Chapter 213 Killing the Ironclaw Ashen Bear

This was a huge bear.
When it was on all fours, it was about two meters tall—one head taller than Chu Yunfan.
This huge figure pounced toward Chu Yunfan, and he felt an evil wind rushing toward him.

Chu Yunfan was unhurried.
Using the Heavenly Deity Nine Transformations, he avoided this huge bear.
If Chu Yunfan had not tempered himself in the wild previously, he would probably be flustered.

He recognized the origin of this giant bear.
It was called the Ironclaw Ashen Bear.
This monster was a mutation of Earth’s bears from the past.
It could be found everywhere and each had varying strengths, with most of them being at the Energy Refinement Stage.
The truly powerful ones were at the peak of this stage.
There were even some Ironclaw Ashen Bears at the Acquired Stage.

However, this was the vicinity of Base 15.
All the powerful monsters had been killed, and the remaining ones were not enough to threaten the base.
Even so, that was only for the base.
For ordinary students, the Ironclaw Ashen Bear was extremely terrifying.

Chu Yunfan had no plans to call for reinforcements, even if this Ironclaw Ashen Bear was terrifying.
When the bear stood up on its hind legs, it was almost two and a half times taller than Chu Yunfan.

After missing its strike, the Ironclaw Ashen Bear did not give up and pounced over once more.




This Ironclaw Ashen Bear looked very heavy.
But when it ran, it was as fast as a bolt of lightning.
Many people were caught by this creature because they underestimated its speed.
The consequences were unimaginable.

However, Chu Yunfan was different.
He used the Heavenly Deity Nine Transformations to dodge the creatures and slashed out with his saber.
His weapon slashed at the bear’s body.

A bloody wound was cut onto the Ironclaw Ashen Bear’s back.
If it was a Redback Jackal, Chu Yunfan would have cut it into two with this one slash, but the Ironclaw Ashen Bear was different.

Qi Sea Stage and Energy Refinement Stage monsters were completely different.
Whether it was their reaction, speed, or strength, they were on completely different levels.

After the pain, the Ironclaw Ashen Bear became even faster.
It rushed at Chu Yunfan, but he kept using the Heavenly Deity Nine Transformations to dodge.
He made one strike after the other.
Soon, the Ironclaw Ashen Bear’s body was covered in wounds.
Although these wounds were deep enough to see its bones, they were not fatal.
This Ironclaw Ashen Bear was far more tenacious than he had imagined.

“Huff, huff!”

Chu Yunfan’s breathing had already begun to quicken.
He was still wearing the weighted suit and had it activated to double gravity.
Even now, he had no intention of shutting down the gravity setting.
Since he wanted to train himself, he had to go all the way.
He would not stop until he had achieved his goal!

It was because of this double gravity situation that Chu Yunfan’s strength was declining quickly.
His physical strength was several times that of those in the same realm, plus his True Energy was almost endless.
However, under such an intense battle, he still fell rapidly.

This Ironclaw Ashen Bear was far more difficult to deal with than Chu Yunfan had imagined.
He could not relax for even a second.
If he was not careful, he might be clawed to death.
This battle was a double drain on his mental and physical strength.
He was using this method to temper himself.
If it was not because he had a top-notch movement technique, and that his current cultivation level was comparable to the ninth level of the Qi Sea Stage, he probably would have already lost his life.


Whether it was speed or strength, this Ironclaw Ashen Bear was far above Chu Yunfan, leaving him with not many choices.

‘Enough games.
It can’t go on like this.
If another monster were to come, that would be troublesome.’ Chu Yunfan thought as a fierce look flashed through his eyes.

The Ironclaw Ashen Bear opposite him roared and pounced toward Chu Yunfan.

“Flow Cut!”

This time, Chu Yunfan did not dodge.
Instead, he slashed out with the saber in his hand.
In an instant, Chu Yunfan’s strength was pushed to the limit.
It was as if the power of the world had suddenly gathered on his body.
Chu Yunfan even had the feeling that the fate of the heavens was in his hands.
This slash could cut through everything! The Ironclaw Ashen Bear was no ordinary creature.
It pounced on Chu Yunfan, wanting to kill him.
The claws of its front paws extended out like ten blades.
This was the Ironclaw Ashen Bear’s trump card that it had yet to use.
This creature was much more intelligent than Chu Yunfan had predicted.

At this critical moment, Chu Yunfan once again entered a state of absolute calm.
In an instant, everything was under his control.


A pitch-black blade light flew into the Ironclaw Ashen Bear’s eyeball, pierced through it, and reached its brain.


The Ironclaw Ashen Bear roared.
It stood up and swiped Chu Yunfan away.

Chu Yunfan somersaulted through the air and then landed on the ground, leaving behind footprints.
He felt that his strength was almost drained.
Under the double gravity, his consumption of strength was terrifying.
However, this would bring about faster breakthroughs.

Chu Yunfan looked down at himself.
Just now, the Ironclaw Ashen Bear’s blade-like claws had scratched him.
Fortunately, he had been protected by his armor.
Otherwise, just that one swipe would have torn his body to shreds.

The Shadowless Saber had also left his hand and was still lodged into the eye of the Ironclaw Ashen Bear.
The more the creature struggled, the deeper the saber went, and the bigger the wound became.
Blood mixed with brain matter flowed out.

After a long while, the Ironclaw Ashen Bear finally died.
Its brain had been cut by the Shadowless Saber.
No matter how tough a monster was, if its brain was cut, it would certainly die.

Chu Yunfan let out a sigh of relief.
After recovering some of his strength, he walked to the Ironclaw Ashen Bear’s body and pulled out his saber.
After the blood and brain matter had all slid off, he put it back into the scabbard.

He then placed the Ironclaw Ashen Bear into the Mountain River Diagram.
Although the Ironclaw Ashen Bear was only an Energy Refinement Stage monster, it was still worth a couple hundred thousand yuans.

If it was before, he would not have been able to transport it and could only leave the Ironclaw Ashen Bear’s corpse to other monsters.
But now that he had the Mountain River Diagram, transporting it was much more convenient.

Chu Yunfan meditated in the Mountain River Diagram.
After he recovered his strength, he exited the pocket and once again set off toward Base 15.

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