Chapter 207 Intensive Training Camp

Nobody had expected Chu Yunfan to stir up such a big wave right at the start of the new semester.

Although the school exchange meet was not a means to rank the school, nor was it a formal competition, it was because of this that no one cared about the other rankings.
They only cared about the champion!

Whoever was the champion would be the focus of everyone’s attention!

Even in other schools, Chu Yunfan had become the topic of conversation for many people.

The discussion forum of No.
13 High had long been in an uproar.
Getting first place in the whole school was not enough to make these students go crazy.
Every year, there would be a school number one.
But becoming the champion of the school exchange meet meant becoming the number one in Yunning District.
An ordinary high school like No.
13 High becoming the champion school was unprecedented.
Not only was it unprecedented, but it might also be the last.

Chu Yunfan was destined to go down in the history of No.
13 High.
Even though No.
13 High would take in more students in the future, he would definitely be the most dazzling one.

Just as Chu Yunfan stepped into campus, he was whisked away by Qin Wu who had been waiting for him for a long time.
Chu Yunfan followed Qin Wu into the principal’s office.
Not only Chu Yunfan, but the other top 20 students were also present.

In the principal’s office, not only was there Hua Chengtian, but also the homeroom teacher of Class 1, Jin Feng.
There was also an acquaintance of Chu Yunfan.
Xue Bailong, who had been promoted to the position of colonel, stood in the office as well.

After Chu Yunfan arrived, Ou Yang, Zhang Teng, Tang Siyu, Gao Hongzhi, and all the other students automatically followed his lead.
If their strengths had been on par, then perhaps they would still try to compete with him.
However, their strength was far inferior to Chu Yunfan and they had lost all intentions to compete for his position as leader.
With the background of an ordinary school, Chu Yunfan, the champion of the school exchange meet, had killed all their desire to compete.

All of this was registered by Xue Bailong, and he was slightly surprised.
When he had met Chu Yunfan previously, Chu Yunfan was just an ordinary elite student.
Now, he had become the leader of No.
13 High’s students.
Such a growth rate was astonishing to him.


“Good morning, Principal Hua.
Good morning, Mr.
Jin, Good Morning, Lieutenant Xue.
It’s been a while since we met,” Chu Yunfan took the initiative to step forward and greet Xue Bailong.

“Indeed, it has been a while,” Xue Bailong said, “I heard that you’re now the number one in Yunning District.

Xue Bailong’s eyes shone as he looked at Chu Yunfan.
The more outstanding Chu Yunfan’s performance was, the more he wanted to recruit Chu Yunfan into the army.
What was wrong with joining the army? He would be serving the country and striving for the rise of mankind.

“It was just a stroke of luck,” Chu Yunfan said in neither a servile nor overbearing manner.

“All right, since everyone is here, I’ll get down to business,” Hua Chengtian piped up.

When he saw Xue Bailong’s expression, he knew that Xue Bailong wanted to recruit Chu Yunfan.
If it was in the past, this would have been fine.
He just had to prevent Chu Yunfan from dropping out of school and joining the army.
However, things were different now.
Chu Yunfan was almost guaranteed to be admitted to Federation University.
He was a talent that was heavily protected.
How could he allow Xue Bailong to poach him?


Hua Chengtian’s words immediately drew everyone’s attention.

“The new semester has begun.
Let me first praise everyone.
Your performance at the school exchange meet has brought great honor to our school,” Hua Chengtian said.

The other students looked at Chu Yunfan.
All of them indeed performed very well and had brought glory to No.
13 High, but the word “honor” still rested squarely on Chun Yunfan’s shoulder.

“But this is just the beginning.
As long as the college entrance exams aren’t over, we can not relax.” As usual, Hua Chengtian changed the topic after saying a few words.
“I called you here today because there’s another thing that requires your consent.”

“Let me tell you about it.” Xue Bailong took over the conversation.
He said, “The college entrance exams are coming up.
To give you an edge in the exams, the education bureau has approached the military in hopes to cooperate with us and hold an intensive training camp.”

“Intensive training camp?” the students present began to ask excitedly.

“I recall that there was a similar training camp last year!”

Xue Bailong glanced at the crowd then said, “Everyone, please be quiet for a moment.
Let me continue.
This training camp will be held in the wilderness, which is also the training ground of the army.
It’s now open for you to use as a training center!”

“The wilderness?”

When many people heard these words, they felt a sense of danger.
The previous intensive training camp organized by the school had made them understand the dangers of the wild.
Moreover, the training location this time was once again in the wild.
That meant they would be surrounded by numerous monsters.

“There won’t be any danger, right?” “Why does it sound so dangerous!”

Xue Bailong continued, “There won’t be much danger.
After all, this isn’t the first time such a training camp has been held.
It’ll be like a sprint toward the college entrance exams.
You can do question after question for liberal arts, but you can only rely on training camps to hone your martial skills.
You’re all elites and outstanding individuals.
In the future, you’ll be the elites and pillars of human society.
Are you unable to accept such a small danger?”

As Xue Bailong said this, his eyes filled with disappointment.
Immediately, many students felt their faces turn a hot red.

“Of course, participation is entirely voluntary.
Those who don’t want to participate can choose not to do so.
Nobody will be forced to participate,” Hua Chengtian added.

The students looked at each other, but no one chose to give up this opportunity.
Although it was dangerous, they understood that this was a sprint.
If they backed down, the gap between them and others would rapidly widen.
When the push comes to shove, the losses would be too great to overcome.

“Does anyone wish to back out?” Hua Chengtian asked.

Hua Chengtian glanced at them, but no one did.
Then he said, “In that case, bring a death waiver back to your parents and have them sign it.
After all, although it has never been too dangerous, it’s not something that can be guaranteed.”

Everyone nodded.
They were used to signing such waivers.

“Principal Hua, when will the intensive training camp start? Right away?” Chu Yunfan asked.

“Not right away.
It’ll commence in half a month.
It’ll last about two months,” Hua Chengtian answered.

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