He had refined the Body Refining Pill!

If someone from the alchemy industry were there, they would notice that the fragrance of Chu Yunfan’s Body Refining Pill was many times thicker than most.
It meant that the efficacy of Chu Yunfan’s pill was exponentially better than the Body Refining Pills sold on the market.

It was the Body Refining Pill that was created according to the Alchemy Emperor’s superior recipe.
As such, some of the herbs had been replaced, and the refinement method was slightly different as well.

Although the changes seemed insignificant on the surface, it would be an improvement.
It would be something else if all the herbs were changed.

This was because, whether it was medicinal pills that refined one’s body or precious herbs, the Body Refining Pill was not the only one available.
In that case, why was it so popular?

It was mostly because the price of the Body Refining Pill was considered pocket-friendly.
It was suitable for most commoners, and it was value for money.

If one was to replace the recipe with higher-quality herbs, it could definitely elevate the effect significantly, but the price would shoot up too.

This made the Alchemy Emperor’s improved Body Refining Pill precious.
In fact, when the Alchemy Emperor had refined the alchemical process, he had upgraded many medicinal pills.
He elevated the effect of the pills significantly without changing the recipe too much, and he organized them into a book.

Unfortunately, before he could promote it to the whole world, the battle between the gods broke out, and he died on the battlefield.

Chu Yunfan took out the medicinal pill from the alchemical furnace.
It was almost noon at the moment.
Figuring that he had rented the alchemy lab for the entire day, he did not leave just yet.
He treated the place as a cultivation room.

He sat on the cushion with his legs crossed.
Positioning himself for meditation, he swallowed the Body Refining Pill.

He began to circulate the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method immediately to refine the effect of the Body Refining Pill.
Warmth streamed from Chu Yunfan’s pill, rushing into his limbs and bones.

The cultivation of the Physical Stage, as the name suggested, was the development of one’s physical body.
The Body Refining Pill was a medicinal pill that was created for this.
It was most effective when consumed at the Physical Stage.
In truth, there were benefits to refining the body at any stage, but the effect was not as great.

Almost immediately, popping sounds came from Chu Yunfan’s body as if there were firecrackers inside him.
All his muscles were wriggling.
The sound was being made by his bones rubbing against each other.


The most important factor when cultivating at the Physical Stage was refining one’s body, not elevating one’s power.
Blood Renewal would come after Tier-6 Physical Stage, Joint Popping.

It was the last tier that required a lot of body refinement in the Physical Stage and was considered a minor achievement.

Additionally, it was also the stage of rebirth.
As more and more medicine spread through his limbs and bones, it was helping his body renew itself continuously.
Dense sweat began to form on his skin.

The sweat did not stop dripping, and Chu Yunfan was soon drenched, as if he had just been pulled out of water.

Just then, it quickly changed from sweat to a black substance.
It was flowing together with the sweat at first, but the black substance swiftly became the only thing oozing from his body.
In the blink of an eye, that black substance covered Chu Yunfan entirely.

There was even black blood seeping through his pores.
The process was painful, as if someone was tearing his body apart.

If this happened in the past, the pain would have kept Chu Yunfan from meditating.
This time, he seemed calm.
The torture he went through when he received the inheritance was much more agonizing than this.
His mentality could not be compared to how it was before.

The most difficult tier to cultivate to in the Physical Stage was Blood Renewal.

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Blood Renewal did not mean that one’s blood would be replaced entirely, but reborn from one’s physical body.
People in the past said that one would not share the real methods, as most people had a regular body.

Not just anyone could go on the path of cultivation.
Therefore, the first step of cultivation was to shed the regular body and be reborn.

In ancient dao cultivation, it was called the Innate Dao Body.
Only people who had achieved that qualified to cultivate.

There were restrictions in ancient times, so cultivation depended on one’s luck.
Some people were born with clear meridians, which made them a good seedling for cultivation.
Only those people could cultivate, while regular people had no chance of turning their fate around.

This was also the reason why it was hard to find an heir.
Therefore, the cultivation that flourished in ancient China for a time gradually died out.
It was the limitation of the era.

Conversely, in modern times, people had the ability to turn their lives around.
A man’s determination could conquer nature.


It wasn’t sure how long had passed, but Chu Yunfan finally opened his eyes when he was completely covered in the pitch-black substance and blood.
The odor was foul and one could no longer see his face.

The stinging pain he had felt had gone away.
On the contrary, he had a good, refreshing feeling all over his body.

He felt as light as a feather.
It was a genuine rebirth!

