Yunfan was using an unfamiliar set of techniques, Chu Yunfan could remain undefeated.
Such combat strength shocked them.

“Him holding the title of number one in the Yunning District does make some sense.
It’s not all fake.”

“He does have some skills.”

“However, the two sides are about the same.
Their strengths are on par.”

On the other hand, Ran Jun and Yu Xinyuan were frowning.
To be fair, Chu Yunfan had improved a lot compared to before.
However, the improvement was not that great.
After all, they had caught up with him before he broke into the Energy Refinement Stage.
Although it was not unusual for them to catch up with him with their conceit and talent since they were not far apart from each other, they still felt that something was wrong.

“I keep feeling that he’s not using his full strength,” Yu Xinyuan said.

Whether it’s his movements or the release of True Energy, he’s using his full strength.
No doubt about it,” the cynical youth said in disbelief.

He did not agree with Yu Xinyuan’s view.
He had never fought with Chu Yunfan before.
He only felt that it was very normal for Chu Yunfan to only be at this level.

At this moment, Zheng Hongzhe was getting faster and faster.
However, the more he fought, the more depressed he became.
This was because he realized that no matter how fast he attacked, he could not do anything to Chu Yunfan’s seemingly flawed swordsmanship.
Chu Yunfan’s swordsmanship seemed to have many flaws, but the user was fast, accurate, and ruthless.
Chu Yunfan blocked him effortlessly.

‘How can his strength be so great?!’ he thought to himself.

It did not matter what attack Zheng Hongzhe used, Chu Yunfan only needed to chop down with his saber to break his attack.
Every time they collided, he felt his arm slowly going numb.

Chu Yunfan’s strength was terrifying!

He had fought many people, and many people were born with godly strength.
However, there had never been anyone who could force him to this extent.

“I saw his hands trembling.
It seems that he has sensed Chu Yunfan’s inhuman strength!” Ran Jun gloated.

Back then, he had suffered a lot under Chu Yunfan’s terrifying strength.
Now, he felt much better when he saw that Zheng Hongzhe was suffering as well.

I’m not the only one who suffered!

“It seems so,” Yu Xinyuan nodded.
When he thought of his previous battle against Chu Yunfan, he also had lingering fear in his heart.

“What are you two talking about?” the cynical youth asked.

“If you fight with him one day, you’ll know how difficult he is to deal with.
Chu Yunfan’s speed, strength, and techniques are simply impeccable,” Yu Xinyuan said as he nodded.

“So what? If he hasn’t entered the Energy Refinement Stage, then he hasn’t entered the Energy Refinement Stage.
The difference is like heaven and earth,” the cynical youth did not take it to heart.

The more Zheng Hongzhe fought, the more he felt that Chu Yunfan was gradually becoming stronger.
Under the condition that Chu Yunfan’s speed and strength were not changing, his proficiency in the Heaven’s Thunder Saber Technique was increasing at an astonishing speed.
The most obvious thing was that after each move, Chu Yunfan seemed to have absorbed more knowledge, and the flaws in his technique were reduced bit by bit.

This shocking proficiency speed was incredible.

Was this still learning speed even humanly possible?

At this time, Zheng Hongzhe was starting to regret participating in this.
Although Chu Yunfan was number one in the Yunning District, he thought he could easily deal with Chu Yunfan as he had yet to step into the Energy Refinement Stage.
He even wanted to step on Chu Yunfan’s shoulders and become famous in Zone 1.

Who knew that during the fight, he realized that Chu Yunfan’s reputation as the number one in the Yunning District was indeed well-deserved.
Chu Yunfan was even stronger than he had imagined!


Suddenly, Zheng Hongzhe felt that the Chu Yunfan in front of him changed all of a sudden, and the aura on his body suddenly increased tremendously.
He immediately understood that Chu Yunfan had broken through, and his saber technique had broken through!

Realizing that he had been used as a whetstone, the fire in Zheng Hongzhe’s heart flared up!


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