Chapter 214 The Army’s Second Test

The place where Chu Yunfan was placed was only about fifteen kilometers away from Base 15.
However, when he finally arrived at the site, it was already the second day.

In any case, Chu Yunfan was not in a hurry because he had not been given a time limit.
Because of this, he was not in a hurry.

Chu Yunfan understood the hidden meaning behind the training camp’s actions, which was to have them train in the wilderness as much as possible.
The range of fifteen kilometers seemed far, but it was actually not.
They could call for help at any time and would be guaranteed safety.
Therefore, he was not in a hurry.

Along the way, he encountered many monsters.
They were all wandering around alone, some in the Qi Sea Stage, and some in the Energy Refinement Stage.
Chu Yunfan could go all out in every battle.
There was no need to hold back because, after each battle, he could return to the pocket space within the Mountain River Diagram to recover his strength and True Energy.

In the beginning, Chu Yunfan brought all the monsters he killed into the Mountain River Diagram.
However, the space was soon filled to the brim.
He chose to throw away the monsters in the Qi Sea Stage, leaving behind only those in the True Energy Stage.
Chu Yunfan’s battles went on for a whole day and a whole night.
He also soon adapted to the double gravity of the weighted suit.

In the distance, the walls of Base 15 were within sight.
Although it was called a training base, it looked more like a small castle.
In the surrounding area, there was not a single stalk of weed.
Everything was clear and flat.
One stretch of road after another appeared in front of Chu Yunfan.

However, when he was about to take one of the roads to one of the gates of the base, he found that the road had been blocked by someone.
He saw a soldier wearing camouflage armor blocking everyone’s path.
At this time, Chu Yunfan was not the only person who had arrived.

“What right do you have to block our path?” a student said indignantly.

After a day and night of fighting, everyone was tired.
The base was right in front of them, but they were blocked by someone.

The soldier looked at these students.
He sneered and said, “What do you think this place is? An amusement park for you to play house? I heard that you’re all the best and elites in your schools.
How could you not accomplish even this small task?”

The soldier spotted Chu Yunfan walking over.
He raised his voice and said, “Since new people are joining us, I’ll repeat myself.
As long as one of you can push me out of this circle, you may all proceed.
If no one manages to do so, you’ll just have to wait for another day.
And don’t even think about going to another path because there are others along the other paths as well!”

Chu Yunfan instantly understood, This is the second time that Base 15 was showing their might since they’ve seen off for the base.
None of these students were simple.
The elites of the various schools were not easy to manage.
He had heard that this was a common tactic in the military.
Veterans would first think of ways to remove one’s pride and show their might.
After that, the students would prove easier to manage.

Of course, only they knew whether this was part of the plan to display the army’s strength to attract these future human elites and pillars of humanity to join them.
After all, the army had a very strong desire to attract these talents.
No group could not do without the help of these talents and elites.

This was especially true for the army, which was fighting on the frontline of humanity every day.
If the army was made up of the old, the weak, the sick, and the disabled, what could humans possibly do to stop the attack of countless monsters?

Although countless hot-blooded people entered the melting pot of the army every year, it was far from enough for the army.

Energy Refinement Stage.

Chu Yunfan looked at the soldier and immediately had an epiphany.
That soldier was definitely in the Energy Refinement Stage.
No wonder he was so proud.
As long as the students beat him out of the dirt ring under his feet, it would be enough.

Chu Yunfan glanced at them.
He did not know any of these students, but this was normal.
He could not recognize all the students in Yunning District, let across the ten districts in Calm Ocean City.
There were two to three thousand students who were attending this training camp.
How could he know all of them?

“This is too much!” one of the students got angry and shouted, “I’ll fight you!”

This student slung his backpack behind him and took out a long staff from behind his back.


This student rushed up toward the soldier.
He vigorously waved his staff, taking a firm and fierce approach.

At the same moment, the soldier also made a move.
He wielded a standard battle saber issued by the army.
Although it was not comparable to the Shadowless Saber, it was still much better than the standard sabers that were distributed in the school.




The saber and the staff continuously collided with each other, producing the sounds of metal clashing.
This student’s offense was like a tide.
However, he could not even make the soldier’s feet move even an inch.

“He’s so strong!”

The surrounding students exclaimed in surprise.
That student was obviously at the peak of the seventh Qi Sea Stage and was not considered weak.
But against this soldier, he was not a match at all.
The soldier’s saber completely guarded his body.

“Is this all you’ve got? I’m disappointed!” That soldier shouted and then slashed down with his saber.


An explosion rang out and the student’s staff was sent flying.
However, the soldier stood tall and did not even move a step.

“You are all elites from various schools.
How could you be so weak that you can’t even compare to the recruits of our army? You’re too weak,” the soldier scolded them rudely.

These words infuriated the students who claimed to be blessed by the heavens.

“Let me do it!”

At this moment, another student jumped out.
He brandished a sword and charged toward the soldier.
His strength was even higher than the previous student.
Each of his attacks was as fast as lightning.
His speed was astonishing.
But he soon discovered that no matter how fast he was, he could not beat the soldier.
Even though the soldier did not walk the path of speed, the physical advantage of his Energy Refinement Stage determined that he was stronger than this student.
This second student did not have the advantage in speed and was defeated by the soldier in just a few moves.

The mocking expression on the soldier’s face became more pronounced as if he was laughing at the students’ overestimation of themselves.

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