Chu Yunfan had passed the seven levels in one go.
This left Fei Yunfan and Huang Guoyi in total shock.

After a long time, the notification for passing the eighth stage did not ring.
The door of the training room opened and Chu Yunfan walked out.

“Chu Yunfan, did you pass the eighth level?” Fei Yunfan asked.
Although the notification did not ring, he was still curious.

“I didn’t,” Chu Yunfan shook his head, but he did not show the slightest hint of frustration.
Instead, he looked relaxed.

Fei Yunfan felt this was a little strange.
Logically speaking, Chu Yunfan should be rather disappointed that he had not passed the eighth stage.
However, Chu Yunfan did not look disappointed at all.

Only Chu Yunfan himself knew that he was indeed not disappointed.
He was very clear about his current situation.
If he had deactivated the weighted suit, passing the eighth level would not have been difficult at all.
But because of the suit, his strength was firmly restricted to the peak of the Qi Sea Stage.
He had only just entered the ninth level of the Qi Sea Stage a few days ago.
To have such battle strength, what was there to be dissatisfied about.

However, the battle just now had rung a warning bell within him.
He had practiced the Roaring Winds Saber Technique and the Earth Splitting Saber Technique.
These two sets of techniques were the most basic.
After reaching the peak of the Qi Sea Stage, a feeling of helplessness slowly crept up on him.
It was as if these two techniques were unable to unleash his full potential.

It was time to learn a brand-new set of saber techniques.
A set of techniques that could unleash his strength to the fullest extent!

After completing the test, Chu Yunfan returned to his room.
He wanted to select a set of saber techniques that suited him from the Alchemy Emperor’s memories.
His test had been uneventful.
As long as he did not pass the eighth test, he would not attract attention.

Chu Yunfan returned to his room and called upon the Alchemy Emperor’s vast memories.
Actually, he had not inherited all of the Alchemy Emperor’s memories.
The main parts of the memories that remained pertained to the Alchemy Emperor’s alchemy experience.
This was the most essential part of the Pill Emperor’s memories.
Everything else was like watching a movie.
There were many memories, but they were not complete.

Chu Yunfan guessed that because of the Godhead or the Mountain River Diagram, the Alchemy Emperor’s memories had not turned his brain to mush.
In reality, this had not happened.
It was very strange.

After going through the Alchemy Emperor’s memories, he discovered that there were not many saber techniques in those memories.
The Alchemy Emperor had not paid much attention to ordinary saber techniques.
It was not like the Heavenly Deity Nine Transformations or the Nine Cyclone Phantoms.
The Alchemy Emperor had not used a saber either.
It was either an explosive saber technique like the Flow Cut Saber Technique that had caught his attention, or ordinary saber techniques were not of much interest to him.

In fact, it was not just saber techniques.
There was also a lack of other martial skills.
Or rather, there were some powerful martial skills that the current Chu Yunfan simply could not use.

In the Alchemy Emperor’s memories, there was a lot of information related to alchemy.
Although the Alchemy Emperor could be considered a martial arts expert, his technique consisted of a pile of medicinal pills.
It was not the same concept as a serious martial arts master.

However, Chu Yunfan was not in a hurry.
Although the Alchemy Emperor’s memory did not have a saber technique that was suitable for his current use, he could still buy it online.
Nowadays, the internet was highly developed.
One could buy all kinds of martial skills online.
One could even buy a martial arts master’s teaching videos.
Many rich and powerful children could even invite martial arts experts to guide them in one specific martial skill.
The effects of this teaching would be very fast.

After he connected to the virtual network, he went to a website that specialized in selling martial skills.
He found the saber techniques and started browsing through them.
He sorted it according to the price.

“Wunian Saber Technique—2.5 billion!”

“Deca-way Killing Method—2.45 billion!”

“Qingtao’s Royal Sabers—2.43 billion!”

The number of zeros behind the first few techniques could make anyone faint.

It was extremely terrifying!

Every saber technique was a peerless technique, and the people who put it up for sale were the strongest and most terrifying saber technique masters of humanity.

There was not even a need to apply for a patent as no one dared to pirate it.
After all, who could afford to provoke such terrifying existences?

And those who had learned these skills would not easily pass them on to others.

This was the first time Chu Yunfan had been on this website, and he was speechless at the price of these saber techniques.
The first was the Wunian Saber Technique.
He had heard that the owner of this technique was someone called Mr.
This man was the strongest saber master in the human world.
His greatest achievement was that he had once killed a monster that was above the Innate Stage with a single strike.
With this single strike, he cemented his name as the strongest saber master.

Since the Wunian Saber Technique was left behind by Mr.
Wunian, there was no doubt about its power.
As for the other techniques, behind each of them was a powerful saber master.

Chu Yunfan went all the way down to the Energy Refinement Stage saber techniques.
These were unrated techniques that could not even be considered ordinary-grade.

Generally speaking, the martial skills of the Acquired Stage were mostly ranked.
However, for the Energy Refinement Stage, ranked martial skills were rare.
They were all unrated skills without a grade.

Finally, Chu Yunfan found a ranked skill.
Although it was only ordinary-grade, it was enough for Chu Yunfan’s current strength.
After all, many martial skills of the Acquired Stage were only at the primary level of the ordinary grade.

“Heaven’s Thunder Saber Technique!”

Chu Yunfan read the introduction to this skill.
Without a doubt, this technique mainly focused on speed and explosive power.
This set of Heaven’s Thunder was astonishing as to how fast it was.
When one drew their saber, there would be a muffled explosion sound, as if a clap of thunder from the heavens had struck down, hence its name.
If one practiced it to the extreme—to the point of perfection—one could even turn these thunderclap sounds into nothingness.
It would then enter a whole new stage!

There were a few saber techniques that were ranked.
It was just that Heaven’s Thunder Saber Technique was most suitable for Chu Yunfan.
His physical fitness far surpassed that of martial artists of the same realm, and he could perfectly unleash the power of Heaven’s Thunder.

In other words, Heaven’s Thunder could perfectly unleash Chu Yunfan’s strength.

It was the most suitable!

But the price was two million!

Ordinary grade martial skills of the Energy Refinement Stage were only a few hundred thousand, and martial skills of the Qi Sea Stage could be bought with just a few hundred thousand.

The gap in price between ranked and unranked was simply as far as Heaven and Earth.

Chu Yunfan bit the bullet and placed the order.
In the blink of an eye, there was less than one million left in his bank account.

Almost immediately, the electronic version of the Heaven’s Thunder Saber Technique was sent to Chu Yunfan.

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