In the sparring zone, two figures moved agilely as the force of their strikes whistled through the air.
Within a short period, they had exchanged dozens of blows.
Both of them were attacking to defend themselves, their fists continuously colliding.

The sound of flesh and bone clashing echoed through the entire sparring zone.

The duo finally stopped a while later and were panting hard.
Cultivating the Devilish Tiger Punch exhausted a lot of one’s strength.

“Not bad, not bad!” Liu Yushu said as she quickly recovered and started breathing normally again.
“What kind of method do you use to cultivate exactly? Your physique is far beyond the standards for Blood Renewal.
Given that your Devilish Tiger Punch has reached the Impeccable Stage, it’d be an achievement for anyone at the Blood Renewal tier to be able to take three hits from you!

“You have your own secrets.
There’s more to you than what Uncle Qin told me.
He said you merely have ordinary cultivation of Internal Energy.
I suppose you broke through to Joint Popping not too long before I saw you yesterday? And you’ve already broken through to Blood Renewal.
Hehe, if that isn’t considered genius, what is?”


Liu Yushu chuckled and proceeded to say, “Don’t worry.
I’m not interested in your secrets.
Which martial artists don’t have secrets? Especially those who’ve achieved big things, all of them had techniques of their own.
The faster your elevation, the more benefits there are for me.
I can release more of my power.
I no longer have to hold back!”

Hearing her words, Chu Yunfan liked Liu Yushu a little more.
It was not that he had a crush on her.
He merely felt that although she was a girl, she was determined in the things she did and she was easy-going.
She was indeed a friend to keep.


“The truth is, you’re a great match for me.
If I were to fight with all my might, people at the same stage can’t take many hits from me!” Chu Yunfan was being honest too.

At that moment, he felt a burst of energy fill his body.
The Mighty Eternal Emperor Method was indeed terrifying.
It was hard for him to find a worthy opponent with people at the same stage.

“That’s great.
I feel that I understand the Devilish Tiger Punch better when I spar with you.
Our knowledge of the Devilish Tiger Punch is equal.
Indeed, you’re even slightly more skilled than I am.
You’re a great sparring partner for me.
Within a month, I must break through to the Perfection Stage.
Let’s go again.
We shouldn’t delay.
You’re an expensive sparring partner.
I don’t want to waste any time!” Liu Yushu called out softly and rushed at Chu Yunfan again.
She was performing Luring the Tiger once more, looking majestic as she charged at him.

Chu Yunfan was fearless, and he said loudly, “That’s not enough, Yushu.
Release even more power.
I need more pressure.
This won’t force me to elevate myself!”

Liu Yushu was rather stunned hearing that.
She could not believe that he wanted to break through in a real battle like this.
Nonetheless, her eyes immediately started beaming.

She was not envious of Chu Yunfan’s elevation.
On the contrary, the faster Chu Yunfan elevated, the faster he could help in her own elevation since she had less than a month.

Within a blink of an eye, Liu Yushu’s aura grew significantly.
She had reached Tier-9 Physical Stage.

If Chu Yunfan could still hold his own against Liu Yushu earlier, this put him under immense stress.

The terrifying pressure suppressed him immediately.
After releasing her power a little bit more, Liu Yushu’s punching speed was clearly faster.
Each punch was like a bullet being fired.

A skill was a skill, but one’s strength was the root.
When Liu Yushu released her power, she did not have a stronger Devilish Tiger Punch, but the power was twice of what it was before.


Chu Yunfan defended her Luring the Tiger.
He failed to maintain his position and fell back a few steps.
A red mark appeared on his arm.
It was terrifying.

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Nevertheless, he did not panic at all.
On the contrary, he looked excited.
He felt his fighting spirit soar.
After managing to stabilize himself, he went forward instead of retreating, swiftly charging at her.




The two of them were like shadows that kept intersecting.
Low hums exploded each time they collided.

As Liu Yushu unleashed more and more of her power, the pressure on Chu Yunfan increased.
Even so, he was unafraid.
Although his body was in an intense fight, his mind was calm like never before.

He was like the central computer that could process huge amounts of information instantly.
His Devilish Tiger Punch seemed perfect before.
One could almost say that they could not find his weaknesses at all.
The reason being, even if there were flaws, he could change them the moment he attacked.

Given that, as Liu Yushu released her power, Chu Yunfan’s punches that initially seemed perfect quickly revealed their many flaws.
Some things that did not seem to be errors were revealed as such now.