Chu Yunfan was covered in the black substance, but he was not surprised.
He knew very well what would happen during Blood Renewal.

As it was, the black substance covering his body had a terrible smell.
Chu Yunfan got out immediately and took a shower at the Alchemist Association’s bathhouse.

After he had showered and washed his clothes with the vacuum washing machine, it was afternoon when he checked.
He had been meditating the whole time, and he had been hungry for a while.

In any case, he could not be bothered by that.
He had to coach Liu Yushu first.
He got out immediately and hailed a cab.
He was heading to Liu Yushu’s house.


Since it was his second time there, Chu Yunfan walked into the training room Liu Yushu used under the black-clothed bodyguard’s guidance.

At that moment, Liu Yushu was alone in the sparring zone.
She wore a weighted vest that was used as training equipment.
When one got used to training with such a vest, their will in battle would increase significantly after taking it off.

That was also the reason why many wealthy people loved buying cultivation equipment.

It was impossible in ancient times, and it was rare in the Ancient Zenith civilization.
These days, with the help of modern mass-production, one could even adjust the gravity on the weighted vest according to their preference.
A regular weighted vest could increase the gravity fivefold at most.


Even a regular weighted vest cost millions, so ordinary families could not afford it.

Nevertheless, Chu Yunfan knew she was not one of the richest.
Those who were even wealthier would make the entire training room into a gravity chamber.
The effect from cultivating in it would be even better than putting on a weighted vest.


Since Liu Yushu wore that vest, her movements were clearly not as agile as she usually was.
She was rather slow and there was a heavy sound every time she landed on the ground.

Fortunately, the ground in the sparring zone was reinforced.
Otherwise, it would have collapsed from all the heavy steps.

Very soon, Liu Yushu stopped.
She took off the weighted vest while panting.
Her sweaty hair stuck to her fair forehead.
She was no longer as intimidating as she was before.
Instead, she looked like the girl next door.

She glanced at Chu Yunfan and said, “You’re here.
Give me a second, please!”

Subsequently, she took out a bottle of energy elixir from the medical box.
When she consumed it, the effect was very obvious.
Liu Yushu stopped panting almost immediately.
She had stopped sweating too.
The strength she exhausted from the intense punch training had replenished in mere moments.

Suddenly, a growling noise came from Chu Yunfan’s stomach.

After appearing so calm, he could not help but blush.
The half a day of cultivation which made him break through to Blood Renewal had drained him of almost all his energy.
It was not the usual hunger, whereby your body was reminding you to eat.

In reality, a person had energy reserves, but the hunger caused by such cultivation sent an intense craving throughout the body.

Across from him, Liu Yushu could not help but smile.
She then took another bottle of energy elixir from the medical box on the side and tossed it at Chu Yunfan.

“Were you cultivating earlier? Replenish your energy or you might not be able to fight with all of your strength when training later!” Liu Yushu was generous.

“Alright, thanks.
Deduct it from my coaching fee!”

Chu Yunfan was not shameless.
Indeed, he needed the energy elixir to replenish his strength.
He would have to buy it if he did not get it from Liu Yushu, so it made no difference anyway.

After drinking a bottle of energy elixir, Chu Yunfan felt the hunger all over his body disappear.
He was filled with energy.

Compared to drinking an energy elixir, refueling by eating was too slow and inefficient.
He could not help but exclaim inwardly that there were just too many cultivation aids for the wealthy.

Even if they were not especially talented, the cultivation results of the rich would far surpass the commoners.

“Alright, face my fists.
I came to understand something today.
You happen to be here for me to try it out!”

Liu Yushu yelled in a girly manner and pounced at Chu Yunfan like a tiger that was charging from a mountain.
It had some of a tiger’s strength, the sign of the elevated power of the Devilish Tiger Punch.

However, Chu Yunfan was not afraid at all.
He threw a punch out too with some tiger strength of his own.
It was even more intense than what Liu Yushu had.


Their two fists collided.
Chu Yunfan remained still, while Liu Yushu took a few steps back before she managed to steady herself.

Instead of being stunned, she was quite happy as she said, “Have you broken through to Blood Renewal? That’s so fast.
No wonder you were starving.
I supposed you cultivated the entire day? That’s great.
I’ll punch even harder now!”

Her aura elevated significantly as she spoke.
Chu Yunfan was only on Joint Popping before, so she had limited her power to the same stage.
Since Chu Yunfan had broken through, she unleashed a little more of her strength.

“Alright, let’s go again.
I’d like to see how much I’ve improved!” Chu Yunfan charged forward instead of retreating, rising to the challenge.

The duo fought intensely again.

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