Chapter 204 Three Famous Schools Fighting Over a Student

“Although Chu Yunfan had not actually crawled out from under a rock, he’s about there.
According to the information released by No.
13 High, this fellow could only be described as mediocre before his third year of high school.
However, during his third year, he seemed to have been enlightened and instantly became awesome.”

“D*mn, this growth spurt is too astonishing.
This year, another person from our district will be admitted to Federation University.
From this point, the situation doesn’t look bad at all.”

“Is there any mystery in that? Yesterday, I saw this matter top the headlines on the Education Bureau’s website.”

Many people were unconvinced.
They dug out videos of that day’s battle to watch.
Many people had recorded the battles, and there were even official videos that had been recorded by the cameras of Yucai High.

Yucai High’s original intention was to record the glory of Yucai High.
Who knew that this would backfire and help Chu Yunfan instead.

“D*mn, what a fierce fighting style.
Whether it was against strength, technique, or speed, he was not the slightest bit afraid.”

“A good warrior should be like this.
Don’t be afraid and just do it!”

“So cool.
The Roaring Winds Saber Technique is simply godly in his hands.
God, I think I’m a fan.” The person who said this was clearly a supporter.

“I’ve formed a fan club for Chu Yunfan.
Let’s cheer for Almighty Chu together!” “This doesn’t make sense.
How could there be such a person in No.
13 High?”

The name Chu Yunfan had become a legendary name within the schools of Yunning District.
Everyone knew that in addition to the usual top three, another person had appeared within the district.
This matter even affected many parents who were in the middle of choosing a school for their children.
Originally, No.
13 High would definitely not be their target.
Most of the students who chose No.
13 High lived nearby and fell under the jurisdiction of this school.

But things were different now.
Many parents began to set their sights on No.
13 High.
To have nurtured a champion of the school exchange meet, No.
13 High might be something to look forward to.
In fact, many parents did not know much about those so-called famous schools.
Very few knew about them in detail, most parents chose a school simply based on which school’s students were more powerful.
And to be able to produce a district number one student, how could it be bad?

In the Common Era, many parents would look to see which school had produced the top scorer in the college entrance examination.
And this had remained the same in the Kunlun Era.
Parents held on to hope for their sons and daughters to become great figures in human society.
This was a fact that had not changed for centuries.

This was also the reason why the annual school exchange meet would make all the schools nervous.
It was an exchange meeting between the various schools that did not keep records of their rankings.
But in reality, not just the teachers and principals of the schools, but the parents of the students who were about to graduate and the teachers from the various universities were paying attention to this event.

Many people knew that Federation University was naturally the first choice for any good seedlings, followed by the top ten famous universities.
After that there were many focus and ordinary universities.
If these ordinary schools or focus universities wanted to recruit good students, waiting till after the college entrance exams to recruit them would be too late.
They had to look ahead and recruit them in advance.
Even if they were as great as Federation University, they offered guaranteed admissions.

If they did not pay attention in advance, how could there be such a thing as guaranteed admission? These were all rules that were not on the table.
Everyone naturally knew about them!

This was what the parents of the students paid attention to, but what came next shocked the whole student body even further.
The day after the school exchange meet, the principal of No.
5 High announced that if Chu Yunfan was willing to transfer to their school, he would be given the treatment of a top student and would be able to spend all his time training!

This was an earth-shattering treatment.
The treatment of No.
5 High’s top students was public knowledge.
He would be allocated all kinds of resources.
In short, Chu Yunfan would be given a chance to even further guarantee his spot at Federation University.

In other words, as long as Chu Yunfan was willing to go, his future at Federation University would be secured!

This was why a storm had stirred up.
Federation University was a concept within human society.
As long as one graduated from Federation University, even the worst of them would be looked highly upon.
They would be regarded as the cream of the crop.

Usually, the cold and aloof No.
5 High would follow the rules and proper procedure when students of other schools wanted to transfer over.
They never felt the need to rise up and stand out.
However, they were giving Chu Yunfan a very different treatment.
To be able to enter the school directly meant that he was treated like a top student.
This was the same level of treatment that Tong Xinran received.
Tong Xinran had been in No.
5 High for a few years while Chu Yunfan would only just have entered.
This level of existence was incomparable.
But Chu Yunfan was actually able to receive such treatment!

Of course, there had never been a student from an ordinary school who had won the championship at the school exchange meet.
This was the first time someone had gained such a level of enlightenment!

It was not that there was nobody who had only gained enlightenment at an older age, but the number of these sorts of people was very small.
Moreover, even if they gained enlightenment, they might not be able to compare to those who had been geniuses since they were young.
Those people had always enjoyed the best resources, and it was impossible for them to compete with the best education just by gaining enlightenment.
Learning martial arts was not something that could be achieved overnight.

This was why Chu Yunfan had become this world-breaking character.
At the very least, this was the first time in Yunning District’s century-long history!

After No.
5 High.
7 High also offered Chu Yunfan the same treatment.
If he willingly transferred to No.
7 Highl, they vowed to put all their efforts into nurturing him, and they would even give him a million dollars as a reward.
7 High had obviously looked into Chu Yunfan’s family more clearly.
They knew that Chu Yunfan came from an ordinary family.
A one million yuan bonus was equivalent to what his parents would need at least 20 to 30 years to accumulate.
And that would be possible only if they lived frugally! Almost at the same time, Yucai High also announced that if Chu Yunfan chose to transfer to Yucai High, they would think of a way to get him a place at Federation University.
This was an even bigger deal.

Over the years, there were oftentimes Federation University had declined to take in any new students.
A spot in the university was considered extremely rare.
If it was given to someone else, there would definitely be a lot of people claiming it to be dirty.
However, the person who was offered this was Chu Yunfan.
Nobody had anything to say against it.
After all, he was already the number one in the Yunning District.
If such a person could not get into Federation University, then who could?

The so-called guarantee was just an additional insurance policy.
But even so, the drama of the three famous schools fighting over a student left many people dumbstruck.

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