Chapter 203 The Poaching From the Various Schools

The result of the exchange meet was immediately sent back to all the schools.
The schools that had failed were fine, especially the ordinary schools that were used to it.
After all, the championship had nothing to do with them.

Yucai High already knew the result.
Only No.
5 High and its teachers and leaders were waiting for the final result.
As far as they were concerned, it was either Yucai High or No.
5 who had won the championship.
Even though Yucai High was amazing, they only stood a tiny chance.

Meanwhile, there were also people from No.
13 High waiting for the final result-Hua Chengtian, the principal of No.
13 High, Jin Feng, the homeroom teacher of Grade 3 Class 1 of the martial arts stream, and Qin Wu, the homeroom teacher of Class 2.
The three of them had been waiting since the afternoon.
Judging from the time, the result should be out.

“This time, our school shouldn’t be ranked last.
Besides Ou Yang and Zhang Teng, our class has sent out Chu Yunfan and Tang Siyu.
With these four people, no matter what, we can beat No.
25 High,” Qin Wu predicted.
He felt that it was about time.
“The results should be in in a moment!”

“I am of the opinion of Mr.
I’ve looked into No.
25 High earlier, and they have a slightly worse lineup than our school this year,” Jin Feng said.

Hua Chengtian sat on the leather chair in his office and could not help but sigh.
13 High was similar to No.
25 High.
They were part of a vicious cycle and could not make a name for themselves.
Due to that, they could not attract truly talented students.
Their situation only got worse and worse as the years went by.

This was something that could not be helped.
Unfortunately, they were not a private school.
Each penny they spent had to stand up to scrutiny.
They were not like private schools and could throw money at people like they were nouveau riche to attract more students.

Suddenly, the office phone rang.
Hua Chengtian picked up the phone and listened for a while.
Almost immediately, he exclaimed, “What? He won the championship battle? Chu Yunfan won the championship?”

Qin Wu and Jin Feng jumped up from their chairs and looked at each other.
They could see the shock in each other’s eyes.
Although Hua Chengtian had only said a few words, it was enough for them to get the main point.

Chu Yunfan had won the championship!

If they had heard it from someone else, they would think that it was nonsense and a joke.
But hearing it from the principal’s lips was another matter.

Hua Chengtian put down the phone, a big smile on his face.
Then, he composed himself and said in a serious tone, “I’ve got good news.
Chu Yunfan, a student from Class 2, just won the championship at the exchange meet.
He has brought glory to No.
13 High.”

“Principal, this is great!” Qin Wu said happily.
“This is indeed great, but this is also a huge test for us.
I know the attitudes of No.
5 and No.
7 High very well, as well as that shameless Yucai High.
They’ll definitely try to poach him.
We must protect Chu Yunfan.
We can’t let this good seedling be snatched away by them!” Hua Chengtian proclaimed as he slammed his desk, “No, I have to see to this personally!” At the same time, a roar came from the principal’s office of No.
5 High.

“What, Tong Xinran didn’t win the championship? Who won the championship? No.
13 High? How could that lousy school possibly have produced a champion? But if it’s not No.
7 or Yucai High, things will be easy.
Listen up, you must poach him.
He’s a good seedling who will definitely get into Federation University.
Get him here at all costs!”

Similar situations happened in the principal’s office of No.7 High.
After learning that Yu Xinyuan had not managed to win the championship, there was only one thing left to do.

“We must poach him.
We must poach him at all costs!”

A good seedling that was sure to get into Federation University was extremely rare even for a school as important as theirs!

After Principal Tan of Yucai High angrily dusted off his sleeves and left, he quickly came up with an idea.
Yucai High not winning the championship had already become a fact.
However, there was still a way to salvage the situation.
They could poach people.
As long as they managed to snatch Chu Yunfan, would that not mean that their Yucai High would be the champion?

In a few years, who would remember that the champion had been poached!

To be promoted to the top of the city, they did not need to look at the graduation rate.
How many students would be able to gain admission to Federation University every year was the real target.
Poaching Chu Yunfan over would not only salvage their honor, but it would also allow Yucai High to add an indelible mark to the Federation University admission target.

After he thought of this, he immediately instructed the school affairs director to keep an eye on Chu Yunfan and think of a way to poach him.
How could a poor and run-down school like No.
13 High compare to Yucai High? It would be a piece of cake.
The only trouble was that No.
5 and No.
7 High would be involved.
However, Yucai High was the organizer.
They had the greater advantage.
5 High and No.
7 High would not be able to compare.

But by the time Principal Tan came to his senses, Chu Yunfan had already left Yucai High.
He could not help stomping his feet.
It would have been better if he had figured this out earlier.
Then there would be no need for more cloak and dagger!

Principal Tan barked out his orders, “We must poach him!”

Before anyone noticed, Spring had arrived.
In a city where it was spring all year round, the public was not as aware of this season change as in the previous eras.
However, the start of the new semester still arrived as per schedule.
Regardless of whether they were willing or unwilling, the new semester had arrived.

Different from usual, a piece of news had spread rapidly among the many schools in the Yunning District.
The school exchange meet had come to an end, but the champion was not Tong Xinran from No.
5 High, Yu Xinyuan from No.
7 High, or Ran Jun from Yucai High.

Instead, it was an unknown student named Chu Yunfan!

Of course, he had only been unknown before.
By the time the school exchange meet had ended, this name had become the topic of conversation in everyone on everyone’s lips.

“Chu Yunfan? Who is this person? I’ve never heard this name before.
What rock did this fellow crawl out of under?”

“My God, if it wasn’t for the top 20 of our school talking about this matter, I would have thought it was nonsense.
A student from an ordinary school won? That’s impossible!”

“Whether you believe it or not, Chu Yunfan has created a miracle.”

After the initial disbelief, many people began looking into Chu Yunfan.

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