Chapter 211 Another Five Days, Set Off

Upon breaking through to the ninth level of the Qi Sea Stage, Chu Yunfan felt the hidden energy within his body being released.

It was more difficult for him to break through because his path was harder than others.
When he was at the eighth level of the Qi Sea Stage, he possessed the ability to beat those at the ninth level of the Qi Sea Stage.
It was naturally more difficult for him to break through than others.
This was because once he broke through, his combat strength would be equivalent to the first level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
But fortunately, he had managed to breakthrough.

The smile on Chu Yunfan’s face lasted for mere seconds before it disappeared.
His combat strength seemed pretty good, but it was only enough to reach the bottom line to participate in Federation University’s assessment.

Chu Yunfan thought about those who were recruited by Federation University every year, the candidates who participated in the yearly Federal University assessment, and the students who were recruited by the ten famous universities.
This meant that there were many students at this level.
Of course, he had a few months.
When that time came, everything would be completely different.

He suddenly looked forward to the upcoming intensive training camp.
It was to be the most monstrous gathering of third-year high school geniuses in Calm Ocean City.
The geniuses within the Yunning District had already been thrashed by him.
It was time for the other monsters of the city to receive a trashing.

It was unbelievable to think that he, who had been worried about even getting into a university before, could now actually plan to thrash those who he had never dared to even think of before.

But then, he recalled Dong Fanghao.
That fellow had already reached the Energy Refinement Stage half a year ago.
How strong would he be now? And there would definitely be more than one such person in this world.
Thinking of this, Chu Yunfan felt his blood boil.
He was still far from the level of these people!

Chu Yunfan calmed down the True Energy that was surging through his body and began to circulate the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method, starting the process of sleepless nights.

Five days passed in the blink of an eye, like a white horse passing by in a flash.

Chu Yunfan woke up very early that morning.
For the first time, he had not cultivated last night.
Instead, he slept fitfully.
He wanted to welcome the next two months of bitter cultivation with full spirits.

After getting dressed, he came out of his room and saw that Chu Qingxuan was already awake and breakfast had been prepared.

“Xuan Xuan, I’ve been busy cultivating these few days and haven’t had the chance to ask.
How’s school? Are you getting used to life at No.
1 High?” Chu Yunfan asked.

Chu Qingxuan was reading the news on her tablet as she ate.
She replied to Chu Yunfan, “It’s fine.
I’ve actually read the whole syllabus online in advance.
It’s just that my cultivation level is low compared to others.”

Chu Qingxuan sighed, but her expression soon brightened.
To her, this was her only shortcoming.
This was different from studying.
It was not something that could be made up for in a short time.

1 High is indeed the best school in Calm Ocean City.
There are many geniuses and evildoers,” Chu Qingxuan said, “But I’m not too far behind.
The teacher said that I’ve improved very quickly.
I’ve already reached the first level of the Physical Stage and will probably be able to catch up with most of my classmates before the exams.
There shouldn’t be any problems.”

Chu Yunfan was very satisfied after hearing this.
His sister was indeed a genius.
Now that her illness was cured, her talent could finally be unleashed.
Fortunately, she was still young and there were many things that she could still achieve.

“Nobody is bullying you, right?” Chu Yunfan asked.

This was what he was most worried about.
He was worried that his sister would be at a disadvantage when she entered the school.

“Don’t worry.
Sister Yushu came to the junior high to personally announce that I’m her close friend.
If anyone tried to make trouble for me, it’d be the same as making things difficult for her.
Who would dare bully me?” Chu Qingxuan said as she cheekily stuck out her tongue.

In the past two weeks, Chu Yunfan had been busy cultivating and had not stepped foot outside much.
However, due to the proximity of their residences, Chu Qingxuan and Liu Yushu had become fast friends.
Since both of them were students of Calm Ocean City’s No.
1 High, and with Liu Yushu’s status within the school, it was no problem for her to take care of Chu Qingxuan.
“It’s good that you’re doing well,” Chu Yunfan said with a smile.

“Brother, don’t worry about me.
It isn’t me who’s going out into the wilderness after all.
It’s not the first time I’ve read of such training camps.
In fact, every city has organized similar camps.
Although the military will try to ensure the safety of the attendees, there are bound to be some mishaps,” Chu Qingxuan said with a serious look on her face.
Although she was young, she was much more sensible than her peers because of her past illness.

“Don’t worry.
With my strength, no one will be able to trouble me,” Chu Yunfan said.

The past five days had not been wasted on him.
After just half a month, he had gotten used to wearing the weight suit all day.
Other than taking a shower, he never took them off.
At first, he was not unaccustomed to it.
He could not even display 30% of his full strength.
But now, although he could not display the battle strength of the first level of the Energy Refinement Stage, he could at least guarantee that he was at the ninth level of the Qi Sea Stage.
And this was enough to achieve a host whole of things.

After breakfast, he changed into his armor.
After bidding farewell to his parents and sister, Chu Yunfan left home and went to school.

It was still early in the morning, but the school was already full of people.
Although not many knew the details, they knew that the top 20 of their school were heading out to participate in an intensive training camp.
They also knew that this was another clash between the elite students of the different schools.
This time, the scope was extended to the entire Calm Ocean City.

In the past, this kind of clash would most likely have nothing to do with them as they had always been at the bottom.
However, after the emergence of a batch of geniuses who became famous within the Yunning District this year, everyone had higher expectations of the training this time around, especially Chu Yunfan who had beaten up the former elites of the Yunning District.
Everyone had high hopes for him.

When Chu Yunfan arrived, the other top 20 were already present.
Over the past two weeks, everyone had not wasted time and had improved.
Everyone had at least stepped into the seventh level of the Qi Sea Stage.
Those like Gao Hongzhi, who had stepped into the peak of the seventh level, were only one step away from breaking through.

Zhang Teng was even faster.
He had already caught up with Chu Yunfan and the others over the last two weeks and had stepped into the eighth level of the Qi Sea Stage.
Ou Yang was at the peak of the eighth level.
Just like Gao Hongzhi, he was only inches away from stepping into the ninth level.

What truly shocked Chu Yunfan though was Tang Siyu.
She had yet to break through when they met yesterday, but overnight, she had ascended to the ninth level of the Qi Sea Stage.
She had now officially surpassed Ou Yang who was the original number one in the school.

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