Chapter 215 The Last Shot

After a defeat, another student with a spear joined the battle, ignoring the fact that this was turning into a battle royale.

First, not passing meant staying another day They could not bear the humiliation.
Second, the soldier’s attitude infuriated them.
The pride had never been tarnished by anyone as much as this before!

Chu Yunfan watched from the side and did not join the battle.
These students were indeed the elites of their respective schools.
The weakest was just as strong as Gao Hongzhi’s, and the strongest had strength comparable to Ou Yang.

Chu Yunfan had never heard of these people before.
There were many hidden talents in Calm Ocean city.
There were too many experts.
However, he had yet to meet the masters that caught his attention.
They were the students who had entered the Energy Refinement Stage.
He suddenly understood that this test was meant to pick out the Energy Refinement Stage students.

Although this was a training camp for the top 20 of each school, Chu Yunfan could feel that it was not that simple.
Or rather, it was mainly for the creme de la creme.

The top 20 of each school were normally at the level of an ordinary focus university.
Even the top 3 of an ordinary school were at the level of the top 10 famous universities.
However, for Calm Ocean City, the military would not bother with such people.
Many appeared every year, and they did not care for every one of them.
This was Federation University.
The main point was how many could get in every year.
The other students were just cannon fodder.
Everyone couldn’t be equal.

The battle was getting more and more intense.
Two students of the eighth Qi Sea Stage were defeated by this soldier.

Finally, one student could not hold it in anymore.
It was a tall fellow and he wielded an ax that was as tall as a person.
One glance and one could tell that he walked the path of crushing strength.
The moment he made his move, he displayed a strength that far surpassed that of the previous students.

Ninth-level of the Qi Sea Stage!

This strength was almost comparable to the current Tang Siyu and Ran Jun from more than half a month ago.

There were indeed many hidden dragons and tigers in Calm Ocean City.
There were many experts, and this was only one path.
This was not the only path that led to Base 15.

The student started swinging his heavy ax.
With every chop, a terrifying force would burst out.

But even then, he was unable to shake the soldier.
The terrifying strength of his Energy Refinement Stage was fully displayed.
Although he was not good at violent fighting methods, the physical quality of an Energy Refinement Stage was obvious.
He was not at a disadvantage despite facing an ax.

The students were in despair.

“How can he be so strong? Are all those in the army so strong now? I saw the badge on his battle armor.
He’s just a cadet,” one of the students said dejectedly.

“No wonder I’ve always heard that there are many experts in the army.
They don’t lack resources and also fight battle after battle to temper themselves.
Their growth is too fast!”

“There’s another reason.
It’s because we’re too young.
If we were his age, I don’t think we’d be weaker than him.”

The students began to retreat.
This soldier was too strong.
Even though the current student he was fighting was at the ninth level of the Qi Sea Stage, the student could not make the soldier step out of the circle.
How could they even begin to imagine defeating him?

They felt powerless.
The sense of superiority that they had previously as top students of various schools suddenly was doused with a bucket of cold water.
It forcefully pulled them back from their arrogance.
There were too many who were stronger than them in this world!


Finally, that student could not hold on any longer and his ax was sent flying.
He was panting heavily and his arm trembled.
His thumb had split open and fresh blood poured out of the wound.
He hurriedly sat down cross-legged, sprayed on some healing spray, and then swallowed an energy pill to recover his strength.

“Is there no one else? I’m disappointed.
Students are getting worse with each passing year.
Flowers grown in a greenhouse are ultimately useless.
How about this? I’ll give you one more chance.
All of you can come at me together.
As long as you can force me out of this circle, you may pass,” the soldier said as he looked at these students coldly.

The students were all red in the face but none of them went up to surround him.
This was because they could not afford to lose face!

A group of people attacking one another.
It was not a life-and-death battle.
It was just a test.
Their pride would not allow them to do so.

“What a pity.
If that’s the case, then all of you can wait another day,” the soldier said.

“Let me spar with you.”

Chu Yunfan finally stopped waiting and stepped out of the crowd.

When the crowd saw Chu Yunfan, their eyes could not help but light up.
After all, even that ninth-level Qi Sea Stage student had failed just now and Chu Yunfan still dared to stand up.
He must have some skills.
Perhaps they had a chance to pass today?

“Who is this person? I’ve never seen him before.”

“I’ve finally figured it out.
If we want to pass, we must have an Energy Refinement Stage student,” a student said with sudden realization, “This test was designed to screen Energy Refinement Stage students.
If there isn’t an Energy Refinement Stage student, we simply will not be able to pass.”

“Brother, are you at the Energy Refinement Stage? If you don’t, don’t try.
It’s useless,” another student said as he watched Chu Yunfan approach.

“I’m not at the Energy Refinement Stage, but I have to try anyway.
I don’t want to have to wait another day.
Besides, maybe I’ll perform a miracle?” Chu Yunfan said with a smile.

“Ha, brother, sure you can.
I can’t believe you’re actually in the mood to joke,” the student gave Chu Yunfan a thumbs up.

These people felt that they could not get past it anyway.
Their previously tense mood relaxed a little.
They had already done their best.
Although they were unwilling, there was nothing they could do.

Chu Yunfan stood in front of the soldier.

“It’s you?” When the soldier saw Chu Yunfan, his eyes lit up.

Chu Yunfan could not help but ask suspiciously, “You know of me?”

“No, but do you want to challenge me? Don’t be like them when the time comes.
At least give me a little surprise,” the soldier said with a grin as he shook his head.

“You had a few big battles just now.
You should rest first.
I won’t take advantage of you,” Chu Yunfan said.

“No need.
The battles just now don’t even count as a warm-up,” the soldier said confidently.

His words made the students gnash their teeth in anger.

“If that’s the case, then I’ll make my move.”

As soon as Chu Yunfan finished speaking, his figure flashed and pounced toward the soldier.

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