Chapter 217: The Battle for Dorm Leader


The soldier realized that he had been pushed out of the ring.
He was not shocked, but he looked at Chu Yunfan with a deep stare.

“I’ve actually lost.
I admit that I underestimated you.
Your strength does not only lie in your pure martial skills.
What is most important is that your thoughts are well calculated.
All of your moves just now were to make me think that you were at the end of your rope.
It was all for this one strike.
You’re good at keeping your composure.” The soldier gave Chu Yunfan a thumbs up.
“When I was your age, I was not as calm as you.
I felt like an old hunter hunting down a cunning fox!”

“Huff, huff!” Chu Yunfan panted heavily.
The attack just now had drained his energy.
It had been difficult for him to fight to this extent while wearing the weighted suit.
He had indeed reached his limit.

If it were not for his weighted suit doubling gravity, his full strength would be comparable to a first-level Energy Refinement Stage warrior.
He would have needed to use Flow Cut to force his opponent to retreat.

“You’re also very strong, but I’ll be stronger than you in the future,” Chu Yunfan said as he looked at the soldier.

The soldier glanced at Chu Yunfan.
Then he smiled and said, “What’s so strange about being stronger than me? Just the army alone has countless experts.
I think you’re a good man.
Why don’t you join us? Joining the army will definitely not bring you down.”

Chu Yunfan smiled slightly and said, “Who can say for sure what will happen in the future? But for now, I have no intention of joining.”

“All right then.” The soldier did not force the matter.
Instead, he said to the other students, “All of you can go ahead now.
Hurry up and go in.”

Only then did everyone feel as if they had been saved.
Then, they surrounded Chu Yunfan.

“Brother, I owe you a favor for today.
I’ll return it to you in the future.”

“That’s right.
Thank you so much.
We thought that we wouldn’t be able to go in today.
We didn’t expect that we wouldn’t have to wait until tomorrow!”

“Brother, you did it.
Hehe, Chu Yunfan from Yunning District, I’ll remember this!”

The students all thanked Chu Yunfan one after another before heading toward Base 15.
After Chu Yunfan recovered some of his strength, he bade farewell to the soldier and walked toward the base as well.

The soldier watched as Chu Yunfan departed and thought to himself, ‘His performance was pretty good.
It’s a pity that he seems weaker than the rumors say.’

The soldier felt that something was not right.
During the battle, he felt that Chu Yunfan had not used his full strength.
Chu Yunfan had even pulled out his trump card.
If this was not his full strength, then there was no other possibility.

The soldier felt very conflicted.
Reason told him that Chu Yunfan must have used his full strength.
However, the feeling from the battle told him that Chu Yunfan had not done so.
But he immediately threw these thoughts to the back of his mind.
No matter the reason, it had nothing to do with him.
He was only responsible for guarding the path.

Chu Yunfan arrived at the door of Base 15.
This door was more than ten meters tall and gave off a high-tech metallic luster.
From afar, it looked extremely extraordinary.
There was a smaller door within the door for people to enter and exit.
After confirming his identity, he entered and received his number plate from a soldier.
Written on it was his dormitory.
On the back of the number plate, there were two words—Zone One.

Following the number plate, Chu Yunfan quickly arrived at Zone One.
This was the rest area, and it was like a small district.
Compared to ordinary civilian districts, it had a more military style.
And the dormitory that Chu Yunfan was in was a suite.
Within the suite were a few rooms.
One for each person.
There were a total of four people in each suite.

When Chu Yunfan got to his suite, he discovered that his roommates had already arrived.
In the living room, a person was sitting cross-legged in the training area in the middle.
This person had a robust figure and was dressed in black.
He looked about seventeen or eighteen.
Beside him was a youth dressed in white.

But before Chu Yunfan could speak, the door to one of the rooms opened.
Another youth dressed in a blue martial arts suit walked out.

“Another one.
Looks like everyone is here,” the youth in the blue martial arts suit said.

“Newcomer, we all came yesterday.
We’ve already laid down the rules,” the youth in black raised his head and said.

“Laid down the rules? Aren’t you going to introduce yourselves first?” Chu Yunfan asked.

“Let me introduce everyone.
That’s Qiu Xiangchen from Anyang High School in the Anyang District.
My name is Fei Yunfan.
The one in white is Huang Guoyi,” the youth in the blue martial arts suit, Fei Yunfan, introduced.
“What’s your name?”

“Yunning District, No.
13 High School, Chu Yunfan,” Chu Yunfan answered with a smile.

“Chu Yunfan? That name sounds familiar,” Fei Yunfan said as he frowned, “Those with names I can recall shouldn’t be just any ordinary person.”

Suddenly, Qiu Xiangchen said, “All right, let’s stop the nonsense.
Let me tell you the rules of this dorm.
I’m the dorm leader here, and you have to listen to everything I say.”

“Dorm leader? All of us have to listen to you? I think you’re in over your head here.
We’re only temporarily living together for the duration of this training camp.
We’re not really living in the same dorm,” Chu Yunfan said indifferently, “Moreover, what makes you think you have the right to be the dorm leader? Just because you got here early?”

Qiu Xiangchen gave Chu Yunfan a sharp look when he heard that.
“Looks like you aren’t convinced.”

“Ha!” Chu Yunfan chided, “I want to know what gives someone the right to become the dorm leader.
If it’s possible, I want to give it a try.”

“You want to know how? As long as you’re stronger than me, anything is possible,” Qiu Xiangchen sneered and said, “In this world, the strong are always respected.
The weak are not qualified to say anything.”

“So that’s how the dorm leader is chosen.
Since that’s the case, I’ll give it a try,” Chu Yunfan did not show any weakness and looked at Qiu Xiangchen.

He had no interest in being a dorm leader, but if he did not say anything, Qiu Xiangchen might use a chicken feather as a command arrow and climb to the top of his head.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan recalled Anyang High in the Anyang District.
Its status was similar to Yunning District’s No.
5 High and No.
7 High.
Turns out that Qiu Xiangchen was an elite genius from a famous school.
No wonder he was so proud and confident.
The so-called setting of rules probably meant that he had defeated Fei Yunfan and Huang Guoyi.

“Since you want to be beaten, then come!” Qiu Xiangchen said as he sneered at Chu Yunfan.

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