It made him understand something.
Some flaws might not be flaws at first.
Perhaps they became flaws from external power, while some assumed flaws might become his most powerful traits.

At that moment, he felt like he had fallen into a mysterious state again.
It was magical, as if he was inhumanly calm.
He could observe all issues and solve them continuously.

Meanwhile, Liu Yushu was the one who sensed all these the clearest.
When she attacked casually in the beginning, Chu Yunfan’s flaws were easily seen.
However, she gradually noticed that she could no longer see them.

Such improvement was obvious, and she could almost see it with her naked eyes.

Until then, she had to look for Chu Yunfan’s flaws carefully to be able to fight him.
Such a rate of improvement was indeed stunning.

“You have a real talent for martial skill cultivation!”

Liu Yushu was surprised by Chu Yunfan’s performance.
This was because he had fixed all of his flaws as his Devilish Tiger Punch improved.
He could only endure passively in the beginning, but he could fight back now.

Although his targeted strikes were few, he would aim for the crucial points.
He would always attack her flaws, revealing the vulnerabilities in her seemingly perfect punches.

Chu Yunfan’s eyes were like an automated scanner, allowing him to find all of the weaknesses as well as counter them accordingly.

It was an opportunity for her to learn.
Although she did not seem to be improving faster than Chu Yunfan, whose progress was skyrocketing before her, the speed of her improvement was ten times faster than the private coach she had previously!

That private coach’s standards for theory were high indeed, but he could not compare with Chu Yunfan at all when it came to standards for real battles.

Chu Yunfan’s gift for martial skill cultivation was shocking.
Among Liu Yushu’s many genius classmates, none could compare to him.
Furthermore, she had never heard of anyone who could improve so much so quickly.

The duo was sparring as if they would not get tired.
They would only stop when they could no longer bear it.
Their arms were covered with all sorts of bruises and wounds.
They would fight again after using the healing spray and recovering.

If they exhausted too much of their strength, they would take the energy elixir to recover.

This time, Chu Yunfan did not mention anything.
Although he would have to deduct the price of each bottle of the energy elixir from his coaching fee, he felt that he was at the door of a breakthrough.

Breaking through from the Impeccable to Perfection Stage on the Devilish Tiger Punch was a huge leap, a complete transformation.

In reality, many people cultivated the Devilish Tiger Punch, but only a few could cultivate it to the Perfection Stage.
Most people would not spend too much time on such a punching technique.
After all, it was just a basic move to train one’s body to defend against enemies.

The duo immersed themselves in the battle like maniacs.
One hour, two hours, three hours, and then four hours had passed.

They initially agreed on two hours per day of coaching.
None of them minded that time was passing by quickly.

Finally, everything changed in the sparring zone.
Suddenly, Chu Yunfan seemed as if he had transformed.
If one was to close one’s eyes, one would feel as though Chu Yunfan was not human at all, but a ferocious tiger on the hunt.
He had a stunning aura, and the air around them seemed to have frozen.

Facing Liu Yushu’s attack, he merely opened his eyes calmly.
Suddenly, his aura spread, as if he was a devilish tiger that was getting off the mountain to hunt.

“King of the Jungle!”


Chu Yunfan charged with his punch, his entire aura contained within it.
The wind coming from the punch had practically transformed into an arrow, firing at Liu Yushu.

This punch broke all of the shadows of her punches and charged at her face.
She retreated immediately and released her Qi Sea Stage power.
She lifted her arm to defend Chu Yunfan’s punch.


There was a sound from the collision of flesh and bones.
Chu Yunfan’s attack had finally stopped.

“I suppose this is the last technique of the Devilish Tiger Punch, King of the Jungle.
I thought only people at Qi Sea Stage could perform it?” Liu Yushu flung her arm.
She could not believe that her arm was rather sore after he punched it earlier.

“That’s right, it was indeed the King of the Jungle.
I was already at the peak of the Impeccable Stage.
However, I have to perform the King of the Jungle to be able to get to the last stage—Perfection Stage.
This set of punch techniques would only be considered perfect when I perform the King of the Jungle.
I can only break through to the Perfection Stage by doing that!” Chu Yunfan nodded and said calmly.

“That means you must have broken through to the Perfection Stage!” Liu Yushu’s eyes lit up.
Had she not witnessed it herself, how would she believe that Chu Yunfan had broken through twice within two days?

None of her classmates could compare to such a talent.

“That’s right!” Chu Yunfan said.
He had indeed stepped into the last stage of the Devilish Tiger Punch when he performed the King of the Jungle.

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